Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Thursday 14th December

Your social life is off the charts at the moment, Capricorn. The Moon and Jupiter are merging to bring the best people into your sphere. Plus, you have a bazillion goals just waiting for your attention and planning. In other words, life is good and only getting better between now and 2018.

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Wednesday 13th December

The next few days should be super social, Capricorn, so don't go it alone. Even if your instinct is to work late and put off hanging out with your mates until the weekend, remember that there is always time to focus and finish. Right now, the stars want you to connect. 

Tuesday 12th December

Mercury Retrograde is ultra-powerful today, so watch out for missives that feel like bullets. Communication is a huge mess, to put it mildly. Everything feels a bit explosive, and it's really easy for you to project your emotions onto the people around you. Try to avoid that at all costs – keep your feelings to yourself for now.


Monday 11th December

The Moon is lighting up the top of your horoscope today,
Capricorn. This is excellent for your career goals. Are you feeling on top of
the world anyway? If you think 2017 was amazing, wait until you see what 2018
has in store for you. You are only just beginning to slay.

Sunday 10th December

Today's lunar energy is extremely supportive for work. You can tie up loose ends and work out any kinks in your projects. It's not ideal to start something new as Mercury Retrograde rages on. However, inspiration is in no short supply so keep a running list for later development, Capricorn.

Saturday 9th December

Mars moves into Scorpio today, shifting your energy and attention to networking during the next six weeks or so. Creative collaboration is very key right now – this is where you'll find the most opportunities to advance your goals. Connect, connect, and connect some more, Capricorn. Like-minded souls are dying to work with you.

Friday 8th December

The Moon remains in your house of intimacy until later this evening, Capricorn – so love and sex are still both definitely in the air as you get closer to the weekend. This is a perfectly-timed cosmic coincidence that you should aim to make the absolute most of. You know what to do.

Thursday 7th December

Today's planets are all about indulgence and extremism,
Capricorn. If you want to abide and play along, just go with the very decadent
flow. Yes, this could feel a bit out of control and push you past your limits,
but that is exactly the point. Sometimes too much is weirdly good for you.

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