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23 November - 22 December


Sunday 20th August

Tomorrow's eclipse is making today feel totally, totally cray. The best thing you can do for yourself is avoid all forms of stress and conflict – especially anything related to your worldview. You may be heading in a whole new direction over the next six months – but it's really important to keep the vibes positive.

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Saturday 19th August

The stars are not letting anyone off the hook this weekend, Sadge. Since you're a bold fire sign, you might have it better than most. That's because Monday's New Moon/Solar Eclipse is in Leo, your sister sign. In some ways you'll be even more electric than usual, but make sure you don't repress your more challenging feelings.

Friday 18th August

The Moon is quite dark and the energy is extremely heavy at the moment, Sadge. Use this time to just disconnect from the outer drama so you can get in touch with what matters most. Your feelings will guide you, so just tune in and listen. You might be surprised by just how emotional you've been feeling lately.


Thursday 17th August

Insecurities have a way of creeping on you today, Sadge. Don't go there. Just because you can imagine the worst-case scenarios taking place doesn't mean they are possible or even probable. Reconnect to the part of you that prefers to look on the bright side of any situation.

Wednesday 16th August

The Moon is in Gemini – your opposite sign. This is what we call your low-energy phase, when it's wise to slow everything down and take life as easy as possible. This prescription is even more important right now, because you're smack in the middle of eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde. Chill, Sadge.

Tuesday 15th August

There are some very strange and contentious vibes out there today, Sagittarius. No you aren't imagining it either. People seem determined to fight about anything and everything. Power struggles ensue and it's not your fault. Normally your optimism and humor can pull anyone out of a head-trip, but not today.

Monday 14th August

The Moon is in your work zone today, Sadge. This can help you get organized and down to business early. Under the influence of Mercury Retrograde in your career zone, this is certainly good news for the start of the workweek. You need all the help you can get at this rather chaotic moment.

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