Sagittarius daily horoscope

23 November - 22 December


Saturday 24th June

You are ready to go deep, Sadge. You're feeling not only your own
feelings but the pain of the world at the moment. That might seem like too much
to bear, but if anyone can handle it, it's you. Your wide-open heart, optimism
and faith are matchless. 

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Friday 23rd June

The New Moon arrives today – and it's asking you to transform from the inside out. This is one of those lunations that will change you if you refuse to face the changes you need to make, Sadge – so get ahead of the cosmic curve. Look within and assess which areas of your life are in need of resurrection, and get to work.


Thursday 22nd June

There's a lot of intense astrology coming up this weekend, but for now the Moon is still in your opposite sign. If you're feeling the call to slow down, don't fight it, Sadge. The harder you push yourself, the more intense your crash will be. Add downtime and adequate breaks into your workday.

Wednesday 21st June

Happy Summer Solstice! After weeks of focusing so much on what other people want and need, you're ready to delve into your own inner world. In fact, you're now ready to unplug a bit starting today. This could mean taking a social media break or just limiting your screen time during the next few weeks.


Tuesday 20th June

The Moon is in your house of work today, during the final day of the Sun's transit through your relationship zone. That means there's some tension between your significant others and your need to get things done. If someone wants your attention, you may have to tell them to be patient, Sadge.

Monday 19 June

The focus is still on romance and pleasure for most of the day, but the fun will start to wane towards evening. The Moon is moving into your house of work and daily responsibilities for the next few days. Get ready to shift into "buckle down and tackle all your deadlines" mode.

Saturday 18th June

Your love life could suddenly feel childish and annoying under the current stars. If this means turning your back on a petty fight, do it. Why damage a perfectly good romance over a momentary fire? This strange and contentious energy will soon pass. Just rise above it in the meantime. .

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