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The sun woke me up. I'd been running around like mad in the past four days and I wanted to sleep in a little more. But adrenaline kicked in and I was awake by sunrise which was uber annoying. After looking over my schedule I felt a little overwhelmed at the events and shows I had to cover. I decided to take it a little easy today since I went out last night until late. I don't drink so it wasn't because of a hangover--I just felt exhausted from lack of sleep. Barely having a meal a day also adds to the stress and chaos of fashion week. I sometimes forget that health is number one and that taking care of your body is important. I've been feeling out of it these days. Hopefully I'll get that second wind later this week!

I meet up with my friend Bryanboy, blogger extraordinaire, at the DKNY show. We're seated in the front row next to each other. It also happens that we're wearing the same exact outfit: DKNY shirt, tie, cape, trousers and shoes. Our hats are made of felt and have cat ears and the colored fur is from Bryan's recent collaboration with Adrienne Landau. Aren't they tres chic?

Outside we became a frenzy for interviewers and photos who snapped us and our identical outfits away. Do we really look that similar?

The DKNY girl was ever the NYC city girl. This season she had a tough edge with beanies and some high-top wedged shoes. I especially took a liking to this print which goes so well for the autumn months. A pop of color always does the season good!

It was well into the afternoon and I rushed on over to Lincoln Center for the Custo Barcelona show. In the front row everyone received a fragrance as a gift. Before the show began I met my friends Natalie Zfat, the face behind @ElieTahari and Miss USA 2011, Alyssa Campanella, who were also in the front row.

One of my favorite aspects of fashion week is running into the legendary Bill Cunningham from the New York Times. He's become quite the fixture in the past few years and a celebrity in his own right. I've had the great privilege of being shot in his pages three different times. Quite the honor. But when it comes to photographers wanting Bill's photo, he swats them away like flies. He really is a person who's behind-the-scenes. I snapped this photo right after he took one of me.

At exactly 7:15 I left my apartment to head to the Armory on Park Ave. to see the Tommy Hilfiger show. The theme was all about American collegiate culture and the backdrop was a library full of books. Sitting in the audience was none other than Julianne Moore looking as vibrant as ever. And her hair! It's a work of art.

My favorite look from the collection was this black cable knit sweater--in leather! How genius. I want to rock it this fall. Another was this very refined cream on cream on cream ensemble. Very well tailored and extremely chic.

The show ended and I could think of nothing else than sleep. There were 5 parties tonight including DSquared, Nicola Formichetti's, among others I was invited to. I decided to walk to Central Park and have some "me" time. I breathed in the fresh air and stood there overlooking the park. Though fashion week is full of craziness, stress, and utter madness I couldn't help but smile and think how lucky I am for being in an industry that I absolutely love. There is no other place I'd rather be than here. I love New York.

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