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24 September - 23 October


Friday 15th December

A sweet retrograde reprieve arrives today, as your ruler Venus joins with Mercury for a moment. This can help you to amend any recent miscommunications with just about anyone in your life. If you spoke too soon or said the wrong thing, go back and correct the record now, Libra. It won't go unnoticed.

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Thursday 14th December

Today's stars are reminding you that you do have a tendency to blow the bank. As much as people like to think of you as the calm, moderate and balanced one of the bunch, you adore a big splurge like anyone else. You just do it more rarely, so it stands out more.

Wednesday 13th December

The Moon moves into your money zone today, making you crave luxury and also making you extra generous. Depending on the status of your bank account, this is either a perfect or terrible time to go holiday shopping. You might spend more than planned, but at least your loved ones will benefit from your good taste.


Tuesday 12th December

Watch out for communication mayhem today, Libra. Mercury is still retrograde in your communication zone, and it's at its absolute fiercest today. That's because the trickster planet is closest to the Sun at the moment, making everything more volatile. Thankfully the Moon is still in your sign, giving you a soft landing. 

Monday 11th December

The Moon is in your very own fair stars today, Libra. Yes, this
makes for more harmony, peace and flow in all of your interactions. Enjoy more
sweetness and grace with those you love and those that even get on your nerves.
Your tolerance level is higher than it's been in weeks. That helps!

Sunday 10th December

The retreat energy continues today, Libra. You need a break from socializing and pleasing others. Too much adapting, adjusting and accommodating is exhausting and you've definitely hit your limit. Take some time to recalibrate and focus on number one. Yes, that means you, you and you for a change, darling.

Saturday 9th December

Mars is the planet of passion and direct action, and today he's leaving your stars. The good news is that he's heading into your financial zone, where he'll power up your moneymaking mojo for the next six weeks or so – don't be afraid to go after what you want. 

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