Kristen Stewart in the new face of Chanel

Face of the Metiers d'Art collection

Last night Karl Lagerfeld and his world of Chanel descended upon Dallas, Texas for the label’s Metiers d’Art show – and he’s just announced that Kristen Stewart will be the face of the collection.

This year’s show was held on a ranch and, in keeping with its surroundings, had a Western theme. Never one to opt for half measures when it comes to a theme, the show was staged in a rodeo barn with cowboys and fringing and feathers galore on the catwalk, plus a drive-in cinema and a mechanical bull - we’d pay good money to see Karl get on one of those.

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K Stew flew in for the occasion, of course, and was flanked on the front row by Alexa Chung, Dakota Fanning, Lily Collins and Poppy Delevingne.

The show also marked the unveiling of the latest Chanel short film, The Return, a continuation of the Once Upon A Time series which follows Coco Chanel as she reopens her fashion house in 1945. Watch the film below.

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