This Winona T-Shirt Is Your Tuesday Treat

It's a Bieber-approved sell out


There's no denying that Winona Ryder is having a bit of a renaissance, thanks in part to her role in hit Netflix series Stranger Things but also because the gift of hindsight has made us realise that she really was the ultimate 90s girl.


But we aren't the only ones to have felt the Winona flame reignite inside us; IDEA, the Soho-based purveyor of beautiful books, noticed months before us - and even months before Stranger Things debuted - and created a T-shirt in her honour.

Evenings at Lassens with #Winona 🌙 #kombucha #smoothies #rawtacos #lolz

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Launched in April, the £25 tee has since sold out numerous times over - even Justin Bieber's been seen wearing it - and it's been all over our Instagram feed.

There's also a 'Keanu' tee - and founders Angela Hill and David Owen had no idea they would be so popular.

'They are just iconic 90s names that resounded with us - they evoke a certain feeling , a time, and they are names that are instantly recognised as being 'them' ,' says Hill.

Obsessed much... #Winona #StrangerThings #shesback

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'Apart from her beauty, she has just chosen some very interesting roles and of course there's her bad girl reputation and personally I just loved those Juergen Teller Marc Jacobs pictures,' she adds of Winona.

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Get yours here.

We suggest you style just like this, in true homage to 90s Winona...

Winona Ryder
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