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Live updates on the ELLE Bake Off

ELLE's Fashion Bake Off has arrived and we're quite giddy with excitement at ELLE HQ!In the perfect union of style and substance, we're bringing haute couture together with haute cuisine (on super-stylish Draks shelving)...
There are already a couple of front-runners in the competition...There is a definite Chanel theme emerging...While others weren't as successful...Only one hour to go until Sunday Times baking beauty Gizzi Erskine arrives and the judging will commence! There is some serious tension in our lovely IKEA kitchen...Although our very own domestic goddess Sophie is looking very calm...The Sophie Conran cake stands look even more gorgeous than the cakes (almost)...Our judge extraordinaire Gizzi Erskine is in the building (well, the fashion cupboard)The judging is about to commence...Oh no! Poor Barbie has been attacked... with a fork!This cake judging business is so hard...After much deliberation, the verdict is in!Winner of the 'Style Over Substance' category is... Karl Lagerfeld's cat Choupette of course. But where has kitty's tail gone?The 'cake your Granny would be proud of' winner is this scrumptious Malteaser cake...The most promising baker winner made this amazing pork pie (with proper jelly layers and everything and definitely NO soggy bottom!)...ELLE might be a tiny bit obsessed with Karl Lagerfeld... his face is the winner in the 'Most Fashion Forward' categoryAnd the overall winner is... it's a tie!Between a heavenly chocolate and salted caramel birds nest with tangy raspberries......and the 'utterly filthy' (in a good way) red velvet chocolate brownie cake with cream cheese, cranberry and almond topping!Well we're stuffed at ELLE HQ and seriously impressed with the style AND substance on show today.A big thank you to our lovely judge Gizzi Erskine for tasting all those creations (it's a hard job, but someone's gotta do it).We're off for a lie down now.The end.
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