Scorpio daily horoscope

24 October - 22 November


Wednesday 1st March

The midweek
energy is fierce and furious, Scorpio – so dig right in and run with it. You're
uber-productive right now, and might actually need to hit the gym before work
to get any excess anxiety out of your system. The bottom line is that you need
to move – in body, mind and soul.

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Tuesday 28th February

Your creativity and drive are surging now, Scorpio. Apply yourself using this fabulous energy boost and tackle all of your piles of work and any goals that need attending to. You've got focus and speed on your side. Plus, you adore your current projects and the passion makes it all the more invigorating.

Monday 27th February

You're moving from romantic to fiery between today and tonight, Scorpio. Prepare for the return of your sassy side. The stars are bringing out all of the extremes in your personality and you're finding a kind of strength you never even knew you had. That's saying a lot, because you're full of hidden resourcefulness. 


Sunday 26th February

Your love life is in the throes of some serious upheaval right about now, Scorpio. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is washing over your romantic zone like a tidal wave that you didn't quite see coming. That said, trust that it will clear away all the debris that no longer serves you.

Saturday 25th February

Communication is about to get super mushy and romantic over the next several weeks, Scorpio. You'll be in your emotional element and can speak from your heart without your usual fear of sounding too extreme. Others are also more open to this kind of intimate discussion. Let your inner romantic dictate your words now.

Friday 24th February

You're ready for
anything, Scorpio – and we mean anything. Few signs are as prepared as you are
for eclipses – the change-makers of the cosmos. There's a major New Moon
Eclipse in a water sign like your own on Sunday – and you're probably already
feeling it in your core of cores.

Thursday 23rd February

The stars are
giving you a (very temporary) rest from the week's stress. Yesterday's
Mars-Pluto square was so intense that you're probably a bit exhausted, so why
not take extra good care of yourself today? With the Moon in your domestic
zone, you've got the perfect excuse to work from home – or not work at all.

Wednesday 22nd February

Your two planetary rulers, Mars and Pluto, are getting into a major battle this morning. This can in turn make you feel like you're going to war with yourself. Two opposing drives within you are vying for the top spot. But before the end of the day, you might realize that its not about winners and losers – it's about finding middle ground. 

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