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Elin Kling’s Top 5 Blogging Tips



By Alice Watt

Is there anything Elin Kling can’t do? With the world-renowned Style by Kling blog under her belt, the Swedish blogger-turned- street style icon has now added model and designer to her growing list of accomplishments.

Moving on from ground-breaking H&M collection, she’s collaborated with Guess by Marciano this season for their first ever capsule collection. Currently starring in the campaign for the collection she designed, we caught up with her to talk personal style, blogging, and designing… 


Where did you draw inspiration for the collection?

I wanted to create a collection based on the history of GUESS. To design the iconic pieces from GUESS how I would wear them today in 2012. Paul Marciano and I did go through the archive, and we both stopped at exactly same pictures over and over again. I loved the pics of the Matadors, loved the detailing of the clothes and also mixing that into a more feline style of the Spanish girl. When my readers see me do a collection I think they are expecting something more minimalistic, typical Scandinavian, and me too. But I thought it would be a challenge to do something else. A mix of my style and the history of GUESS.

What's your favourite piece in the collection?

I change every day, honestly. But I really love the maxi dress. Love the length. It's so sophisticated and sexy.

When and how did the collaboration come about?

It was actually Paul that e-mailed me, twice.. and I missed his e-mails, twice... Lucky for me he finally e-mailed my agent and invited me over to LA.

How did you find this collection different to your previous H&M one?

My collection for H&M was slightly more minimalistic, and not as big as this one for GUESS by Marciano. This time I wanted to create something different, both for Marciano and for me.

What inspires your own style?

I get a lot of inspiration by just living in New York. Also from magazines, movies and my friends.

What are your favourite designers?

I admire Phoebe Philo. I also love to follow Johnny Johanssons journey with Acne. And all of a sudden Anthony Vaccarello makes me want to go to every event so I can get the chance to wear his dresses.

And your top 5 blogging tips?

  • Just do it. I know there is no time, but you have to find time.
  • Choose your posts carefully. Make your blog a platform that reflects your style.
  • Don't be too personal, write in a personal way instead.
  • Put a lot of focus on the pictures.
  • Make it into a platform of something you enjoy doing. You have to enjoy it to make it work.
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