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23 November - 22 December

Saturday 24th February

You're torn between wanting to connect and wanting to just hide out in your own private world. You'll likely turn from extrovert to introvert by the time sun sets and the Moon moves out of your relationship zone. Keep your evening plans light or at least more intimate if possible.

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Friday 23rd February

The First Quarter Moon is here and it's putting the focus on your relationship zone. Are you ready to start a new chapter with your current partner? Or if you're single, are you prepared to start a brand new chapter in the realm of relationships? You're on the brink of a powerful new dating and mating cycle in any case.

Thursday 22nd February

You're uber-productive through the end of the day, while the Moon is moving through the last few degrees of your work zone. After that, you might have a bit less energy for the next few days, so push your to-do list to the limit while you can. You'll want to have plenty of downtime on Friday and Saturday.


Wednesday 21st February

It's one of those exceptionally dreamy days, Sadge – it may be hard to get down to business. With mystical Neptune and romantic Venus in your house of home, you may not even want to get dressed and leave the house at all. Bonus: gorgeous home design ideas are likely to flood your mind and your Insta feed. 

Tuesday 20th February

This is one day when you want nothing more than to just go back to bed and eat biscuits all day, and yet the deadlines could be relentless. You can feel the weight of responsibility and work crashing down all around you despite your resistance. Yet when pushed, you want to work slower, not faster.

Monday 19th February

The Moon is in your stars today, Sadge. You're totally in your fiery and fun element now. Let your inner wanderer/free spirit direct the show. You cannot stand anyone or anything that threatens to cramp your style, so why bother with them? Nip any distractions in the bud and get on with your show.

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