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24 September - 23 October


Friday 23rd June

Today's New Moon offers amazing opportunities to boost your career prospects – you just have to tap into them, Libra. Even if other things are on your mind right now, try to make a list of your top five professional goals over the next six months. Sending a bit of energy in this direction can have a major impact right now. 

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Thursday 22nd June

Tomorrow's New Moon is already affecting today's astrology, Libra. This moment is called the "dark of the moon" – a time to slow down, tune into your mind/body, and reflect on your innermost needs. Do your best to do that today – even if for just ten minutes. It will allay your anxiety. 

Wednesday 21st June

It's the Summer Solstice, and there's also a significant shift in the communication department today. Mercury is moving into Cancer and, you're ready to settle into your gut and explore your deepest career ambitions. You can process information more from your feelings than your head for the next few weeks.


Tuesday 20th June

The stars are bringing an important shift in tone tomorrow, Libra. But you've got one more day to enjoy the freewheeling, adventurous vibe of the last four weeks. With the Sun in your travel zone for another twenty-four hours or so, you might be a bit obsessed with your summer holiday plans. 

Monday 19 June

The Moon is still in your opposite stars for most of the day, putting the focus on others. Your energy is low and yet you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders at the moment. Don't put so much pressure on yourself to maintain harmony – let the people around you handle that for once.

 Saturday 18th June

Your peace-loving persona is really being tested today. Everyone might pick fights with you, even while you sit back and do nothing but show more sweetness. Your best bet is just to walk away and let others battle it out. It's an agree-to-disagree kind of day, Libra.

Saturday 17th June

Relationships come into focus today under the Last Quarter Lunar phase in your opposite sign. If you're feeling frustrated about how selfish your loved ones are, it's time to ask for what you need. Take back the balance instead of giving more, Libra. There's got to be a healthier ratio of the give and take. 

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