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24 August - 23 September


Monday 21st August

This is the day when your emotional world takes over your rational one. Yes, the New Moon Solar Eclipse is bringing all of your very own skeletons out of your closet. If you're ready to face your own secrets and shadows, you're golden. If not, you might wage a painful inner war.

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Sunday 20th August

With tomorrow's intense eclipse hot on your heels, it's hard to have a perfectly normal day today. Your emotional state is a big concern right now, but try not to stress about it. Expect a bit of heightened anxiety, but know that you're totally in control of it, darling. Get extra sleep and write down your dreams.


Saturday 19th August

Yes, Virgo, what you're feeling this weekend is perfectly normal, albeit extremely uncomfortable. It's the New Moon/Solar Eclipse arriving on Monday, dubbed the "Great American Eclipse" because it will be visible mostly in North America. If it feels like the whole world is collapsing into chaos, take heart – the worst stress should begin to fade away in the next few days. For now, practice self-love and loads of self-care.


Friday 18th August

So many emotions are in the air today, Virgo. It could make you feel a bit anxious to see everyone so hypersensitive; overreacting to just about everything. This is one day when analyzing the problems won't get you anywhere. You're better off feeling your way through to the other side.

Thursday 17th August

Cling to your friends today, Virgo. They can feel more like family than your biological family, especially today. You need that sense of familiarity and comfort as you wade your way through this heavy intermission between eclipse points. Feelings are raging all around. This is the time to just take refuge in the sweetness of your tribe.

Wednesday 16th August

With the Moon in your career zone today, take a moment away from the eclipse chaos and focus on your professional goals. You may not necessarily get very far, but the simple act of directing your attention to this part of your life can do some good, Virgo. It will help you feel more in control.

Tuesday 15th August

Tensions are mounting between friends and lovers today, Virgo. If you find yourself in the middle trying to hold onto your sanity, just refuse to engage in the power struggles. There's no reason to choose sides. People always change their loyalties in the end, and you might end up on the short end of the stick.

Monday 14th August

With the Moon currently in your sister earth sign, life probably feels slightly easier to bear. Yes, it's eclipse season and everything is pretty heavy and dramatic, but this phase should make your Monday a bit sweeter and lighter. Travel might be on your mind, so think about booking an impromptu late summer holiday.

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