Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Thursday 8th December 

As the Moon moves into your house of home today, you might get suddenly nostalgic. You're usually pretty good at living in the present with your eye toward the future, but right now you'd like to indulge in a little throwback Thursday action. There's nothing wrong with reminiscing.

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Wednesday 7th December

Money is your end all be all at the moment. Nothing wrong with that, it's just that you have the double influence of both Mars and Venus pushing you to put your finances at the top of your priority list right now. Plus, you're super creative with financial strategies – as you remain totally practical with your spending.

Tuesday 6th December

Communication is nearly subliminal if not totally telepathic today, Capricorn. Your psychic sensitivity is top notch thanks to the super sensitive Pisces Moon merging with Neptune in your house of thinking and speaking. Trust your instant downloads without overthinking or analyzing. If you feel hypersensitive to the point of being paranoid, get a second opinion.


Monday 5th December

Money, money, money makes your world go 'round, at least before lunchtime. You're a human calculator, divvying up your various resources and budgeting for the next few weeks. Your brain is functioning like a well-oiled machine for at least half the day, so plug in and figure things out fast.

Sunday 4th December

You're in a money mood today, Capricorn. Your desire to both blow and make more bank are vying for the top position in your decision making now. You are excellent at both of course. You'll definitely have no problem tapping into your more eccentric business ideas, which can only help your career.

Saturday 3rd December

Dynamic Mars is working closely with your ruler Saturn, making it into a very successful Saturday. By later today, the Moon will be in your money zone, stoking your ambitions even more. It may be the weekend, but you're practically unstoppable, Capricorn. Just do what you're best at – ruling the world. 

Friday 2nd December

All eyes are on you today, Capricorn. That's because there's quite a potent convergence of planets stacking up in your stars at the moment. For starters, you've got the Moon and Pluto merging to create both personal power and possibly power struggles. Plus, the communication planet (Mercury) is moving into your stars.

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