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23 November - 22 December


Friday 22nd September

The Sun moves into your social zone on the occasion of the Autumnal Equinox today, Sadge. This brings loads of lovely energy to your friendships and online and offline networks. It's excellent for both personal and professional advancement – so it's high time to begin your plan to connect and collaborate. 

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Thursday 21st September

The stars are lining up in your social zone right now, Sadge. The Moon is in this part of your chart right now, and tomorrow the Sun follows suit. That's a whole lot of networking energy to tap into, both personally and professionally. Go make things happen.

Wednesday 20th September

The New Moon has arrived and it's full of spectacular career juju for you. No wonder you feel so alive and inspired with a bazillion new ideas and projects. Just don't overdo it before you even get started, darling. You have a tendency to bite off way more than you can possibly chew.


Tuesday 19th September

Today's Dark Moon is exhausting yet it sets the stage for a very exciting new cycle for your career. Don't be confused by this temporary lull before the raging storm of success that awaits you just on the other side. This is only the pause before your next big break, Sadge.

Monday 18th September

With a New Moon on the horizon in the next few days, you're probably already starting to feel a bit off, Sadge. Even though this kind of lunation is positive and powerful for making big changes in your life, it can feel strange before it happens. Be extra good to yourself and your body now.

Sunday 17th September

The planet of love and romance is tangoing with the planet of rebellion. Better yet, this involves your house of pleasure and your social zone. In other words, this is a seriously thrilling Sunday, not meant for rest, but for all kinds of amazing action. Play now, nap later.

Saturday 16th September

The Mercury and Mars war is heating up to its apex today. It's a war of words in many ways. Try not to get embroiled in a verbal row that can only go from ugly to uglier. When you see it heading in a dark direction, either choose humor or choose to walk away. Tomorrow will be better. 

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