Libra daily horoscope

24 September - 23 October


Friday 22nd September

Your birthday season begins today, Libra! Even if you're an October baby, the Autumnal Equinox is a good enough reason to begin celebrating. With the Sun in your sign for the next four weeks, you're shining brightly. Your inner loveliness is illuminated now, so show it off.

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Thursday 21st September

The Moon is in your lovely, sweeter than sweet stars today, which is another way of saying that you're in the midst of your peak energy phase. This is amazing news on many levels, but it gets even better tomorrow when the Sun moves into your sign. Life is looking up, Libra.


Wednesday 20th September

The New Moon has officially arrived and it's excellent for catching up on rest and healing. Make time for a slower and more rejuvenating schedule, Libra. You are preparing to get back into balance now that your birthday month is only a few days away. Use this time to clear out any residual clutter.

Tuesday 19th September

Today's Dark Moon could bring your lowest energy of the entire month, Libra. You may crave extra rest and beauty sleep under this influence. Keep your schedule light and your obligations even lighter. You'll want lot of downtime under this heavy influence as you prepare for a new chapter and cycle.


Monday 18th September

The New Moon vibes are starting to build now, Libra, so try not to be too stressed about how you feel. In the days and hours before this kind of lunation it's normal to feel anxious and strange – and even to have strange bodily sensations. Don't let this make you feel even weirder. 

Sunday 17th September

Your sweet ruling planet is dancing with Uranus, the planet of instant change. This can make for one seriously romantic and sexy Sunday, Libra. Even if your plans have little to do with dating, mating and relating, that could suddenly change – be open to new experiences and let yourself enjoy life without worry.

Saturday 16th September

There is nothing but tension and criticism in the air today, Libra. Nope, not your cup of tea at all. No one is looking for peace or harmony. People are more hell bent on pointing out every single flaw and tiny imperfection. Don't buy into the hype and stay focused on the beauty. 

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