Is This Plus-Size Model Gigi Hadid's Instagram Twin?

22-year-old model Iza IJzerman is the best Gigi Hadid lookalike we've ever seen.


If, like us, you make a habit of finding your mates' dopplegängers at a party or slyly take snaps of strangers to send you your BFF who you think might have a long-lost twin, listen up because we've just come across a model who looks identical to Gigi Hadid.

No, seriously.

Netherland-based model and blogger Iza IJzerman (who has posed for the likes of body-love focussed swimwear line Alpine Butterfly) and looks like she could've stepped out of one of Gigi's Fendi or Versace campaigns, given her plump lips, long blonde hair, large eyes and button nose, similar to the New York-based catwalk star.



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Given the fact Gigi is half Dutch (her mother Yolanda is from the Dutch town of Papendrecht) and both her and Iza are the same age, we're slightly suspicious a Parent Trap-like situation could be going on here, given their similarities.


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However, according to Refinery29, this isn't the first time Iza has been compared to the Californian beauty.

'The first time someone mentioned it was on Instagram,' she said.

'When I signed with MiLK, they posted a picture with the caption "The new curvy Gigi Hadid", so that's the moment I realised it might be true!'

always fun to be here! make-up by angel @stefanievestert

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However, Iza is unconvinced she looks like Zayn Malik's girlfriend. 'I think I look more like Bella,' she admitted.

What do you think?


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last day of shooting.

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