Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Friday 24th February

With an eclipse
arriving in a few days, yet already stirring up your emotions, it's a bit hard
to focus and finish your work today. You might have to leave a few loose ends
untied this Friday, Capricorn. Know that after Sunday everything should be much
clearer – don't force anything before its time.

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Thursday 23rd February

The Moon has
moved into your money zone, making you into a bit of a financial wizard for the
next few days. This is a great moment to take practical steps to shore up your
budget and check that you haven't overspent it in February. If you've done
well, why not splurge this weekend? 

Wednesday 22nd February

The Moon is in your sign, which is a really good thing given the other aspects on tap for today. Mars is at war with Pluto, currently in your sign. People are likely to be angry and quick to judgment, so try not to cross anyone unless it's absolutely necessary. 


Tuesday 21st February

The Moon is in your stars today, putting you in touch with that diehard essence that makes you the survivor of survivors of the zodiac. Ain't no mountain high enough is your credo for life. You can overcome any obstacle and make it look effortless with your sheer tenacity and patience for your long-term goals.

Monday 20th February

You might be a
bit quiet and introspective today – but don't worry, because that's in perfect
alignment with the current stars. The Moon hovers in your house of dreams
before entering your own sign later tonight. That's when you really take off,
Capricorn – this is just the pre-show. 

Sunday 19th February

You're not in the mood for anything dull, ordinary or detail-oriented now, Capricorn. You have had enough of feeling responsible for everyone and their sister. You need a day to just focus on your soul and nothing else. Say no to everything that demands you play serious or adult now.

Saturday 18th February

With the Sun moving into your communication zone today, the next four weeks are some of the busiest you've had in a while. When it comes to talking, texting, leading meetings and all manner of writing, you're in excellent stead. It might be as simple as writing in your journal, but you really need to express yourself, Capricorn. 

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