7 Things We Learnt From London Fashion Week Mens

LC:M, but with a fancier name


This weekend saw the first fashion foray of 2017 with London Fashion Week Mens kicking of the calendar. Whilst men's fashion week and women's used to live quite separate lives this year more than ever it's a team effort and here's what you need to know:

1. Broader The Better

The Balenciaga broad shoulders (that are an extension of the Vetements shoulder game) have manifested themselves in menswear, and they are everywhere. Don't walk too close; you'll loose an eye.

Vivienne Westwood AW17

2. Satirical 90s References Are Still A Thing

TOPMAN kicked the party off with the ultimate 90s throwback. You know the guy in Clueless that Cher pushes then screams, 'AS IF' – that's him.


3. Think Pink

If pink was the talking point from the women's shows TOPMAN took note – a head to toe acid pink raver tracksuit. Festival gear just got notched up.


4. Tuck It In.

Forget tucking your jumper into the front of your trousers, for ultimate grunge let the front hang loose and neaten up the backside. A jumper mullet. But backwards. If that's too much for the brain to process, just tuck it all in because Christopher Shannon, E. Tautz and Liam Hodges are all doing it.

E. Tautz, Christopher Shannon and TOPMAN AW17

5. Gender Fluidity Remains

With more and more shows opting to do a mixed men's and women's collection, (Casely Hayford, Vivienne Westwood, Wales Bonner) borrowed from the boys isn't a thing anymore it's now: what's yours is actually mine.

Casely Hayford, Vivienne Westwood and Wales Bonner AW17

6. It's A PJ Day

Pyjama parties are the new going out out. Because the clothes are too good to keep for just snoozing or at least so say Katie Eary and Edward Crutchley. And if you wanted to take it one step further to a duvet day, please see Craig Green.

Katie Eary AW17

7. Crotchet Is The New Craft

JW Anderson labeled his collection: 'something knitty and cozy – the epitome of British craft' and with bleak January still on the horizon we might as well learn something new. Bright and bold J Dubz used his crotched patches to reflect stained glass panels – once master of crotchet add yours to the bottom of your flares and sleeve cuffs.

JW Anderson AW17

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