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24 October - 22 November


Saturday 29th April

This is perhaps the sexiest day of April. It's not only Saturday, but the Moon is currently in your house of intimacy – so prepare to open yourself up to desire. Depending on other factors (availability of the perfect lover, etc) you might find yourself staying in tonight – or at least swiping right. 

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Friday 28th April

Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and cash, is moving into your work zone today. She was already in this part of your chart February, March and April, but a rare retrograde slowed her down. You can now revisit the issues that first arose in those months and shower them with love – it's time to fix anything that was accidentally broken. 

Thursday 27th April

The lunar energies are finally starting to move and lighten up. You will welcome this shift after the last few weeks of rather intense and uninspiring energies. Now you can reclaim your sense of humor and actually enjoy the simple things that bring back your natural bliss. 


Wednesday 26th April

Today's New Moon is all about relationships, Scorpio. Since it takes place in the sign opposite your own, you might also feel a bit anxious or out of it. It's best focus on what you want to build during the next six months. Whether you're currently single or attached, this is the moment to tell the universe about exactly the kind of love you want. 

Tuesday 25th April

You are putting a lot of deep contemplation into your relationships now, Scorpio. You can feel how essential it is to give the proper love and attention to those you adore the most. Reach out and show how much you care with an unexpected call, email or best yet—in person visit. 

Monday 24th April

You might sense that the something is shifting today, Scorpio, and you would be right. The cosmos are moving toward something solid and real, and you're able to silence the fear that's dominated your consciousness in recent days and weeks. Bonus points: you're SO productive right now! 

Sunday 23rd April

You're feeling totally romantic and want to escape into the final hours of the weekend and make it last forever. Choose your favorite dream worlds like music, movies and other escapes that whisk you away from the mundane. You deserve a total break now, Scorpio, and it's time to feed your soul.

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