Libra daily horoscope

24 September - 23 October


Saturday 25th March

Relationship drama is escalating and catching fire now. You'll definitely need to employ your highest level of diplomatic skills for the best results. Don't wait to jump in and intervene if you see a situation about to crash and burn. Love and compromise are the answer now, not more arguing. 

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Friday 24th April

The Moon is lighting up your romance zone for one last day, Libra. If you're wondering why you're not exactly feeling totally amorous, it's because the Moon is rather dark and the energy is extremely low. That doesn't mean you can't find something romantic to do, despite the exhaustion. Think outside of the box.

Thursday 23rd March

Mercury and Pluto are about to battle it out, and the intense energy will increase throughout the day before hitting a crescendo late tonight.  If you feel out of sorts, this is probably why. Be especially careful to avoid conflict with your partner(s) (both professional and personal). 


Wednesday 22nd March

You're being pulled in a thousand directions and yet just want to simplify your life. Balance is your end-all-be-all and yet seems so impossible to attain under the current influence. Let yourself toggle between extremes until you find a sweet resting place. It will happen if you just flow with it.

Tuesday 21st March

The Moon is in your home zone today, which might mean that getting out of bed is a trial, Libra. You're really in the mood to call in sick or work via Skype – anything to avoid getting out your pajamas. If you simply must show up, find a way to skip out early and spend the night in. 

Monday 20th March

It's all changing today, Libra. There is a huge shift toward intensifying your partnerships as the Sun moves into your relationship zone for the next four weeks. Use this time to find more balance in your one-to-one relationships. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want and need.

Sunday 19th March

Your mind is running the show today and it's hard not to voice even your most judgmental opinions. As much as you love peace and playing the diplomat, you also cannot stand injustice. Use this energy to set the record straight with direct honesty. It's liberating and healing not to take a passive stance.

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