Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Wednesday 29th March

The stars are extremely creative and romantic in your world now, Capricorn. Take advantage of this grounded yet inspiring mix of beauty and sensual pleasure. You don't have to worry about all of the mundane detail and responsibilities for a change. You are happiest attending to the loveliness right in front of you.

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Tuesday 28th March

Yesterday's New Moon will have a long-term effect on you, Capricorn – you can use the power of this lunation for the next six months. Between now and early next fall, you're working on important domestic issues – getting closer to your family or just sprucing up your abode. In other words, it's time to renovate your life.

Monday 27th March

Your domestic and family life gets a fresh start now. The New Moon makes it possible to create a clean slate with projects around your home or with family issues. If a close relationship has been troubled, this is your moment to heal it. You can clearly and assertively ask for what you want now, Capricorn. 


Sunday 26th March

Communication is all kinds of wrong today, Capricorn. Silence might be the most golden weapon you have at the moment, yet it's so tempting to jump into battle when provoked. Patience is normally your best asset but may be hard to come by during the current planetary influence, so bite your tongue.

Saturday 25th March

As coolheaded as you're known to be, you might feel like you're about to lose it today. You're not alone, Capricorn. The heat is most definitely on in the stars now. You are feeling pushed and pulled in a thousand ways and you just want to tell everyone to back off and leave you alone.

Friday 24th April

Money continues to be your focus right now, although you're not exactly feeling very sharp. The energies are so dissipated (due to the waning lunar phase) that you're more interested in slowing down and not doing much of anything. Hint: tidy up your cash and bank accounts so there are no errors there. 

Thursday 23rd March

The stars are not kidding around today, Capricorn. Pluto, the planet of transformation, has been in your sign for years, pushing you through deep changes. Today he clashes HARD with Mercury, making communication volatile and intense, especially with family members. Be careful – don't accuse anyone of anything unless you're ready to follow through.

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