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23 November - 22 December


Tuesday 12th December

You might want to take cover today, Sadge. This is the most intense moment of Mercury Retrograde so far. With the communication planet in an exact conjunction with the Sun in your sign, everything may feel like it's going haywire right now. Communication is likely to be a bit of a mess, so don't push for any important conversations, if at all possible.

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Monday 11th December

Today's lunar energy is extremely social and sweet on all levels.
If you can spend time with your favourite mates, your inspiration will be
through the roof. You have so many plans you would like to get on the map for
2018, and need your perfect crew to make it happen. Don't try to forge ahead

Sunday 10th December

The Moon is lightning up your career zone again today. Your professional goals are surging now. You have a thousand projects you want to launch for 2018 but must be careful not to spread yourself too thin. Saturn moving through your sign and now Mercury Retrograde through your stars has reminded you to know your limits, darling.


Saturday 9th December

The planet of passion moves into your dream zone today, where it will remain though early 2018. This can fire up your imagination and make you incredibly creative, but the downside is a very overactive psyche. If you experience any insomnia, try some meditation or calming evening baths. 

Friday 8th December

You can get really serious about your travel goals today, Sagittarius – especially if you're thinking about where you want to spend 2018. The more the better is your recipe for success at the moment – throw around as many ideas as possible and you'll find the perfect journey(s) to take you through the year.

Thursday 7th December

Your wanderlust could go next level today. That might be hard to
imagine considering how exaggerated your love of travel is to begin with. You
will have a hard time sitting still or waiting patiently without an escape plan
in hand. You need to know you will be on another adventure sooner than later.

Wednesday 6th December

The heat is on, Sadge. Mercury Retrograde has been moving close to Saturn in your sign for close to a week now. The good news is that the pressure will start to ease up after today. But remember this: the way out is through. Just pace yourself and keep your life and schedule as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

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