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24 September - 23 October


Saturday 25th February

Communication shifts as the planet governing all forms of talking, texting and thinking changes signs. The chats will become less intellectual and more poetic during the next few weeks. Move your focus from love to your daily rituals. It's an excellent time to set your mind on your workout and wellness routines. 

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Friday 24th February

If you're
feeling rather weird today, there's an excellent reason for it, Libra – there's
an eclipse in less than forty-eight hours. That can create a strong sense of
angst, worry and confusion – but it's illusory, so remind yourself that it
won't last. The one thing you can count on is that something is about to change
– for the better. 

Thursday 23rd February

There's a good
reason to dip into your creative side today, Libra – the Moon is in your house
of art, pleasure and romance. Plus, it's the least stressful day of this crazy
week, so the best way to practice self-care is to share gorgeous ideas with
someone that you love.


Wednesday 22nd February

The plane of passion is in your relationship zone right now, but with an extra push from Pluto, partnerships are incredibly intense today. If you feel incredibly overwhelmed and annoyed by something your significant other has done, there's a good reason. Try to wait a day or so before responding, the energy is almost too volatile at the moment. 

Tuesday 21st February

This is your day to get back to basics. You crave structure, discipline and as much control over your world as possible. That's easier said than done, considering the amount of mess and chaos in the air. It's not your fault; it's just the current state of the cosmos with the upcoming eclipse.

Monday 20th February

The stars are
highlighting your communication zone today, Libra – perfect for getting back to
work on a Monday. You're clear, concise, direct and a bit fiery in your
conversations right now. This is exactly what you need to get ahead on current
projects – stop being a diplomat for a minute and go for what you want. 

Sunday 19th February

The stars are pushing into speaking your mind without thinking twice. No more hemming and hawing or weighing out the consequences of your words now, Libra. Sometimes just cutting straight to the truth without any sugarcoating is the way to go. People will respect you immensely for it in any case.  

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