Libra daily horoscope

24 September - 23 October


Saturday 27th May

The energy is finally shifting, Libra, and it's about time! The Moon moves into your house of career and status today, which can help you to hone your goals. But even better, with the New Moon now behind you, any leftover anxiety or agitation should lift quite instantly.

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Friday 26th May

The Moon is still in Gemini – that's where the New Moon landed just yesterday. This means that as you move into the weekend, adventure rules your world. Let yourself be led by your curiosity first, Libra – practical matters are far less important than usual. Put your responsibilities aside for a moment and experience life at its fullest.


Thursday 25th May

The New Moon arrives today and invites you to start contemplating your next six months of travel plans. You don't have to even know exactly where you want to go or do, but let the research begin. Searching for gorgeous destinations and dreaming your way there is half the fun, Libra.

Wednesday 24th May

Today's lunar energy has you feeling quite private and contemplative. Take your time to really reflect on what your body and mind need going forward into the next six month cycle. This is an excellent moment to reflect on which connections serve you best and which you may need to relinquish.


Tuesday 23rd May

The stars are urging you to stop thinking so much today, Libra. Slow your tempo down enough to get back into your body. Indecision just keeps you bouncing back and forth until you are simply more confused. Now you have a great cosmic bonus: you can make up your mind and stick to it.

Monday 22nd May

The Moon is still in your opposite stars for one last day, Libra. Use this energy to focus on your relationships without losing yourself. It's the opportune moment to work towards that ever-elusive balance of staying connected without too much compromise. You can also ask for what you need and want.

Sunday 21st May

The Moon moves into your opposite stars today, Libra. You might feel both exhausted and feisty at the same time. If you force yourself to act against your own wishes just to please someone else, you'll feel extremely cranky. Listen to what you need first and honor that as priority for a change.

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