Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November


Friday 24th April

You're so ready to hide out at home today, Scorpio. You are craving privacy and solo time like never before. Don't let others pull you out of your cave with guilt or other manipulative tactics. You know what you need and must abide to prepare for the new cycle that starts on Monday.

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Thursday 23rd March

The stars are in conflict-mode right now, and today's battle features Pluto – your ruling planet. You might find yourself particularly frustrated by tiny details that get away from you, or issues at work that you can't fix fast enough. If one of your co-workers starts something, you need to let it go, Scorpio – escalation can lead to explosions.

Wednesday 22nd March

Communication goes from bad to worse to weird to sweet to insane. Yep, you'll wonder what hit you when you hear the most innocent words taken out of context, then used against you. You may never even see it coming, but resist the urge to retaliate if you can, Scorpio. 


Tuesday 21st March

The Moon is in your communication zone, so talking and texting is likely to take up the majority of your day. This can get overwhelming, Scorpio – you might feel like your phone is an extension of your body even more than you usually do. When it doubt, shut it down – airplane mode is not enough.

Monday 20th March

The stars are moving from dreamy and mellow to fast and fiery. Your workload is also on the rise this next month, Scorpio, so pace yourself to avoid burnout. Today marks the Vernal Equinox and official kick-off to the spring season. It's time to embrace the new and leave the old behind.

Sunday 19th March

The stars are still pushing you to work on your finances, Scorpio. You can't neglect the realities without having bigger troubles down the line. Better to iron it all out now, so you know what you are dealing with going forward. Budgets can be your friend and actually help you accumulate more wealth eventually – take the long view.

Saturday 18th March

The stars are reminding you to take care of your money today, Scorpio. You have a way of being all or nothing with your bills and finances. If you've been neglecting that pile of bills, now is the time to tackle your accounts and get everything organized and cleaned up.

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