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23 November - 22 December


Wednesday 26th July

The Sun and Mars are in an extreme planetary war at the moment, and everyone is on edge. This might explain why you're currently feeling subpar and unmotivated, Sadge. It's unlike you to be so blah, but trust that this energy crash will pass, and you'll be back to yourself by tomorrow. 

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Tuesday 25th July

Just when you thought it was all vacation all the time, your career is calling you. It's okay to come back into business brain if it serves your higher purpose of mega-success. You can attend to the details more easily now as well (at least until Mercury goes retrograde in a few weeks).

Monday 24th July

Saturn has been in your sign for a while (you're almost out of the woods, however). Today he's opposing Venus, the planet of love and beauty – she's currently in your relationship zone. This can put a temporary strain on your one-to-one partnerships, Sadge – but it'll pass soon. 


Sunday 23rd July

The New Moon lands in your sister fire sign today, and that's extraordinarily beneficial for you, Sadge. Your whole world is expanding now, and the part of your horoscope you relate to the most is growing by leaps and bounds. Some major travel is coming during the next six months – set your flight goals now.

Saturday 22nd July

Your favourite thing in life is travel, and that's exactly what you'll have loads of over the next few weeks. The Sun moves into your long-distance adventure zone starting today. You will happily have much to look forward to between now and late August. 

Friday 21st July

You are feeling weirdly moody and a bit dark at the moment, Sadge. Yes, it's quite out of character for you, but alas you're entitled to a grumpy and pessimistic spell every now and again. You'll be back to your silly self when you're ready. For now, it's about just going deep and indulging in a little brooding. 

Thursday 20th July

The planet of passion and action is moving into your house of travel. Just when you thought you couldn't have any more wanderlust, the planets are about to give you a major infusion of it. Travel is not just on your mind during the next few weeks, it's in your blood. You MUST get on the road.

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