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Diary Day 6: That's A Wrap!
Drinks, parties, action! Of course my last day of fashion week had to end with a loud bang. From discussing wardrobe malfunctions with Katherine Heigl at J. Mendel to a photobooth session (and lots of dancing!) with Florence Welch and Alexa Chung, tonight was the most epic night of New York Fashion Week ever...

Morning started out at the J.Mendel show where I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my favorite actresses, Katherine Heigl. We talked for a moment about her biggest wardrobe malfunction. She told me it was at an awards ceremony where she went to receive her accolade and then--SNAP!--her strap malfunctioned."I just stared at my mom!" she recalls, mortified in her Donna Karan dress. She says she still has that dress - but it's obviously been altered.

After seeing going to the J. Mendel show it was refreshing to meet with designer Michelle Smith backstage at her Milly show. She told me she was inspired by the city light of New York City which is why she chose such amazing fabrics and galactic/hologram prints like the skirt and shirt above.

It was so flattering when one of the world's most influential buyers, Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus, gave me an instant makeover in the front row at Milly.
Ken tells me he was much like me when he was younger: had colored hair, was grunge/punk rock, and wore a button-up around his waist. He instantly buttoned up my shirt around my waist to create a sort of skirt. "And if you want a slit, unbutton one of them," he instructed.


Later, at the Gents party hosted by supermodel Chad White, I met one of my favorite designers, Prabal Gurung. He was having an amazing night drinking lots of margaritas from what I could tell.

Chad White and my favorite male model Sebastian Sauve let me snap up a few photos of them without a model's fee--bless them. Isn't it unfair how photogenic they are? God definitely spent a little more time on them.

Afterwards I headed to the Luv Luv Luv records party at the W Hotel. I brought my friend Susan Hong, an event planner, and we both chugged four glasses of the Love Potion - Tequila infused with jalapeno (huge mix-in at the moment!) and lime juice, and the Sweet Tart - Tequila, grapefruit juice and Perrier.

At around midnight Florence Welch - the fire-coiffed frontwoman of Florence and the Machine - walked into the venue. I was expecting her as she was the night's DJ. But I did not expect her to be so stunning. I immediately asked for a photograph with her knowing that she wasn't doing any press. ‘I'm so sorry, I'm not doing any photos tonight,’ she said to me. I then thanked her and said she was still my favorite singer in the business. After a few seconds she came back to me and said:
‘I feel so bad now... Let's take a photo together.’

Florence then DJed the entire night away with songs from Drake, Jay-Z and lots and lots of Justin Timberlake. The mix was the best I've heard during fashion week - and that's saying a lot! While Florence was DJing she started dancing like a true pro. I was taken aback as I did not know that the girl had some real moves!

Around 1.30 am Alexa Chung showed up looking every bit the downtown girl. We took a photo together - she's so sweet!

The night finally concluded with my friends Alex, Susan and Richard - and new friend Florence - heading into the photo booth and taking tons of photos. It was definitely the best night of not only New York Fashion Week but my entire life. What a way to end fashion week!

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