Libra daily horoscope

24 September - 23 October

Saturday 21st October

Your birthday season has just two more days, Libra, so take advantage! Tomorrow the Sun moves into Scorpio so you'll no longer be the absolute star of the show – but don't worry, with Mars and Venus in Libra for the next few weeks, you'll still have PLENTY of sparkle.

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Friday 20th October

You are just coming off of the energy of the New Moon and now you're so ready to slow down and settle into your feelings. You've wanted to slow down for weeks, but now you might actually find a secret place to hide and simply dive into your feelings.


Thursday 19th October

It's your own personal New Moon today, Libra. That's right: your annual reset button has arrived. You can wipe the slate completely clean and start all over, almost as if from scratch. Don't force yourself to do it perfectly or to try to please others in the process, just let go and make space for a new beginning. 

Wednesday 18th October

Tomorrow is the big day, Libra – the arrival of the New Moon in your own sign. Even though this is a really positive event on all fronts, you might feel weird and slightly anxious today. That's perfectly normal during the days leading up to the New Moon, so don't stress about it.


Tuesday 17th October

The communication planet is leaving your sign today, Libra. As Mercury moves through Scorpio during the next few weeks, your relationship to your finances can grow more meaningful. If you have any secrets in this arena, you may feel like now is the time to reveal all. 

Monday 16th October

You may not be ready to return to the real world just yet, Libra. In fact, you might feel even more disconnected and a bit spaced out today. It's just the current lunar influence, which requires soul time and living in la-la land, but just for the moment. 

Sunday 15th October

The Moon moves into your house of retreat and dreams today, Libra. You need a break from the action and time to process. If this means being alone for even half the day, don't hesitate to sneak away. You have such a hard time saying no, but you can at least be unavailable for a few hours.

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