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23 November - 22 December


Sunday 4th December

Your mind is racing with a bazillion unique and rather brilliant thoughts and ideas now, Sagittarius. When so much genius is coursing through your brain waves, it's imperative that you write everything down so you don't lose any of the gems. Sometimes great ideas evaporate as quickly as they get downloaded.

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Saturday 3rd December

You're at the height of your powers today, Sadge. Saturn is giving you the edge right now, making you powerful beyond your wildest dreams. But it's even better than that – because you're inordinately practical at the same time. You can get it all done, and have energy left over for more.

Friday 2nd December

Money matters are so completely in your face at the moment, Sagittarius. There is no way around the hardcore facts and financial reality that is screaming at you for attention and strategy. If you don't like what is being presented, it's time to take concrete steps towards rebuilding a more solid foundation for your future.


Thursday 1st December

December is here and Chiron is direct. This is a healthy way to start the month, Sadge. With the planet in charge of healing deep wounds ready to move forward, you can begin to actively repair old, buried issues, especially with family members. It's time for you and your loved ones to turn a new page.

Wednesday 30th November

Others might ask you why you seem so serious or even glum today. You're just in a rather no-nonsense mode and not as willing to make light of everything. You can thank the Moon teaming up with Saturn for the heavier vibe. There's nothing wrong with getting a little real.

Tuesday 29th November

Wake up and smell the glorious New Moon in your own stars! This is the moment you've been waiting for all year. It's time to renew your cosmic contract, Sadge. What do you want from your life: personally, professionally and spiritually? Set your intentions now, follow up, and your wishes will be the stars' command within six months. 

Monday 28th November

The stars are shining their love-light on you right now, Sadge! It's your birthday month and tomorrow brings your ultra-fabulous, super amazing personalized New Moon. This is your chance to reset your life's entire agenda, so begin making a list – as long as you want – about all you desire, and all you want to achieve.

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