Bimba Y Lola on film

A pop-tastic short

There’s a distinctly anti-Normcore movement brewing in the handbag department – and ELLE favourite Bimba Y Lola has not only got its finger on the pulse, it’s got a cameraman on the job.

The label has teamed up with Barcelona-based production company CANADA – who have produced music videos for Two Door Cinema Club and Phoenix – to create a one-off fashion film, entitled Have You Seen Mom?, to celebrate its new Special Print Edition.

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For spring/summer 2014, said prints have ‘exploded into a series of naïve landscapes, pop-art mosaics and jungles alongside mermaid prints and old-school American tattoo motifs’, pitched perfectly for the trend towards the zany.

Speaking of which… Watch the trailer for the new film first, below, and log on to on Thursday to find out whodunit (or, rather, wheresheis).

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