Sports Socks And Sandals Is The Latest Shoe Trend Making Your Heels Winter Friendly

Socks and sandals just got an athleisure wear update.


First there was socks and sandals - the style staple of grandads and city-visiting monks everywhere.

Then they merged to become sock boots courtesy of Balenciaga (and every high street imitation in between).

Now, as the cyclical nature of fashion tends to do, we've returned to deconstructed sock boot separates aka the artist formerly know as socks and sandals.

Yup, they're back. But this time it's all about adding a little sports luxe and a whole lot of practicality to the situation. Whilst keeping things très chic, of course.


Spotted storming the streets at fashion week, the only way to wear your heels this season is with a pair of ribbed sports socks. Ideally Nike, but we'll accept alternatives.

The key to avoiding the 'I just couldn't find any decent tights' look? Keep them box fresh white and pulled up to mid calf.

Wear with classic courts for an athleisure-wear twist on office appropriate heels, under strappy 70s-esque platforms to dress down your jazziest heels for everyday wear, or peeking out the top of, you guessed it, a pair of sock boots. Socks in socks = meta socks!

A cheap, easy way to update your heeldrobe (heel wardrobe - it's a thing...), give barely-there Summer shoes a Winter-safe overhaul and keep chilly feet at bay, sports socks and sandals might just be a total outfit game changer.

Simply get your hands on a pair of Nike sports socks for just £11, wear with your fave heels and let the compliments roll in whilst your toes stay toasty. Win, win.

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