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24 October - 22 November


Monday 21st August

Hold tight, Scorpio—the New Moon Solar Eclipse is upon us and you're feeing it to your very core of cores. This one has the potential to be nothing short of pure alchemy. Your inner opposing psychological forces are coming together to make miracles happen. Your powers are rising, even if it means eclipsing an old version of you.

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Sunday 20th August

With the New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the horizon tomorrow, life is anything but sweet and light right now. In fact, this may be one of the most intensely emotional days of the summer, if not all of 2017. But you kind of love it; your Scorpio sister Bjork said it best when she sang: "State of Emergency/Is where I want to be."

Saturday 19th August

The Moon is dark right now, preparing to bring us the most intense New Moon/Solar Eclipse we've had in a long time. It won't officially be here until Monday, but you can bet the emotional volume will be super high in the meantime, Scorpio. Do everything you can to breathe, meditate, and avoid escalating any tensions with friends and colleagues.


Friday 18th August

Feelings are raging now, Scorpio. You are quite comfortable amidst strong emotions but that's certainly not the case for most humans. You might witness a lot of tantrums and other odd displays of childish reactivity. Take the high road, let go and be a shoulder to cry on.

Thursday 17th August

It's easy to let your emotions get the best of you today, Scorpio. It might even feel oddly inspiring, and yet you may not be seeing things clearly. Remember, feelings aren't facts. They are alluring and engaging and even passionate, but they might not be steeped in reality, so ask for a second opinion.

Wednesday 16th August

With the Moon in your house of sex and intimacy, you're all about getting closer to your lover today. Allowing yourself to feel a bit more vulnerable than usual is key right now – it can open doors to healing. Even if your partner isn't nearby, focus on the deepest kind of love and connection.

Tuesday 15th August

Communication could get unnecessarily complex today, Scorpio. Your words can and will be used against you so less is definitely more now. When in doubt, cling to silence, but if you are forced to speak, be sure you are not misquoted. Others have a way of putting their spin on everything now.

Monday 14th August

The Moon is in your relationship zone today, Scorpio, so you might be a bit obsessed with significant others past and present. The ex-lovers come into play because Mercury is retrograde right now. That can make you long for all your exes, or at least get you thinking about the one who got away.

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