Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November


Wednesday 28th September

The Moon moves into your social zone today, Scorpio. This is an excellent influence for connecting with kindred spirits and potential future collaborators. You've got long-term planning on your mind. Share your future goals and wishes only with those you truly trust have your back. There could be some jealous people around you – don't tell them anything. 

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Tuesday 27th September

Mars, your ruling planet, has been in your own sign and Sagittarius for a long time, thanks to the retrograde of last spring and summer. Now he's moving into an entirely new and less chaotic phase, settling your life into a steady groove for the next six weeks. He'll be in your communication zone, so be extra careful with your words – sometimes you have too much passion for your own good.


Monday 26th September

You're not afraid of Pluto, Scorpio – after all, he's one of your ruling planets. But as he comes back to life today after a five-month retrograde, you'll feel his most powerful, transformative influence. This is all about the way you communicate, so be careful about the supreme power of your words. 

Sunday 25th September

The Moon shifts into your career zone today and will remain there through Tuesday morning. Translation: it's time to apply some serious strategy to your current professional prospects. This might not be your idea of a good time on a lazy Sunday, but just put a bit of your attention on it, if you want to see results.

Saturday 24th September

Ah, that's just the spot, Scorpio – life feels sweet and lovely today because the Moon in a water sign like your own. This means that even though it's not summertime any longer, the living should be more than easy. Let your day take you where it will – you'll surely find the perfect adventure if you let it happen naturally.

Friday 23rd September

Excellent news, Scorpio—the love and beauty planet (Venus) moves into your stars for the next few weeks. This is your most beautiful time of year – pleasure and love reign supreme. You are an attraction magnet through mid-October. Your desires are relentless and could push you to some extreme behaviors.

Thursday 22nd September

Beauty is your reason for living for the next few weeks, Scorpio. Surround yourself with as much gorgeousness as possible and celebrate La Dolce Vita. You may need a break from mundane matters in order to dive into your true passions. Today is the Autumnal Equinox, so indulge in a true retreat for body, mind and spirit.

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