Sagittarius daily horoscope

23 November - 22 December


Thursday 25th May

The New Moon lands in your opposite stars and lights up your relationship zone today, Sadge. Use this energy to set your intentions for the next six months, especially about how you want to partner with others. It's not at all silly to make a list of what you want and don't want in your significant one-to-ones.

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Wednesday 24th May

Self-care is calling today, Sagittarius. Your body and your brain are hitting a lull and you require more rest and pampering. The Moon is in her darkest phase before she starts waxing again tomorrow. Use this low-energy phase to take care of the simple but essential matters in your daily life.

Tuesday 23rd May

Today's Moon-Mercury merger is excellent for your work life. You have both the intellect and the grounding to plow through all of your deadlines. You're finding a steady but even pace that wins the race, darling. It's not about rushing and burning out: find focus and consistency until you reach the end.


Monday 22nd May

The Moon continues to light up your love and pleasure zone for one more day. Take advantage of the romance and goodness that is coming straight to you at lighting speed. There are some unpredictable moments as well to keep you on your toes. Enjoy all the exhilarating fun, Sadge. 

Sunday 21st May

Life is good and full of fire again, just the way you like it, Sadge. The Moon is lighting up your love and pleasure zone and attracting everything you adore the most. Devote yourself exclusively to what your heart wants and you can't possibly go wrong. Play harder and work less.

Saturday 20th May

The Sun is shifting into your opposite stars starting today. This brings the glorious opportunity to integrate your "other half" so to speak. Relationships will take center stage for the next few weeks in order to mirror what you feel you might be missing inside. This is a time to stretch, grow and learn from partners. 

Friday 19th May

Your ruling planet Jupiter is always bold and daring, but today he's setting off some serious sparks with Venus, the planet of love. Because of the current placement of both of these beneficent planets, you're about to have a weekend for the ages, full of romance and an abundant social life.

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