See The Magic 'Invisible' Scarf The Celebrities Are Obsessed With

​From Paris Hilton to Cameron Diaz, the celebrities can't get enough of the 'Anti-Paparazzi' scarf


Remember that scene in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone when Harry puts on that carpet-like invisibility cloak and his whole body disappears from sight?

Well, a real-life scarf version has now been invented and it's sent the paparazzi world into a head-spin.

The Ishu scarf allows the wearer to become unrecognizable when exposed to flash photography from a camera or smart phone.

Creator Saif Siffiqui told Fairfax Media: 'The tech behind the Ishu ensures pictures black out.'


'The application possibilities are endless including working with museums and art galleries where flash photography is prohibited as well as working with luxury venues on interior design such as [private members club] Soho House where pictures are not allowed,' he added. 

Watch how it works: 


The monochrome patterned scarf is becoming a firm favorite among celebrities with stars such as Cameron Diaz, Winnie Harlow, Paris Hilton and Nick Jonas all sporting the accessory.

However, anonymity comes at a price with the scarf retailing from £289. 

Saif came up with the scarf, which works the same was a high-vis, after his friends tried to take a picture of him on a bike in Amsterdam.

'The reflector ruined the picture and I thought how cool it would be to be able to wear or hold something which can ruin a picture completely.' 

Pure genius. 

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