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24 October - 22 November


Monday 29th May

The stars are setting you up for a very successful few days, Scorpio. Now that the Mars-Saturn opposition is over (it peaked early this morning) you'll begin to feel better and better – and more confident about your prospects. Strut your professional stuff through the middle of the week. 

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Sunday 28th May

With your ruler Mars getting ready to directly oppose Saturn, the planet of boundaries and rules, everyone wants to break them all of them – especially you. There's a powerful financial component to this astrological row, so make sure you're extra careful about spending for the next few days.

Saturday 27th May

The Moon changes signs early today, ending the weird vibes of the last few days. The New Moon brought fabulous opportunities, but it also brought some intense, anxiety-producing energy. Thankfully that's on its way out now, and will be long gone after the weekend. Just breathe into the good juju coming your way, Scorpio. 


Friday 26th May

The stars are still shining loads of light into your transformation zone, Scorpio. You're heading into the weekend with a firm foundation of openness and self-awareness. Keep up the momentum – there's more positive change ahead, especially if you're willing to work hard on your intimate relationships. This will serve you well.

Thursday 25th May

Today's New Moon invites you to go deep. You have a tendency to overthink as it is, but now you're being asked to go beyond the surface and the shallow bits, which only create worries and fears. Get to the bottom of what you really want, Scorpio. Make some desire lists.

Wednesday 24th May

The Moon is quite dark and so are you, darling. You're contemplating your relationship dynamics as you get ready for a new six month cycle of increased intimacy with yourself and others. You want depth and nothing less. No longer will you settle, Scorpio. It defies your passionate nature.

Tuesday 23rd May

The Moon and Mercury are aligning in your partnership zone today, Scorpio. Communication in your relationships is especially highlighted. Finding your voice in a patient and grounded manner will take you far. This means listening as much, if not more, than you actually attempt to get your own point across.

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