You could buy a Chanel hula hoop bag

In stores for spring

When Karl Lagerfeld’s piece de resistance hula hoop handbag paraded down the Chanel spring summer 2013 catwalk on the arm of Sigrid Agren last month, everyone cheered the Chanel designer’s publicity-creating acumen . ‘Of course it won’t actually go into production’ the editors smiled to themselves. ‘It’s just a catwalk showpiece’.

But guess what? It has gone into production. Chanel customers will be able to buy into the hula hoop trend, albeit at a rather reduced size. Nymag reports that ‘Chanel is selling a miniature version of the bag, and while the size was cut down to 24 centimeters across, the cost is still quite large: It retails for $2,400.’


Which is about £1,512 sterling, bag fans.

Alternatively, you could make like Alexa Chung with a homemade version, if you haven't quite got the cash for the original.

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