Capricorn daily horoscope

​23 December - 20 January


Thursday 29th September

You're dreaming about your next vacation. If you can take a mini version of that in the next few days, but all means go for a little time out. Your energy levels are at their lowest of the month, so why push yourself to work? Better to rest and rejuvenate so you can catch some fresh inspiration after the New Moon. 

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Wednesday 28th September

You're feeling rather philosophical at the moment, Capricorn. It's the perfect day for making sure that your current plans are in alignment with your bigger inspirations. If you're working just to work while losing sight of your long-term vision, this is your opportunity to reconnect with your core beliefs and passion.

Tuesday 27th September

It's a big day in your stars, Capricorn. Mars, the planet of action and passion, is moving into your own sign for approximately the next six weeks. This is a super exciting, non-stop phase that may have you feeling less than steady – not like your usual self. But you can use it to bring some much-needed fuel to projects you really care about.


Monday 26th September

Today is the day, Capricorn – the return of Pluto to direct motion. You've become very familiar with Plutonian energy since 2008, when the planet of transformation first moved into your sign. He goes retrograde once a year, deepening the journey of self-knowledge you've been on. Now you get a major wisdom download.

Sunday 25th September

With Mars moving into your sign in just a few days, you're about to feel a major shift in your energy. That's why you might want to use this Sunday to chill out as hard as you can – even if you have to force yourself. Starting on Tuesday there will be much rushing around – concentrate on your sofa lounging skills now.

Saturday 24th September

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, Capricorn. One-to-on relationships are everything to you at this moment, so tend to them carefully. This might mean that your romantic partner or best friend are either in your immediate vicinity or at least in your thoughts. Either way, you're learning plenty about yourself through your other half.

Friday 23rd September

Your social life is about to get super sweet over the next few weeks, Capricorn. Venus is bringing the goodness to your long-term goals, dreams, wishes and even friendships now. Watch your social calendar explode with more invitations than you will even know what to do with – yet cannot turn down.

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