Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Saturday 21st October

The Moon remains in your social zone for one more day, but you're craving deep and profound connections with others right now. Light, superficial conversations will not do the trick, Capricorn. Surround yourself with those willing to go directly to the heart of matters. 

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Friday 20th October

Time with friends is what you need right now. You crave companions with whom you can go deep. Nothing superficial will satisfy now, Capricorn. What you love more than anything are people that allow you to be totally and truly your weird and wacky self without judgment.

Thursday 19th October

There's a brand New Moon landing at the top of your horoscope today, Capricorn. This bodes well for your career, your image and your worldly status. And this is only the beginning. Whatever intentions you set today will continue to blossom in weird and wonderful ways over the next six months.


Wednesday 18th October

The New Moon arrives tomorrow, and in the meantime, the energy might feel a bit strange. It's completely normal to experience a bit of anxiety and even insomnia near the dark of the Moon, the lunar period we're in right now. By tomorrow you should be back in business, Capricorn. 

Tuesday 17th October

With Mercury (the communication planet) moving into Scorpio today, your next few weeks are super busy on the social front. Expect more texting, emailing, calls and instant messaging with colleagues and friends. It's a great time to reach out to someone you haven't connected with in a long time.

Monday 16th October

Today's lunar influence is equal parts creative and productive. You love both, and will likely excel under the dynamic combo. You're also feeling a new level of inspiration around your work that you haven't felt in some time. Use this to your advantage while it's especially hot. You can do this!

Sunday 15th October

It's an excellent day for getting down to the details and daily to-do's of your life. All that you have put off is now up for review – and it must be attended to. But not to worry, Capricorn, as you can tackle it immediately and take a load off. Just get right on it.

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