Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Friday 22nd September

The Fall Equinox arrives today, turning the season and changing your focus for the next four weeks. The Sun will be in your house of career for an entire month (with other planets soon to follow). This means that your professional life is on a major upswing, Capricorn.

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Thursday 21st September

The Moon is in Libra at the moment, and the Sun moves into this part of your horoscope tomorrow. This means that you're about to get a major infusion of positive career juju, Capricorn. Your professional life is heading for an upswing over the next few weeks. 


Wednesday 20th September

Today's New Moon is ideal for inspiration and mega list-making, Capricorn. You love projects like other people love candy. This lunation supports work and success for the next six months. Details are essential for getting the most out of your potential but just don't overthink it all to the point of perfectionism.

Tuesday 19th September

The Dark Moon is weirdly inspirational as far as you're concerned, darling. You adore any reason to go deep and dark, and this it. In fact, you're in a rather philosophical mode as you contemplate your next six months of plans. Don't fall into too much worry or overthinking though, Capricorn – you've got this. 


Monday 18th September

The New Moon in Virgo is still a few days away, but its energy is already having a major impact on the cosmos – and your own mind and body. This kind of lunation can cause all manner of weird feelings: free-floating anxiety and insomnia are both on the list. It'll be better in a few days, so don't sweat it.

Sunday 17th September

With Venus (planet of love) and Uranus (planet of shock and surprise) involved in an amicable trine formation, this is one of those Sunday's you may remember for a while. There's a sense of excitement in the air, as if anything can happen – stay on your toes but know that you can't control all the outcomes.

Saturday 16th September

Mercury and Mars are going at it now, creating much stress in your conversations online and off. Don't feel like you have to partake in any battles, just because someone provokes or or straight-up attacks you. You have better things to do with your time and energy, Capricorn. 

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