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23 November - 22 December


Monday 27th February

The eclipse is finished but the melancholic energy is still in the air, at least this morning. Luckily, the Moon is moving into your love zone tonight, making everything right again. Just be patient, Sadge, even though that's not really your forte. Soon enough you'll be completely back to your fun-loving Sagittarius self.

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Sunday 26th February

So much is changing – and so quickly! This is compliments of today's New Moon Solar Eclipse. You're probably rethinking your domestic situation in addition to other deep contemplation. If it feels like the entire structure you've built your life upon is shifting beneath your very feet, have faith that it's moving you in the right direction.

Saturday 25th February

You need a serious break from social media and computers/electronics in general, Sadge. You're craving something more romantic over the next few weeks. Immerse in your favorite films and books and keep screen time to a minimum. You'll feel entirely rejuvenated from just a quick pause – you might even end your addiction.


Friday 24th February

The stars are pushing you hard right now – the only problem is that you're being pushed in way too many directions at once. The only way to get out of this mess is to choose the most pressing topic and run with it. An eclipse is coming in a few days, and it's making decision-making difficult – but you're up to the task.

Thursday 23rd February

Communication is the name of the game as the Moon has moved into your house of talking and texting. You're already one of the most straightforward people on the planet, but today you're extra direct. You might even put your foot directly in your mouth if you're not careful.

Wednesday 22nd February

The planet of war (Mars) and the planet of transformation (Pluto) are battling for supremacy this morning. This can put you on edge, Sadge – along with everyone that crosses your path. The good news is that it can also spur you to new creative heights – so focus on making art instead of arguing.

Tuesday 21st February

Money requires your utmost attention now, Sadge. Put other matters aside so you can concentrate your energies on your finances. If you put it off or neglect your budget, you'll suffer later. Getting grounded in the reality of your wallet now will make it easier to splurge later without fear or guilt.

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