Sagittarius daily horoscope

23 November - 22 December


Sunday 30th April

Your emotions could be all over the place today, Sadge. If you
feel incredibly moody and even grouchy, trust that it will pass. You'll be back
to your silly, goofy self in no time. It's just a passing spectrum of feelings
that take you through extreme highs and lows – like a roller coaster.

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Saturday 29th April

There is lunar energy flooding into your house of opposites today, Sadge. This means you might be a bit pugilistic, especially when it comes to your significant other. Try to see whether your feelings are really about you – not the person you're directing them to. This is the classic cosmic setup for projection, so avoid it in advance. 

Friday 28th April

Venus returns to Aries today, completing the long and circuitous journey she started in early February. Think back to what was going on in your love or creative life at that time – that's coming back now, except this time it's going to work out perfectly. Yes, Sadge, you're getting the best of all worlds now. 


Thursday 27th April

The Moon is moving into your opposite stars today, Sagittarius. Your energy might still be dragging a bit, but you're in the mood to connect with those you love. In fact, if you've been quiet over the past few days, you'll be right back to your silly and chatty self now.

Wednesday 26th April

The New Moon comes chock full of potential, Sadge. This lunation hits your house of work and health, so it's perfect for focusing on productivity and wellness – and the way these two parts of your life intersect. Work/life balance is your goal, and if you really put your heart into it, you can get there during the next six months.

Tuesday 25th April

You're feeling all kinds of exhausted at the moment, Sadge. You're not alone! It's the dark lunar phase begging you to mellow out and ease up on your daily schedule. If you can keep this week lighter than normal, you'll be doing yourself, your psyche and your body a huge favor.

Monday 24th April

The Moon is still in your fire sign sister Aries today, so the inspiration remains high and electric. It may be Monday, but that won't stop you from feeling romantic, amorous and ultra-creative, possibly all at once. Tap into this feeling to make something brilliant and beautiful, Sadge.

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