Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Monday 23rd January

The Moon remains in your house of dreams, and with Mercury and Neptune in a dreamy sextile, concentrating could be quite challenging today. In fact, you just might prefer to hide under the covers and not bother going to work. A large amount of caffeine may be necessary to really get your brain going.

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Sunday 22nd January

With the Moon moving into your house of dreams and subconscious thoughts this morning, the next few days are a bit quiet, Capricorn. There's no reason to push yourself too hard – in fact, you should do the opposite of that this Sunday. It can be hard for you to relax, but right now, it's rather mandatory.

Saturday 21st January

Your social world is off the charts today, Capricorn. Your friends never cease to amaze you with how absolutely wonderful they can be. There is something so sweet and magical when you're with your tribe. Don't skip out on time with your mates; they are everything at the moment.


Friday 20th January

Your social world is putting pressure on you in that do-or-die kind of way, Capricorn. Others might question your loyalty if you don't make time for them. Yes, this might require that you put down the work for a second and focus on your friends. It's totally worth it.

Thursday 19th January

The Sun moves out of your sign today, Capricorn, but there's no reason to fret. Now the energy is shifting into your house of money, so the next four weeks can be very, very lucrative. Focus on your bottom line and strategize about ways to increase your income – you're so worth it.

Wednesday 18th January

Your ruler Saturn is heading into a brief battle with Mars tomorrow, and the energy is already heating up. If you feel particularly tense around other people and like you need time on your own, take it, Capricorn. You'll only make it worse if you push yourself too hard.

Tuesday 17th January

Your career prospects are stellar at the moment, Capricorn. You are in the spotlight and shining like a superstar. You've also been mastering the art of just the right amount of the right thing at the right time. Others are impossibly envious of your skills. How on earth do you do it?

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