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24 August - 23 September


Friday 22nd September

The Fall Equinox is here today, and more than just being the end of your birthday month, it's the beginning of an incredibly lucrative phase for you. Over the next four weeks, you're able to fine-tune your financial strategy and begin making some serious cash, Virgo. Start by balancing your accounts and doing some long-term planning.

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Thursday 21st September

The Moon is currently in money zone, and with the Sun heading into this part of your chart tomorrow, a major financial theme is running the show during the next few days. If you haven't yet gone through your budget yet this month, this is the perfect time to see if you have any leftover cash to buy yourself one final birthday present. 


Wednesday 20th September

Today's New Moon in your stars coincides with Venus lighting up your life with sweetness and extra cash flow. In other words, this is only the beginning of a fabulous six months of wonderful moneymaking opportunities – as well as a stellar love life. Set your intentions during the next few weeks, while this energy is super strong. 

Tuesday 19th September

You're feeling extremely introspective at the moment, Virgo. This is the darkest phase of the Moon in your very own stars. You're contemplating almost every area of your life as you prepare for the new chapter. Now is the time to pull inward and slow down enough to see where you are going.

Monday 18th September

The New Moon in your own sign is just a few days away, and you can feel it coming in every cell of your body. The reason you may feel anxious or melancholy is simple: change is coming, and although it's good – it can be scary. You know that you're on the threshold of something huge. 

Sunday 17th September

The planet of surprise is meeting up with the planet of love, so it's not going to be boring Sunday by any means, Virgo. In fact, your house of sex is currently hosting Uranus, so some kind of intimacy is likely on the menu. The key is asking for exactly what you want without being shy. 

Saturday 16th September

Tensions are mounting today, Virgo. Mercury, your ruling planet, is fighting with Mars and bringing out the most critical side of your nature. You might pitch a fight against yourself (and others) without intending to do so. Hold off on any retorts for now: this planetary influence will soon fade.

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