The Perfect Glow In The Dark Halloween Choker For Those Of Us Who Hate Dressing Up

Do you eye-roll at the mention of fancy dress? Can't make up your mind what to dress as for Halloween? This is your go-to fashion accessory this season


Every time we log onto Facebook and see a pending event invitation, we can't help shudder at the sight of the words 'fancy dress'.

For some, the chance to dress up as a quirky zeitgeist character like Stranger Things' Eleven or a minion from Despicable Me is an opportunity to pose for hilarious Instagram photos, reminisce on pun-tastic party costumes from university or fulfill a life-long wish to paint their skin a primary colour for the night.



But for others, it's a feared moment that all eyes will be on you. Some of us just don't like to be the centre of attention. Some of us actually like hiding away in the corner of the room dressed in plain clothes.

So, if you've just been invited to yet another Halloween party and still don't know what to go as, this Halloween-inspired choker is the easiest way to look like you've made an effort – and it's a bargain.

Sold on ASOS for just £5, this simple glow-in-the-dark dripping blood choker has a gold-tone finish and can be paired with a simple black T-shirt and black eyeliner for that 'I'm a floating dead head' look everyone is after this season.

Warning: You might want to get your hands on the choker now. We have a funny feeling it's going to sell out fast.

Happy (effortless) Halloween.

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