Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Saturday 22nd July

The Sun is leaving your relationship zone after a rather emotional but romantic few weeks. You're now ready to go deep. If you've been dying to get into a course of study or research requiring your entire heart and soul, this is the inspiration you've been waiting for, Capricorn.

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Friday 21st July

This is your perfect moment to turn your undivided emotional attention back to your relationships. You've been in hyper work mode for the past few days, and your loved ones are starting to suffer as a result. Once you get your priorities back into alignment, everything else in your life will flow as a result.

Thursday 20th July

The planet of passion moves into your house of sex today, Capricorn. It's going to stoke your desires for weeks – through the first week of September. If you don't currently have a partner the stars are putting you on a mission to cure your lonely condition as soon as possible.


Wednesday 19th July

With the Moon spending the next few days in your work zone, you're going to be a very busy goat between now and later in the week. Just make sure you don't get so obsessed with details that you miss the forest for the trees. You can focus on both the big picture and the minutiae. 

Tuesday 18th July

Love and pleasure are the current highlights compliments of the Moon moving through your romance zone. Enjoy the best of the best without guilt. You are normally so hardworking that you forget to even give yourself a moment off to relax and enjoy. Let today get you back into your bliss. 

Monday 17th July

Your love life is super sweet at the moment, Capricorn. Don't feel guilty for making pleasure your priority. You spend enough of your time and energy immersed in work and responsibility. It's essential to balance all of the pressure with something more creative for a few days. 

Sunday 16th July

The Moon is still in your home zone, but it's a bit more challenging to contend with Sunday's tricky energy than with Saturday's lovely vibe. The sweetness is turning into something fairly intense, Capricorn – you might even find yourself frustrated with your family members.

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