Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Saturday 24th February

The Moon will move into your opposite stars by the evening, Capricorn. You're about to enter your lower energy phase for the weekend, so be sure to get as much out of the way earlier in the day as you can. Once the sun sets you'll likely want to chill.

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Friday 23rd February

The First Quarter Moon has arrived and it's putting the focus on your work and health. If you feel out of alignment, you can just make a few mindful tweaks to get everything back on track. Make a list of your priorities for the new cycle to get crystal clear.


Thursday 22nd February 

The Moon is in your sister earth sign through the end of the day, so do try to take advantage of this super positive phase. You only get the benefit of lovely lunar energy in your romance and pleasure zone but once a month, Capricorn. Use it for all it's worth. 

Wednesday 21st February

The planet of love is merging with the planet of inspiration, and that's likely to make this a mega-magical day, Capricorn. This dream-duo is pairing up in your house of communication, so everything you say, text or tweet might sound like it's channeled from a divine source.


Tuesday 20th February

Today's lunar energy is quite romantic and creative. The focus is on pleasure for the next few days, so remind your overly responsible side that the work can wait a few hours. Why force yourself to plug away at the mundane chores and to-do lists when so much beauty is right there? 

Monday 19th February

You're not in the mood for anything dull, ordinary or detail-oriented now, Capricorn. You have had enough of feeling responsible for everyone and their sister. You need a day to just focus on your soul and nothing else. Say no to everything that demands you play serious or adult now.

Sunday 18th February

The Sun is making a major move today, Capricorn. For the next four weeks your communication zone will be totally lit – allowing you to express yourself from the heart. Whether you're texting, tweeting or having a deep in-person conversation with someone you love, you're more articulate than ever – don't keep it to yourself. 

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