Fur Is Dead: Designers Urge Fashion Students To Ditch Fur

'In order to be a success in the fashion world, you don't need to contribute to the barbaric treatment of animals'

Anti-animal cruelty charity, PETA, has joined forces with a host of young London designers to pen a letter to Central Saint Martins, urging aspiring fashion designers studying there not to use fur and to seek alternatives.

The designers who have offered their support include Molly Goddard, Felder Felder, Faustine Steinmetz, and Hannah Weiland of faux-fur brand Shrimps.

'As future fashion designers, students at Central Saint Martins have a unique opportunity to influence the next generation of consumers by embracing the trend towards cruelty-free fashion,' the letter reads, with an accompanying press release citing both animal- and eco-friendly materials as better alternatives to fur.

'Fortunately, in order to be a success in the fashion world, you don't need to contribute to the barbaric treatment of animals practiced by the fur industry.'

The letter also targets fur companies who sponsor students' collections, saying 'the dying fur industry is desperately trying to keep itself visible by pushing pelts on up-and-coming designers...we, the undersigned, urge you not to give in to industry bribes and incentives.'

Earlier this year, Giorgio Armani announced that he would cease using fur in his designs.

Here are 5 other fashion designers who have gone fur-free:


Stella McCartney

Known for her faux fur and faux leather creations, Stella McCartney has been a trailblazer for fur-free style on the catwalk.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein decided to go fur-free in 1994, after members of PETA invaded his offices in protest. 


Vivienne Westwood

Dame Vivienne Westwood decided to ban fur from her lines in 2007 after meeting with members of PETA Europe and learning of the suffering of animals raised and trapper for fur. 

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren decided to go fur-free in 2006, after viewing graphic undercover footage of grisly fur farms in China.


Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger, who mostly used fur on collars and cuffs, decided to shed fur from his company in 2007.

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