Breaking: Anya Hindmarch London Fashion Week Review

20 bags, 50,000 dominos, 1 big idea from Anya Hindmarch for AW13

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Anya Hindmarch has become a bit of a show woman of late, and in the last few seasons we've had fairground Louis XIV carousels, subterranean Victorian sweet shops and bag factories. This season the Dynamo of the accessories world magicked up a spectacle to outdo all others: dominos.

Entitled 'Cascade' it was a colourful set made entirely out of dominos - 50,000 of them! - which drew everyone from Olivia Palermo to Caroline Sieber to enjoy the spectacle.

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'I heard about this thing called Domino Day in the Netherlands and became slightly obsessed with it,' explained Hindmarch, after one little flick of a hand set the whole thing tumbling down, to reveal the new season bags beneath.

'Once I get a notion in my head I become slightly fixated,' the designer told us.

Want to know exactly how fixated she was? Here's a few little facts about how she made it happen:

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- 1 Big Idea
- 1 World champion domino expert
- 50,000 Dominoes laid by hand
- 37 Colours
- 550 Water jet cut parts
- 1,356 Cups of tea
- 30 Mousetraps
- No drafts
- No shoes on set
- 7,200 Metres of painted stripes
- 7,559 man hours
- 59 Pizzas
- 523 Grey hairs
- 50 nail biting moments
- 200 hours of domino building
- 4 days with AW13 bags hidden under the set
- 2m minimum distance from set to audience
- 75 gallons of Starbucks
- 350 Anyagrams
- 8 cameras to film the set
- 12 Domino experts with VERY steady hands
- 12 Domino experts now seeing spots
- Everyone treading lightly
- 0 Rehearsals
- 1 Chance to get it right!
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