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24 October - 22 November


Sunday 22nd January

The Moon moves into your money zone today, Scorpio, making you into a major financial wizard for the next few days. You can attack the workweek like a serious mogul, knowing exactly what you're worth and the kind of work it will take to get you there.

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Saturday 21st January

The Moon is in your stars again today, Scorpio. You also have the fabulous influence of Mars supporting your love life. You're so totally in your seductive and magnetic element now. Your elegance and sex appeal are effortless. It's just you being you and others not being able to resist; it's not a put-on.


Friday 20th January

The Moon is in your stars again today, Scorpio. Take advantage of this positive astro-boost to feel totally in your element. You can be as extreme and passionate as you want to be. It will only serve to inspire others. Your desire is the cosmos' command now, so work your magic.

Thursday 19th January

With the Sun moving into Aquarius today, your mood is shifting significantly. Communication has been a major theme during the last month, but now you're about to move into a much more home-oriented phase. Your roots matter now, Scorpio, so pay close attention to family situations.


Wednesday 18th January

There's an intense aspect on the horizon tomorrow, and you might already sense it today, Scorpio. If everyone in your life seems to be on edge, you can blame it on the upcoming Mars/Saturn square. Agitation is on the rise, but you don't have to succumb. Focus on light, love, and harmony instead.

Tuesday 17th January

The Moon moves into your house of rest, retreat and dreams today, Scorpio. If ever there was a perfect excuse to catch up on your beauty sleep, it's now. Keep your schedule light and avoid demanding tasks that tax your energy. You need to regenerate now to prepare you for the Scorpio Moon to come next.

Monday 16th January

Welcome to the workweek, Scorpio! Network extra hard today, because the Moon is in your house of friends and groups, and there is much opportunity to work with others. Collabs are just your style right now, so resist the urge to go it alone. You'll do much better, and earn more, if you partner up.

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