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Clements Ribeiro Christmas Stockings



Christmas is a time for giving so why not combine charitable fundraising with fashion? Thanks to an initiative between Oxfam and Clements Ribeiro, you can do just that and pick up a wonderfully festive vintage inspired one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking in the process.


Launching today and lasting until the 7th December, seven limited edition Christmas stockings will be auctioned on eBay via the Clements Ribeiro website with all proceeds donated to Oxfam.


Handcrafted from cashmere and wool and finished using a selection of antique embellishments, each stocking is named after each of Santa’s seven reindeers and is 100% unique.


So had did the project come about? Suzanne Clements told us:  “The idea of auctioning the project came through sharing ideas with our friend Livia Firth and thinking of ways to assist her with her green initiative and charity work. Like us, Livia would like to see fashion more engaged with green causes, recycling and social initiatives”


And  Livia Firth, the Creative director of and Oxfam global ambassador fully supports her friends with this initiative: "I am thrilled to support such a fun project. I love what Clements Ribeiro do and to have these unique stockings to be auctioned for Oxfam is a dream! I hope everyone will want to have one in their house for Christmas"

The perfect fashion collector’s item, bidding starts today. Which will you choose?

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