The Brazilian Brands, Names and Faces to Know

To get you in that Rio 2016 mood

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All eyes are set to be on Brazil as the 2016 Rio Olympics kick off on Friday, so here's the 4-1-1 on the fashion names to know


Gisele Bundchen

Gisele may as well be the queen of Brazil. The world's highest-earning model (for the last decade, no less), she was the first Brazilian model to find worldwide fame and has successfully combined modelling with business to create an empire. She really is the ultimate supermodel.


Lane Marinho

Lane Marinho uses all natural materials to create her beautiful colourful sandals, from ropes to shells that channel the spirit of Sao Paolo. Contact her directly for orders.



Caroline Trentini

Trentini is one of the most successful models of her generation. Discovered in 2000, she has since appeared on countless covers, catwalk and campaigns . She lives in Sao Paolo with her husband and two young children, follow her for a window into her blissful Brazilian life.


Thassia Naves

Over the last 5 years, Naves has grown her once-small blog celebrating her love of all things fashion (and her 24 sq metre wardrobe) into a serious money-making business that now has a full-time staff. Impressive.



Adriana Degreas

You'll likely have spotted Degreas' beachwear - or 'bain couture', as she calls it - on Instagram a lot this summer thanks to her many famous fans. Launched in 2001, the brand is all about swimwear - which is big business on sunny Brazil - that makes you feel amazing.


Alexia Niedzielski

Niedzielski is a brand consultant, co-founder of System Magazine and EVER Manifesto, sometime swimwear designer and all-round fashionista. Follow her to see what life is really like for a Brazil-born it girl.



Barbara Casasola

Barbara Casasola may be based in London and show as part as LOndon Fashion Week, but she's pure Brazilian at heart. Her clean, muted designs have found favour with everyone form Beyonce to the Duchess of Cambridge. Get her on your radar. Available at


Amanda Wellsh

Brazil is well known as the birthplace of may of the world's most successful models, and Amanda Wellsh is just one of them. Tall, dark and beautiful, Wellsh has worked for pretty much every major fashion house in the world. She's basically killing it.




The brainchild of Brazilian natives Juliana Ferreira and Maya Pope, Isolda doesn't make clothes, it makes 'wearable art'. Founded when the pair was living in London and missing their colourful homeland, they set about painting tropical prints on unashamedly feminine silhouettes. Buy it at


Helena Bordon

Bordon's mother is the former international director of Sao Paulo boutique Daslu and now a big-time fashion editor in Brazil, meaning she has quite the pedigree. Bordon herself has become an influencer and bonafide member of the street style pack, with almost 1 million Instagram followers.


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