Is This The New Way To Wear Your Coat?

Something strange is happening to the way coats are worn. It's all about the 'slump'.


Bella, Gigi, Kim, Kendall and Rihanna – someone must have sent a memo to the fash set and we suspect it might have been Vetements. 

The coat slump. 

When these ladies step out intro throngs of photographers, they're wearing their coats slung low around their elbows like a bridesmaid clutching a pashmina.


Perhaps it's that they're too busy topping highest earning model lists to bother getting dressed properly. 

Maybe it's the fact that many on that list employ the same stylist. 


Then again, like everything in fashion right now, all roads lead back to Vetements. 

Demna's Autumn/Winter 2016 catwalk bolstered this styling idea when a giant bomber was placed slipping from a model's shoulders. 

Whatever the reason and despite its absurd impracticality, it's happening. 

It's not the first time that unexpected coat trends have become the norm. The cape-coat was once an editorial styling trick to show off a more of an outfit. 

But outside of fashion shows, editors began adopting it themselves. Draped across shoulders, it gave an instant power boost to whoever tried it. 

Forget that there was literally no way you could raise your arms. 

Now the 'slump' (we're coining the term!) is a new alternative to not wearing your coat as it's intended and the cape's days are numbered.

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