Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November

Friday 21st July

You're about to come out a rather rough and tumble few days, Scorpio. The Moon is dark but she's moving into your sister water sign later today. This helps you get out of your head and shed any negative thinking patterns, and get back into your feelings where you belong. 

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Thursday 20th July

Your ruler Mars is on the move today, and he's about to set your career on fire in the best way possible. Between now and early September you'll have the drive to take your professional life to the next level, Scorpio. Keep up the momentum – the planets will not let you down.


Wednesday 19th July

The stars are turning the page today, Scorpio. Life is deeper and sexier for you over the next few days with the Moon in your house of intimacy. If you're in a relationship you'll want to be super close to your partner now – and maybe even let yourself be more vulnerable.

Tuesday 18th July

You're still feeling a bit slow and lazy, if not full-on fatigue, Scorpio. The best way to work with, rather than against the lunar opposition is simple: don't force or fight anything. Stillness is the best remedy if you can just embrace it and listen to your inner calling. 


Monday 17th July

The Moon occupies your opposite stars today, Scorpio. This is excellent for balancing out your relationships and getting more grounded in what you love. There's absolutely no need to rush. You have it all happening on your very own timing and that's where the magic happens. Trust this implicitly, darling.

Sunday 16th July

With lunar energy moving through your work zone for another day, you're Ms. Productivity at the moment. But yesterday's easy flow could turn into today's anxiety-prone drive to finish every task. Go easy on yourself, Scorpio – you don't have to get it all done by the end of the day.

Saturday 15th July

The Moon is super fiery and making everything in your life feel bigger, bolder and better. You can also get more done in less time, Scorpio, so consider both practical and social plans. You can keep going from morning to night without getting too tired.

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