Louis Vuitton's Foulards d'Artistes

The third and final instalment


On 1 March Louis Vuitton launches its third and final Foulards d’Artistes collection. The project has seen handpicked artists from around the world put their signature stamp on the luxury label’s silk scarves. The last line-up? Andre, Kenny Scharf and INIT.

Andre, a Parisian graffiti artist who is also the mastermind behind the city’s notorious nightspot, Le Baron, has splash his signature Mr A character across the silk square. Here he talks exclusively about the collaboration:


Why and when did you decide to become an artist?

By the time I was 5 or 6 I knew that I would spend my life making drawings. I never decided.

What were the inspirations for this artwork with Louis Vuitton?

I really wanted to treat the scarf as a canvas. To create a painting that you can wear around your neck that keeps you warm.

What was the most challenging point?

The most challenging part was to design the scarf as a painting and to make it comfortable to wear.

What was the most fun?

It is a dream to collaborate with Louis Vuitton and to design a scarf for their collection

Do you wear scarves/stoles yourself?

Yes of course

How would you like people to wear this scarf/stole? Like a precious artwork or in a casual way?

It should be worn both ways. Sometimes as a precious artwork and sometimes in a more casual functional way

What was the image you had of Louis Vuitton? And did this change?

I've always seen Louis Vuitton as a mix of glamour, classic, travel and sophistication but also with a certain level of modernity and transgression.

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