Peter Dundas On His New Clothing Line, Working With Beyoncé And Life After Roberto Cavalli

Having just debuted his collection at Paris Couture Fashion week, we caught up with the designer


Having spent years at the helm of Pucci and most recently Roberto Cavalli, Peter Dundas this week presented his debut eponymous collection during Couture Fashion Week in Paris. His own-label designs were first seen on Beyoncé during her epic Grammys performance earlier this year. We caught up with the man behind the moment after his show...

ELLE: You have spent most of your career working for large fashion houses. How is your life different now that you've started your own label?

PD: Life has been very exciting since starting this new venture. I am much more involved with the different suppliers and of course the business aspect of the company is also a bug part of my work now. I think starting a new company gives you the opportunity to set your own rules and also structure yourself in an organic manner.'


Among many things, you're known for your A-list fanbase from Beyoncé to Ciara. Who do you envision wearing the dresses from your eponymous collection?

I hope my girls will continue wearing my clothes. I have a lot of fun dressing them!

Peter Dundas Paris Couture Fashion Week AW17

Historically, designers usually launch a new collection via a runway show or presentation. Your label, however, had a massive debut of sorts with Beyoncé via the Grammys. Did you plan to debut it in this way? Did this create a big consumer demand from the outset? How did this impact your business at that stage in its infancy?

I think it was a natural way to debut the brand because I dress so many women in music and cinema. We knew we wanted Beyonce to be the first Dundas girl and doing the Grammys was perfect because it was at the same time as New York Fashion Week.

Beyonce wearing Peter Dundas to perform at the 2017 Grammys

How does your vision for this line differ from your previous work? And how is it similar?

I think I have always stayed true to my girl's aesthetic, evolving her DNA rather the changing it radically. I think I take more inpiration from music for my own brand and hopefully I manage to stay true to myself in this new venture.

I think I started by thinking of my girls and then simply what I was into in terms of color shape and embellishments. It was really about working with my favorite things.

Peter Dundas Paris Couture Fashion Week AW17

Why did you choose to debut it in Paris as opposed to any of the other fashion capitals?

We chose Paris because I love presenting here, but also I wanted to present in July and it was Couture Fashion Week here so it was an opportunity have the press come and see the capsule without making them travel.

Peter Dundas Paris Couture Fashion Week AW17

Why did you decide to take a seasonless approach to the line? Do you think this is the way forward for fashion in general?

I think doing 'seasonless' is more representative of a modern wardrobe. Most of us wear the same things all year around, plus or minus a bathing suit or a sweater.

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