The Designer iPhone Cases We're Dreaming Of Getting Our Hands On

Calling: Your overdraft


As much as we want to deny it, we are all glued to our phones.

Therefore, when it comes to our style hierarchy we're less likely to be judged for our shoes, and more likely by the 5 inch design on our phone case.

It's fair to say they've come a long way since those patterned plastic covers we'd throw onto our Nokias… some would argue too far.

Back in the day a Nokia case would probably set you back no more than a fiver. For the latest designer selection, you're looking at anything up to £700. Jaw-dropping, we know.


However, anything that gives us that "OMG I need that now" feeling often comes at a price, and we will be counting our pennies until we get our hands on one of these dreamy babies. After all, you're are only as cool as your iPhone case.

Louis Vuitton

Coming in at a cray cray £745 is the most luxurious case of the season from Louis Vuitton.

Despite the steep price tag, the 'Eye-Trunk' case was seen a lot around Fashion Week as the fash pack carried them around like handbags, rightly so for that price.

With it's iconic monogrammed canvas and what looks like pretty protective gold detail we can see why it's the fashion accessory of the season. And if you have purchased it we will keep our fingers crossed that there is not a new iPhone out anytime soon.

Dolce & Gabbana

D & G have have also upped the ante with their jewelled encrusted cases, some of which boast Iguana-effect leather - aka, pure luxury.

From chic and simple to colourful creations, they have a case to suit everyone... it will just set you back a cool £525.



They're personalised and they're fluffy, what's not to love? Any kind of colourful fluff is très stylish this season, however this mink fur is also très expensive, hence the £325 price tag.


Stella McCartney

Meanwhile, Stella McCartney has created the most genius invention ever. You can now keep your phone in a mini bag, YAAAAS Stella. No more juggling a trillion things in your hands at once.


Rather surprisingly Gucci's cases are a lot easier to get your hands on, as they come in at just over £100. They are FIERCE with designs made up of snakes, tigers and other wildlife that would normally give us the heebie jeebies, but somehow they don't.


Prada have done their own thing and created 'cellphone sleeves' (there's always one that has to be different). From cacti to palm trees and watermelons, the prints are boasting serious summer vibes that are they're basically screaming to be our phone sleeve on our summer vacay.


Finally, we've never been so happy to see a Moschino case, which we now consider a bargain at just £50 a pop. From Mcdonalds chips to Barbie mirrors and now poppin' pills, you can never go wrong with one of Jeremy Scott's tongue in cheek cases.

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