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24 August - 23 September


Friday 28th April

Venus is the planet in charge of love, beauty and money, and here's some sweet news: she's moving back into your sex zone today. Venus briefly visiting this part of your chart in March and April, but thanks to her retrograde, things got wonky. Yes, Virgo, life is about to get H-O-T for the next few weeks.

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Thursday 27th April

The super mellow energy of yesterday is giving way to a much more upbeat vibe. You'll have no desire to take anything seriously, and this serves you well, darling. Let your inner teenager rule the show today. A bit of fun verbal sparring is actually the perfect remedy to get you out of feeling stuck.

Wednesday 26th April

Today's New Moon is fabulous for you, Virgo. First of all, it's in an earth sign like yours, so that simply makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Second, it can inspire you to explore adventures you might otherwise feel too anxious to even consider. Wanderlust is beckoning now.


Tuesday 25th April

This is the perfect opportunity for getting into your zen zone. The more still and quiet you can become, the more inspired you will feel. The Moon is very dark and the energy is very internal now. Best to keep your activities to a bare minimum or you'll instantly feel grumpy.

Monday 24th April

The energy is finally shifting, Virgo, and you can feel it in your bones. With the Moon in your house of intimacy today, you're changing from the inside out, and the barriers to wholeness are melting away. Jupiter and Saturn bring the right amount of joy and staying power – you've got this.

Sunday 23rd April

Sunday is all about your relationship dynamics, Virgo. If you feel lost in the needs and wants of others, use this time to find a working balance in which you also attend to your own needs. It doesn't have to be an either-or extreme. You can and will have the best of both worlds.

Saturday 22nd April

The Moon is in your relationship zone this weekend, so partnership issues are likely to come up for you, Virgo. This is one of those "better or worse" situations – whether you'll experience stress or bliss depends entirely on where you're coming from right at this moment. Try to keep it positive. 

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