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24 October - 22 November


Thursday 8th December

Today's cosmic shift brings the Moon into your house of work and health. Over the next few days, you might feel inspired to work yourself to the bone. Don't forget how important it is to offset any stress with self-care: as much effort as you put in, relax afterward. 

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Wednesday 7th December

Allow your most eccentric and experimental instincts to take hold for the next few weeks, Scorpio. You can access pure genius if you break the rules and risk moving future forward. Your ruler Mars and romantic Venus are giving you all of the creative juju you need now.


Tuesday 6th December

This could easily be one of the most dreamy and romantic days of December for you, Scorpio. The Moon and Neptune are merging in your romance and pleasure zone creating the ultimate state of bliss. Let responsibilities shift to the back-burner for the moment. Catch the love buzz while it's at its peak strength.

Monday 5th December

Your inner inventor is calling you early today, Scorpio. The stars are drawing out your best (and potentially weirdest) ideas for testing. What you dream up might end up being pure idealism, but why not just try it out? Throw as much at the wall as you can, and see what sticks – you might just end up with something pretty brilliant.


Sunday 4th December

This is the perfect day for lying low and working on some new dreams and schemes. You're in the mood to experiment, create and invent new sources of income from the comfy confines of your very own sanctuary. No need to be at an office or even out in public in order for the genius to come through.

Saturday 3rd December

Your ruler Mars is having a productive conversation with serious Saturn today, helping you to get over a hump in the most practical way possible. Sometimes you roll over people because you only see things in black or white – but today you're focused on all the greys as well.

Friday 2nd December

Communication is totally loaded at the moment. Choose your thoughts and words carefully. They carry an incredible force now, and can be used to uplift or destroy depending on your intention. Aim for higher vibes rather than using the proverbial Scorpio stinger. You will have a few weeks to work on mastering this.

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