Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Thursday 29th June

Don't get caught up in petty arguments now, Capricorn. It's just not worth the amount of stress, strain and emotional energy you will lose by fighting over something that doesn't even matter in the bigger scheme of things. Don't let others push you into thinking or seeing things otherwise. You're too big for this.

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Wednesday 28th June

With Mercury and Mars conjunct in your relationship zone today, conversations with your lover/partner could be intensely fraught and full of angst/anger. If there's a way to put off any important discussions, by all means – take it. Don't let anything insignificant trigger you in the meantime, Capricorn.

Tuesday 27th June

The planets are proving to be a bit troublesome today, Capricorn. Mercury, the planet in charge of communication, can make your relationships rather confusing. There isn't another retrograde for a few months, but the mixed messages you're getting might make you feel like it's happening right now.


Monday 26th June

Neptune and Mars are working closely today, and your relationships are getting some serious fringe benefits, Capricorn. Call this your opportunity to seize a little bit of practical magic. You may have a major insight, and you can apply it to the way you date, mate and relate straightaway. 

Sunday 25th June

You're starting to feel the need to go deep, Capricorn. You long for lasting connection and intimacy that feeds you on the most profound level. You rarely voice this or even ask for what you want, but it's important that you at least know this is what is going on for you.

Saturday 24th June

Relationships require everything you've got and then some, Capricorn. Use this new lunar cycle to regain the balance between self and others. If you've been too focused on your own duties and responsibilities, this is your chance to turn the focus and attention to your loved ones.

Friday 23rd June

The New Moon lands in your opposite sign today. This is your annual opportunity to look closely at your relationship arena – are your current partnerships in healthy condition? If not, the stars are giving you an opportunity to make it better right now. If you're single, this is your moment to wish for your perfect partner – so start searching.

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