Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November


Monday 24th October

It's all about you over the next few weeks, as planet after planet moves into your own constellation. Today is Mercury's turn. Between now and mid-November, the communication planet will help you to say what you mean and mean what you say, and more important – it will guarantee that people hang on your every word.

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Sunday 23rd October

The Moon is lighting up the top of your horoscope today, putting you at the height of your powers and confidence. Use this stellar influence to take your status to the next level. You are fabulous and fearless with the Sun in your stars and the Moon shining on your career.

Saturday 22nd October

Welcome to the dawn of your birthday month, Scorpio! The Sun moves into your sultry, seductive sign today and will remain there for four delicious weeks of celebration. Even if the anniversary of your birth isn't coming until mid-November, you can (and should) get this party started now.


Friday 21st October

The Moon will spend the next few days in a water sign like your very own, encouraging you to revel in your emotions for a bit. It's definitely not business as usual, if there's any business at all. You prefer to expand your mind and possibly get out of town – you need to see something new and inspirational.

Thursday 20th October

You really need to check out of mundane reality for a spell, Scorpio. You have been pushing yourself too hard for too long and rest is what is needed now. Take the time to catch up with your feelings for a change. Let everything else fall by the wayside now. You need this.

Wednesday 19th October

As much as you adore intensity, this could be a day that makes you pray for peace. Your two ruling planets, Mars and Pluto, are banding together to make for some crazy explosive potential in the realm of communication. Unless you want to burn a bridge, hold off on any of your infamous, stinger-like missives.

Tuesday 18th October

Venus has been deep in your own stars for the last few weeks, and today she shifts into the next sign. There's no reason to be disappointed, Scorpio, because the planet of love and beauty will bless your financial zone, amping up your earning potential for the next few weeks.

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