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24 October - 22 November


Friday 15th December

The retrograde is still going strong, but Mercury will meet up with Venus today, helping you to replenish your cash flow, or at least balance your budget before the holidays. You may be tempted to spend your entire earnings in one fell swoop, but resist the urge. Saving now will help you once Mercury goes direct. 

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Thursday 14th December

This day has your name written all over it, kitten. The Moon and Jupiter are merging in your very own passionate stars now. You can and will have it all, even if just for the moment. You adore the best of the best and will not tolerate any second-rate versions.

Wednesday 13th December

Your peak-energy phase begins today, Scorpio – this is one of your loveliest moments of the month, so go all-in during the next few days. You've got luck, charm, and an abundance of cosmic charisma working for you right now, and it's impossible for people not to notice you.


Tuesday 12th December

If Mercury Retrograde has been challenging so far, it's time to gird your loins, Scorpio. Today could be the most intense day of communication breakdowns thus far. Be particularly cognizant of misconstruing things other people say to you, and watch your wallet carefully. Money could be messier than ever. 

Monday 11th December

The Moon is lighting up your house of sleep and retreat now,
Scorpio. No wonder you'd love nothing more than beauty treatments, rest and
relaxation now. Give yourself plenty of time to zone out and indulge in what
you love in any case. It's the perfect day for solitude and self-pampering –
try to extend the weekend into the workweek.

Sunday 10th December

The strong goal-oriented theme is still in effect for one more day, Scorpio. By later this evening, you'll want a break from it all. But first, get all of your big plans for 2018 on the table. It's an excellent day for strategizing and tweaking all of your big projects. The devil is in the details.

Saturday 9th December

Woo-hoo! Your ruling planet is moving into your own stars today, powering you up for the next six weeks of world-domination. This can make you slightly more aggressive in your personal and professional interactions, but it's just because you're extremely passionate about your goals and ideas. No need to keep your appetites to yourself.

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