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23 November - 22 December


Tuesday 28th March

The New Moon is over but the energy of renewal continues to pulsate through the universe – and through your romance zone. Yes, Sadge, your love life is totally on fire, so scoop up the good vibes while you can. Everyone else is rather on edge now, but you've got it going on.

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Monday 27th March

The New Moon is here and it's falling in your love zone. Romantic relationships are ready for a reset. The Venus Retrograde has been quite a ride since the beginning of March, but your love life is ready for a do-over. This is day one of that revamping process, darling.

Sunday 26th March

The energy is rather dark yet aggressive at the moment, Sadge. Your best bet is to lie low and take some time to hide out at home to catch your breath. Avoiding the drama is an excellent idea now. Others are not into playing fair and it will take its toll on your wellbeing.


Saturday 25th March

Your love life might feel like a total mess at the moment, Sagittarius. Not only is Venus Retrograde bringing up issues to reconsider and reflect upon, but now the temperature is rising thank to the Sun in feisty and impulsive Aries. You'll have to work harder not to jump the gun and lose your patience.

Friday 24th April

Communication is your focus right now, and yet all you want is to unplug from anything that plugs in or lights up. You're craving a serious break from the world of technology; you need nature like nobody's business. Make time to get out into someplace beautiful and woodsy or beach. If all else fails, brew some tea and read a book. 

Thursday 23rd March

With the stars in a warlike mood today, try to put your feistier instincts on hold, Sadge. Your urge to insert your opinion could make you the target of an unwanted row. You have more important things to do right now – why fight when your creativity is at an all-time high?

Wednesday 22nd March

Your financial situation might be extremely loaded and stressful at the moment. Try not to go into total panic or reaction mode, Sadge. If you stay grounded, make a budget and stick to your plan, you can turn the fears around in no time. Just think both positively and proactively.

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