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24 September - 23 October


Thursday 19th January

The mood is changing today, in a significant way. The Sun moves into Aquarius, setting a new tone for you – a much more pleasurable one at that. The next four weeks are all about love, romance and creativity – all the best things in life.  You can have all of this and more if you just allow yourself to, Libra

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Wednesday 18th January

The Moon is in your sign for another day, Libra. Even better, your peak-energy phase lasts through early tomorrow morning. You need this right now, because the cosmos are heating up and getting a bit tense. Bask in the lunar glow while you can, and revel in all the positive attention you're getting.

Tuesday 17th January

The Moon is in your fair stars today, Libra. This is excellent for getting back into flow, the way you so adore. Look to where you have recently lost some of the balance in your life and adjust accordingly. You can temper any recent extremes and find your happy place – the middle ground – once again.


Monday 16th January

The Moon will remain in your dream zone for one more day, Libra. This might make you feel far less social than you need to be on a busy Monday. Part of you would much rather stay cuddled under your blanket, entirely avoiding the real world. If you can't take a day off, at least practice self-care – reward yourself with a massage or mani-pedi at the end of the day.

Sunday 15th January

desire to lay low continues for one more day, Libra. There's nothing wrong with
going solo every now and then, in fact it's so good for the soul. Plus, you
always have your favorite films, books and other inspiring sources to keep you
company. Sometimes you just need a little sabbatical from other people's drama.

Saturday 14th January

It's time to officially retreat, Libra. Don't feel guilty for turning down a million social invites. You need time for you. Kick back and unplug from technology and every kind of a demand that comes from other people. You deserve a complete and absolutely luxurious break for the weekend.

Friday 13th January

Your social world is full of love today, Libra. You might feel like the star of the show, which could be a bit challenging after yesterday's super emotional Full Moon. You're probably still feeling quite raw and interior, and just need some time to find your balance again, darling.

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