Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Make A Sleek Reappearance On The Golden Globes 2017 Red Carpet

Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool is up for an award this evening

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Let's face it, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds were the couple we were all waiting for, to show up on the Golden Globes 2017 red carpet.

And quite apart from their last appearance, at the unveiling of Ryan Reynolds Hollywood star, during which the two dressed in more relaxed ensembles, this time the pair has a stab at twinning, Blake in a sleek black column dress that paired well with Ryan's tuxedo.


Ryan admitted to Twitter interviewers that he'd actually reverted to an old favourite, when it came to his outfit choice, opting for a tux that had already walked the red carpet a few times and was hanging around in his wardrobe waiting for another shot at fame.

Blake's Atelier Versace dress on the other hand had a couple of rather striking features, not least her chainmail pockets, which will keep her hands well protected, should anyone...uhh... try and lay claim to her giant engagement ring?

Interestingly, Blake's opted for gold accented shoes, mixing metals as a contrast to the silver detail on her dress.

Cute 'staring into each others' eyes' moment? Check.
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