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24 September - 23 October


Saturday 19th August

Stress is at an all-time high for the summer, if not the year, Libra. Monday's New Moon/Solar Eclipse is a really big deal in the cosmos, and it's affecting human beings by making us all feel a bit unhinged. You might experience some stress with friends or in your social network, so aim to defuse tension instead of engaging aggressively. 

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Friday 18th August

The Moon is quite heavy and dark today, Libra. You are so ready for a break from the conflicts and upset surrounding you. You want some literal peace and quiet at the moment. If that requires taking a break from all of the action, do it. You can be social again next week.

Thursday 17th August

Feelings are running everything today, Libra. Balance isn't an easy option but you can find your emotional center by listening to your gut and refusing to get triggered. Others will do everything in their power to get you to react, but your way is always peace. Stay in the love.


Wednesday 16th August

The Moon is in Gemini today – your sister air sign.  This makes life seem a bit easier to navigate, and you really need that in the midst of Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season. Take refuge in easy cocktail party chatter, even if you're at work – you don't have to talk about the more complicated issues right now.

Tuesday 15th August

The planets are battling it out today and this could cause stress in all relationship realms. You prefer peace at almost any price, but that might be an impossibility under the current stars. Your best option is to avoid interaction as much as possible, so that no one can back you into a contentious corner against your will.

Monday 14th August

Intimacy is the cure for all that ails you right now, Libra. And considering that Mercury is retrograde and we're right in the middle of eclipse season, it's likely that much is ailing you. Find comfort in closeness and allow yourself to be vulnerable – especially with your lover.

Sunday 13th August

The planet in charge of communication will be moving backwards for approximately three weeks, giving you an amazing opportunity for reflection and renewal. As your public life slows down, let your inner life flow and heal. This is time for psyche-repair, Libra, so write down your dreams and talk about your feelings.

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