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23 November - 22 December


Wednesday 18th January

The stars are getting pretty aggressive during the next few days, and it's possible that you'll feel that energy building as early as this afternoon. With Mars and Saturn (currently in your sign) preparing to square off, everyone is tense. Your best defense is still and always your sense of humor.

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Tuesday 17th January

The stars are super social for you at the moment. Can you keep up? You already have a tendency to overdo as it is. This might be the perfect day to seek more balance between your extroverted and introverted demands. You can't be all things to all people and stay true to yourself.

Monday 16th January

Your career is headed to the stratosphere today, Sadge – all you have to do is grab the brass ring. You're usually better with the big picture and skirt by the details, but at this crucial professional moment, you should mind the small stuff even as you conceive your path to the top.


Sunday 15th January

feeling torn between wanting to further your worldly plans and totally zoning
out into a sleep coma for days. Try to make time for both needs to prevent
burnout, Sadge. You can still conquer your thousand and thousands of goals but
not without proper beauty rest.

Saturday 14th January

The Moon moves up to the top of your chart and highlights your worldly status today, Sagittarius. It doesn't matter that it's officially the weekend, you can still shine brightly like the star you are. Worldly success is seven days a week as far as you're concerned.

Friday 13th January

Travel fever is on, Sadge! You may have been worried that you lost your wanderlust for a hot second. Not to fear, you are about to jet again very soon. In fact, if you haven't booked your next getaway, today is the day. You will have the fire and inspiration to make the new trip a reality.

Thursday 12th January

Today's Full Moon has been making the last few days so strangely overwhelming – now you understand the influence you've been under. It's deeply transformational for your most intimate relationships, Sadge – and this energy can make you extremely hungry for romance and closeness. Don't be shy about asking for what you want – it's all about your desires right now.

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