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24 September - 23 October


Friday 09 December

This is one awesome Friday, Libra. It's particularly great for you, because Jupiter is currently in your sign and it's currently making a lovely sextile to the Sun. This brings out your charm and charisma and makes you into an exceptionally talented conversationalist – even more so than you already are on an average day.

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Thursday 8th December

Relationships mean the world to you on an average day, but today that coupling instinct is quadrupled. The Moon is in your partnership zone for the next few days, so all you can do is think about your one and only (if you're currently attached) or your next big love (if you're single).

Wednesday 7th December

Your love and creative life are stellar, compliments of a double dose of both Mars and Venus lighting up your romance zone. Venus just moved in there, bringing extra sweetness to the already passionate mix. Your heart's wish is the command of the stars, Libra. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.


Tuesday 6th December

Daily rituals and practices can be extremely inspirational today, Libra. However, it's not necessarily a great day for trying to get the details on point. Your factual brain is a bit mushy under the current Moon-Neptune merger. You're better off drifting and dreaming without a plan, at least for now.

Monday 5th December

The Moon is in your pleasure zone until midday, Libra, so use it before you lose it. Creativity gets one more surge in the morning, and then after lunch you might feel a bit spent. The Moon will be void for a few hours until it settles into your work zone later this evening – marking a productive few days.

Sunday 4th December

Life is totally on your side today, Libra. The stars are aligning to bring you all of the beauty and brilliance you need to feel and look amazing. Relationships (both romantic and platonic) are extra sweet as well. Enjoy the loveliness of harmony and flow, especially with those you adore most of all.

Saturday 3rd December

Today's aspects are just your cosmic speed, Libra. Mars and Saturn helping you to achieve your goals, and with the Moon in your creativity and romance zone, it's likely that those goals are pretty high on the pleasure scale. It's ok to go after what you want in a hungry, lusty way – don't be polite about it.

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