Channing Tatum Is Apparently Now A Portrait Photographer

Not Just A Pretty Face...


Channing Tatum - he of the cheese grater abs and sultry dance moves - has worn many guises during his time on screen. The 35-year-old Alabama-born dreamboat has played everything from a sensitive stripper in Magic Mike, to a goofy cop in 21 Jump Street, and it seems like there’s no slow down for the superstar’s creative endeavours.

Channing’s wife Jenna Dewan Tatum recently took to Instagram to show off a series of arty portrait photos, shot by Mr Tatum, in which he apparently insisted that his wife appear before the lens sans makeup.


One photo was captioned: "#tbt to chan's insistence on a makeup free shoot in Cabo...too bad he's not good at anything.”

If he wasn’t such an enticing presence on screen, we’d suggest photography might be a career option?

Scroll down for the rest of the couple’s holiday snaps. 



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