Fashion Is Trying To Make Leggings A Thing (again), And We Don't Entirely Hate It

Could 2017 be the year they actually make a comeback?


Now, we are well aware that there have been many false alarms over the past few years about the return of leggings. Each time it never happened, and each time we breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

However, this season, the promise of their long awaited return is REAL, and we're actually kinda okay with that.

Why? Well, for starters we're sure advances in their manufacturing have now solved the problem of semi see-through leggings. None of us want to go back to the days of seeing strangers' underwear at the supermarket.


But most of all, it's because they've been restyled and they actually don't look half bad. Instead of being a trouser substitute, which we all know didn't work, they are acting more as a base layer - think of them as the fashion foundation of AW17.

As seen at Pringle Of Scotland, leggings were only the first out of four layers, helping to create different dimensions of outfit. In other words, the leggings have taken these looks from 3D to 4D.

The brand also gave several examples of how pairing leggings with anything that goes below-the-knee, even if it's just a little peek-a-boo moment, can really take your outfit to new levels.

Sportmax AW17

Sportmax then joined in, giving them a minimalist twist, completely schooling us on the logic of leggings with their monochrome designs. You have to admit it look completely effortless and très chic, non?

Gucci AW17

Finally, in came Gucci, which made leggings an unmissable feature of the ensemble. Hello disco fever.

Although this entire outfit all together is a bit mindbending, we can still appreciate the jazzy leggings. They prove that leggings in different materials such as mesh or lace look pretty badass. Furthermore, mesh leggings over tights? Genius.

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