Top 5 Costumes To Expect This Halloween

Who will wear it better?


Halloween is just around the corner so inevitably the internet has racked up some pretty interesting search results for costume inspiration.

Thanks to Google’s Frighgeist predictions, U.S. users are able to search popular trends or costume names in their city to see how popular they are. The experimental ‘Google Trends’ research is based on US data, but we're sure that similar trends will spill over on British turf.


Looks like the days of playboy bunnies and zombie jocks are gone, as the most popular costumes include comic book DC/Marvel characters and fantasy heroes/villains.

Were you planning to dress up as one of the most popular Halloween characters?


1  |  Harley Quinn

Ranking solid at the top was DC Comics’Antiheroine. According to Google, ‘you have a frighteningly high chance of seeing another Harley Quinn Costume at a party this year’. Let’s face it, Margot Robbie's upcoming portrayal of Harley Quinn is a pretty badass costume choice.  



2  |  Star Wars Characters

Characters from the franchise have always been a popular choice for Halloween (or any other costume party for that matter), and with the new installment due for release, it’s no surprise it’s sparked masses of inspiration. Most searched characters included Princess Leia, Stormtroper, Darth Vader, Ewok and Yoda. So if you’re looking to channel your inner Jedi, it’s very likely that you will come across your villainous counterpart. So be prepared, and may the force be with you…


3  |  Superheros

Whether this is based on women wanting their partners to dress-up as their very own Superman, or the abundance of man-children thinking that wearing underwear over your clothes is now ok (it’s not, by the way) – superhero costume searches are big on the scale.  Either way, if you look like Henry Cavill we’re not complaining.

4  |  Pirates

We can always expect at least one drunken Pirate at the party. What better excuse to turn up to the party half-cut and merry. You're just in character, right? Where's all the rum gone!? 


5  |  Batman

The Dark Knight is not just a favourite for those looking to deliver some vigilante justice. We wonder who we can expect to be behind the mask of the Gotham's cape crusader? 


If you’d rather avoid that awkward moment of turning up in the same costume as someone else, opt for inspiration from further down the list. The good old-fashioned ‘hot dog’ was still a go-to costume of choice, along with ‘cattle’ ranking in number 118. Donald Trump was more popular at 105 surpringsinly beating Daenerys Targaryen. 

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