Converse Represent: Yuna

ELLE chat to Yuna, who supported Plan B at the first of Converse' live music events last night.


Last night (30 July) saw the first Converse Represents performance – the first in a nine day series of free live music events at the world famous 100 Club in London hosted by the apparel giants. Headlining on this first date was Plan B showcasing tracks from his recent, Number 1 selling, Ill Manners album. Supporting the rap act was Malaysian singer song-writer Yuna, who ELLE were fortunate enough to catch for a quick chat about the event.


Were you excited to take part in the Converse Represents music series?
Yes! Especially as it was at the 100 club. I’ve never been there before so I was excited to go and share the stage with Plan B. He has a huge fan base in Malaysia, so he is cool.
How did you get involved in the gig?
I am signed to the Fader Label and I’ve worked with Converse a lot of times before because they work closely with the label and I am a huge fan of Converse myself.

What other summer gigs have you got played recently?
I was on tour with Graffiti6 and I had a lot of fun being on the road with them. And I just got off tour with David Gray and I’m excited to be on the road and performing.
What have been your best and worst gigs to date?
The best show I have played was in Vermont supporting David Gray. It was open air and there were a lot of people and the stage was amazing and I got to stay on and watch David perform. I had so much fun at that show. The worst one might have been in Nashville but it was more because the venue wasn’t so great. It was a challenging moment as the soundsystem was so bad I couldn’t hear anything.

The Converse Represent gigs continue tonight with headliners UK Subs.


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