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Day 5: Matt Damon shows his devotion to fashion, Willow Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith fail to show up in the front row, Vanessa Hudgens snubs reporter, Bridget Kelly attends show a day after her Grammy win, Johnny Weir shares his secrets to a healthy marriage and more on the sixth day of New York Fashion Week.

After a long week I meet up with my designer friend Ann Yee for a congratulatory brunch at our favorite Williamsburg spot: Toby's Estate. We had iced mocha, iced tea, and a BLT.

Naeem Khan's show waited for Willow and Jada Pinkett-Smith to arrive but they were nowhere to be found. Sitting front row was Vanessa Hudgens and tween star Shay Mitchell. When a reporter from Yahoo came up to Hudgens to ask a question, the former Disney star rolled her eyes and gave her a succinct ‘no’.

Can you spot Matt Damon in this picture? Hint: he's wearing glasses and focusing on the designs down the runway. The enthusiastic fashion fan was commenting and nodding while gowns walked down the runway. ‘Oh, I love that one. WOW!’ he said to his wife, a Naeem Khan fan.

Also at the show was new Grammy winner Bridget Kelly, who came to New York City soon after the awards ceremony the day before. Wearing shearling, the star said she just needed to attend to see what she could wear during the next season.


It was quite a long afternoon and I was happy to finally meet up with my London friend, Catherine Kallon, from I hadn't seen her in about six months and it was good catching up with her at The Smith where she had porkchops and brussel sprouts and I opted to go healthy and lean (and sad) with the caesar salad.

I always look forward to seeing what The Blonds have to offer every season. It's especially interesting to attend because it's there that you meet the most eccentric fashion enthusiasts in New York City.

Carmen Electra made her appearance for the first time all fashion week at The Blonds. She hasn't aged at all, has she?

I also met my favorite couple, Johnny Weir and his husband Victor Voronov. They told me how they love staying in and watching movies – staying low-key. Johnny says he's more of the domestic one who cooks and cleans. ‘He makes the best cupcakes!’ Victor told me.

Stella Rose, a friend of mine, was also at the show. She was probably the most stunning throughout the entire crow with her jewel-encrusted eyebrows and cotton-candy blue hair. She's amazing, no wonder she fronted Lanvin's fall campaign.

Psycho Killers was the theme of The Blonds show and there were girls who wore knife earrings, straitjacket dresses, furry jumpsuits, and this t-shirt dress in homage to Jack Nicholson's infamous character in The Shining.
Today was a rather short but sweet day compared to the others. I cannot wait for tomorrow, where all of the best parties will take place!

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