The GIF Guide To This Season's It Models

The lowdown on all the looks from this season's top models

This season we were completely blown away by all the stunning looks that went down the runway - but 4 models really made us sit up and go 'who's that girl?!'

Lineisy Montero, Gigi Hadid, Binx Walton and Waleska Gorczevski are definitely our favourite models of the moment and we're so obsessed we went through every single one of their runway looks.

If you're equally obsessed but don't have as much time as we obviously do, don't worry, we've GIF'd all their catwalk fashion month moments just for you.


1. Lineisy Montero (@lineisymontero)

Stats: 14.6k Instagram followers

Shows walked: 34

Open/closed shows: 3/0

2. Gigi Hadid (@gigihadid)

Stats: 6.3m Instagram followers

Shows walked: 4

Open/closed shows: 2/2

3. Binx Walton (@binxwalton)

Stats: 104k followers

Shows walked: 22

Open/closed shows: 1/2

4. Waleska Gorczevski

Stats: 12.3k Instagram followers

Shows walked: 26

Open/closed shows: 1/1


Words: Kate Ng

Stats source:

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