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24 August - 23 September


Saturday 10th December

There's a no nonsense vibe to everything you do these days, Virgo. That's because you're keenly aware of time and the limitations of it (especially seeing this year wind down so quickly). You want everything done yesterday but not everyone is as efficient and productive as you, darling. Take mercy on those less organized and focused.

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Friday 09 December

This is just the kind of Friday you've been hoping for, Virgo – it's the ideal launch pad into the weekend. A pleasant, positive sextile between the Sun and lucky Jupiter boosts your financial prospects. Not only that – you're really, really good at asking for what you want right now.

Thursday 8th December

The Moon moves into your sex zone early today, so don't be shocked if your libido seems to skyrocket out of nowhere. Whether you'll lament the fact that you're currently single or apply yourself to the task of finding a new lover (or hooking up with your current one) is totally up to you. 


Wednesday 7th December

Your work life is once again becoming your top priority, Virgo. With both Mars and Venus are working their magic in your zone of projects, daily rituals and health, it will be hard to focus on anything other than the daily grind. But for you – it's anything but a grind these days.

Tuesday 6th December

The Moon and Neptune are merging in your opposite stars today, Virgo. This is an awesome time for putting your attention on the dreamy qualities of your love life and partnerships. Celebrate the sublime rather than allow that "something's missing" feeling to take over your brainwaves. You can choose to feel good if you want to. 

Monday 5th December

Today's Moon-Mars merger is pushing you to get everything on your to-do list out the door as quickly and efficiently as possible. You adore speed so this is your kind of day. Just don't burn out your nervous system as you fly from one task to the other without remembering to eat or breathe.

Sunday 4th December

The Moon and Jupiter are working together to increase your cash flow. For starters you're having heaps of innovative ideas about how to make your daily magic even more profitable. The right combination of a killer schedule plus a few totally authentic business ideas is sure to double your money and your success.

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