5 Top Tips For Acing Instagram Like A Pro

#1. Master the selfie


Finally, after years of restraint, Donatella Versace has caved and joined Instagram.

Although she’s already appears to be a pro – she posted a selfie with model of the moment, Gigi Hadid, while they were on set yesterday – ELLE would like to offer her our support, encouragement and a few Insta-tips that we’ve picked up along the way.

I love you @gigihadid, you're amazing! #TeamDV

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1. Get someone else to do your dirty work

Selfies are great, obv. But there’s nothing that screams ‘VIP’ more than someone taking a photo of you taking a selfie. Also a variety of angles is always good to keep followers’ interest. It’s easier to get your killer outfit into frame too. What could be wrong?

Hey guys, here I am! x #TeamDV @gigihadid

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2. Be enigmatic

Go to cool places and do fun things and most importantly, make sure you take photos along the way so people know you’re doing these things! A snowy photo shoot in the desert will suffice. The pensive back-of-head angle helps create an enigmatic aura while still updating the world a blow-by-blow account of your day. Nice one, Donatella.

My Versace girls @GigiHadid @Raquel_Zimmermann @NatashaPoly #TEAMDV

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3. Don't stand still

Just like your old expressive dance teacher used to tell you: Movement is key! There’s nothing like a bit of tomfoolery and a resulting action shot to liven up your Instagram feed. Just a light frolick will do; we don’t want to see any sweaty upper lips, now, do we?

I love my dream team! #TEAMDV

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4. Embrace animals (obviously)

Need I explain? Nothing rakes the double-figure likes in better than a cute pup (or kitten, if you’re that way inclined). If coupled with an attractive owner or possibly another animal buddy, your insta-ratings will rocket.

Backstage with Audrey, next photo please! #AudreyTakesOver #TEAMDV

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5. Perfect the bio

Be confident, punchy, get to the point and ideally, avoid emojis. This is you’re time to shine. The bio is the equivalent of that all-important first impression on a hot date. Don’t let yourself down by having spinach stuck in your teeth. Our Instagram newbie opts for a simple, but commanding: 'And by the way… I am the designer.'

On second thoughts, perhaps we should be taking tips from Donatella. 


Words by Francesca Donovan

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