Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Thursday 27th April

This is the ideal day for catching up on piles of work. You're starting to get back the focus that has been lacking for days. Now you have the creativity and the wit to just plow through even your most challenging correspondence and deadlines. Over the next 24-hours, no one can keep up with you. 

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Wednesday 26th April

The New Moon is here and it's as romantic as can be – or at least it can bring some love soon, if you put the effort in. This is your moment to focus on how to bring more pleasure into your life. Creativity is another major theme, so if you're yearning to breathe life into an idea, now's the time.

Tuesday 25th April

This is the kind of day when you don't even want to get out of bed. The lunar phase is at her darkest and thus energy is at its lowest now. Don't fight against the decrease in vitality. It's better to just slow down and take it easy for a change, darling.


Monday 24th April

The Moon is in your house of home, so you're intensely focused on the people closest to you – family and friends that feel like blood relatives. There is breakthrough energy in the air right now, so if you've had any issues with your loved ones, you can work though it now, Capricorn.

Sunday 23rd April

The Moon is reminding you that you have a lot of unfinished business in the communication department now, Capricorn. Don't worry about getting everything off your chest in one day. You can take your time and write it all down and make lists. You will get to all of those in need of your love and attention in due time.

Saturday 22nd April

You're in a communication frenzy this weekend, Capricorn. The Moon is in your house of talking, thinking and texting so it may be hard to stop your gadgets from buzzing – no less your mind. It's a busy, busy moment in your life so make sure to find at least an hour to unplug.

Friday 21st April

Today the energy changes drastically as Mars, the mojo planet, changes signs. After weeks of focusing on your love life, you're getting ready for work, work and more work. Your desire to stay connected on social media could hit an all-time high, darling. Give yourself regular breaks and screen-fasts.

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