Exclusive: Karl, Kristen and Rihanna talk couture

By Emma Sells

You've read our verdict, now here's your chance to hear what Karl Lagerfeld has to say about yesterday's Chanel Haute Couture show in Paris.

The collection was unveiled in the Grand Palais, which had been transformed for the occasion into the ruins of a cinema, with models weaving in between seats and rubble. 'I wanted something that's a transition between the old world and the new world, fashion is a go between in a way', reveals Karl. 'Thank God in the new world, the old world fashion still has an appeal and is really the best ambassador of another time and has a future there.'

As ever Chanel's most chic celebrity fans were invited to sit front row, with Rihanna and Kristen Stewart generating the most flashbulbs. 'It was wonderful, I had an incredible experience. I saw a lot of beautiful, beautiful things I would love to wear, especially the last white bridal jacket and dress, it was unbelievable,' opines Rihanna post-show. Kristen, meanwhile, adds, 'I loved overtly modern women trampling over the rubble of all this antique nature, it was awesome.'

Hear more of Karl's views on his collection, plus see RiRi, Kristen, Vanessa Paradis, Natalia Vodianova and more talk about the show:

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