Top street style blogger reveals all

Tommy Ton on fashion and photos

If you were listing the most influential street style bloggers, Tommy Ton would be right at the top.

The creator of the Jak & Jil blog, Ton – who has also shot for ELLE – has quietly become one of the most influential street style photographers around, one stylish snap at a time. He's known for capturing the best details on the outfits of the fashion crowd, and imbuing his shots with more life than many of his counterparts.

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The street style revolution has meant that many top bloggers are now as well-known as the people they photograph. Does Ton relish the chance to step in front of the camera? Not so much, he told website The Talks: ‘I have zero interest in being photographed! For me it’s more about the work.’

So from behind the camera, who interests him the most? ‘I always find the people that don’t want to be photographed are the most desirable. There are more and more people that are just coming to the show to be photographed and not even to see the show. I find them less interesting and those are the people I try to avoid.’

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His favourite fashion peacock is Anna Dello Russo. ‘I don’t feel like any of us [bloggers] are individually responsible for the success of someone like Anna Dello Russo. I think it takes certain people and obviously a character like [hers] to branch off from being just an editor to being this massive force.’

In the lengthy interview, Ton divulges much more about the digital fashion world, his daily inspirations and his massive shopping habit, plus his feelings about being labelled a blogger:

‘Regardless of whatever success you’ve had, when you meet someone they are like, "Oh, you’re that blogger!" And I’m like, "Yes, that’s me, the blogger." It’s a very belittling or demeaning term in some ways. But I think it’s also great that there are people like Bryan Boy who are very comfortable and secure with themselves. He’s like, "Yes, I’m the blogger. And I’m also on America’s Next Top Model. What are you going to say about that?"’

Read the full interview here.

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