Capricorn daily horoscope

23 December - 20 January


Wednesday 26th October

You're feeling incredibly introspective and perhaps a bit overly analytical at the moment, Capricorn. If you find yourself devolving into a worrywart mode, refuse to buy into the fears of your mind. You always have better options, darling. Where your mind goes, your energy flows – so point it in the right direction.

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Tuesday 25th October

Today's astrology could make your life into a kind of reality show, Capricorn. Venus (currently in your house of dreams) is in a square with Neptune (currently in your communication zone.) What you feel in your heart and what you say out loud could be quite different. It's up to you to find the balance.

Monday 24th October

With Mercury (the planet in charge of communication) shifting into your social zone today, expect to be very, very busy over the next few weeks. The Sun moved into this part of your chart a few days ago, and now the intensity will ratchet up even more. Learn to turn off your phone, or else you might spend every moment texting until mid-November.


Sunday 23rd October

Don't let your fears run away with your head today, Capricorn. You could very quickly dramatize a situation that isn't nearly as dreadful as it may seem at first take. There are always other options and ways to look at things. Remember to choose the bright side under the current stars – no anxiety necessary.

Saturday 22nd October

The Sun moves into your house of friends, groups and goals today, initiating a four-week phase full of socialising like it's your job. It's all about collaboration and connection now, Capricorn – make sure you reach out to others when you need to get something done. Don't go it alone.

Friday 21st October

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, Capricorn, which is another way of saying your low-energy phase is in effect. If you don't feel overly buzzy and excited about your to-do list – you have an excellent excuse. Take it easier this afternoon if at all possible – you could use a nap.

Thursday 20th October

Career demands are exerting an incredible amount of pressure on you these days, but so are your relationships. Finding the balance is nothing short of an art form. You may seriously need to draft a flow chart at this point. When the going gets rough, the Capricorn gets planning and strategizing.

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