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23 November - 22 December


Saturday 21st October

The Moon remains in your dream zone today, which is a quieter, subtler zone of your horoscope. You might feel less like socializing and more like going solo for the next twenty-four hours or so. Drawing, journaling and lazing about are more interesting than leaving the house at the moment. 

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Friday 20th October

The Moon is starting to wax again but you're still ready to lay low. In fact, this might be your crashing point after giving so much energy to friends and others who need you. You want nothing more than to camp out in bed for a while, streaming your fave shows. 

Thursday 19th October

Your long-term goals are about to get zapped with epiphanies and realizations that will change everything. You may not have seen this crazy energy coming, but that's exactly what makes it so thrilling and even a bit jarring. Work with the surprising but brilliant potential coming in under today's New Moon.


Wednesday 18th October

Your ruling planet Jupiter is busy on the day before the New Moon. He's joining forces with Mercury, and both planets are currently in your house of dreams. This can intensify the messages coming from the deeper regions of your subconscious. Your psyche is trying to tell you something, Sadge – listen closely.

Tuesday 17th October

The planet in charge of communication and thinking is moving into your house of dreams. This intensifies the activity in your psyche, Sadge, and it can even bring on a bit of insomnia. Try not to allow yourself to get over-stimulated before bed, and aim to write down your dreams for the next few weeks.

Monday 16th October

Procrastination is not your friend, Sagittarius. You often get so fully engrossed in what's happening in the moment that you don't realize you're behind the ball. Don't put aside what needs be finished under a strict deadline. Make a list and get your priorities in order before your schedule gets messy.

Sunday 15th October

Your career is your focus even if the weekend isn't totally over. That's because the Moon moves up to the very top of your chart this Sunday. You can focus on the details and fine print right now. It's all about how to take your image and status to the next level.

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