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23 December - 20 January


Monday 21st August

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is on, Capricorn. You're feeling this on such a deep level that it may be hard to even put into words. Give yourself space to process all of the unfathomable changes taking place within and without. You'll be able to articulate your experience soon enough but not now.

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Sunday 20th August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse is nearly here, Capricorn. Even though it's not exact until tomorrow, you're certainly feeling it already, and today could be the most intense day yet. Emotions are running hot and heavy, especially with lovers. Let intimacy be a salve for any negative feelings.

Saturday 19th August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse coming on Monday is making the entire weekend intensely emotional for everyone, Capricorn. Try not to make it your job to take care of all the people around you – give yourself oxygen first, and then attend to the needs of friends and family. You've got to make sure you have something left for yourself at the end of the day.


Friday 18th August

The Moon is still in your opposite stars and putting the pressure on your relationships. Everyone is super sensitive at the moment, including you, so tread carefully. When in doubt, it's better to say less and listen with even more compassion. Don't forget that Mercury is still in retrograde, darling.

Thursday 17th August

Relationships are all-consuming at the moment, Capricorn. The Moon is moving through your opposite constellation and bringing up all the feels. You tend to be the caretaker, but you might crave a little TLC for yourself now, darling. Don't feel guilty about asking for what you need and want.

Wednesday 16th August

You might feel newly inspired to get things done today, Capricorn. With the Moon in your work zone, you can get super organized, especially if the first few days of Mercury Retrograde made life extra messy. Take some time to make a to-do list and begin crossing off items straightaway.

Tuesday 15th August

Relationships are extremely loaded at the moment, Capricorn. If you feel tempted to call it quits or push emotions into an ultimatum, resist. This too shall pass. The energies are just extremely harsh and contrary at the moment thanks to the current Venus-Pluto opposition. Best to agree to disagree for the time being.

Monday 14th August

The Moon is in your romance zone, making it potentially difficult to concentrate on the first day of he workweek. Between that and Mercury Retrograde, you might want to forget about getting ahead and just settle into an easy groove – right where you are now.

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