Christopher Kane AW16: 3 Things To Know

It's time to borrow your granny's rain bonnet, and everything else in her wardrobe


'I have always been obsessed with recluses and the image of the outsider making their own world by hoarding things away,' Christopher Kane explained in a press statement of his inspiration for AW16. He wanted to make 'unlikely things beautiful' and 'the ordinary extraordinary'.

A beautiful sentiment, no? Here are three things to discuss from his equally riveting show.

1) The skewed lady, part two

Eccentricity and a celebration of the individual defined the spring season as a whole. And we’re seeing it carry over into autumn. To be fair, Christopher Kane’s girl has always been unapologetically singular. His press notes spelled it out, stating his newest collection is merely a continuation of her ‘unconventional, transformative’ journey.


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For autumn, she’s taking inspiration from those bold ladies of a certain age; you’ve seen them before in those kooky rain hats, the piled-on clothes and the fusty crochet knits with a hoarder’s sensibility. Kane took these grandmotherly references and made them modern and youthful, turning the crochet flowers into cool brooches and giving the shaggy ‘old lady’ wool coat a long, lean shape. The worn-out cardigan, meanwhile, was given an edge with embroidered wilted flowers and the floral housedress was reimagined in seductive sheers.

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2) Special K

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On a ‘what’s going to fly off the shop floor?’ note: Kane revealed a new logo, his surname initial in an old-English typeface. It came embroidered on oversized tomboyish sweaters – great news for people whose name begins with the letter K.

3) Those rain bonnets

Lord knows we could have all used them running from show to show in the wind and rain this week. Created in collaboration with Stephen Jones, these were one of the week’s biggest accessory wins. They’re exactly like the ones your grandmother has stuffed in her junk drawer. Go raid it now.  

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