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24 August - 23 September


Thursday 27th October

Communication is extremely loaded at the moment, Virgo. Everyone has the need to be right and unfortunately this is at the expense of the peace – even the inherent respect in a relationship. It's one of those days when egos flare and understanding is in short supply. Trust that it's a passing (if annoying) phase.

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Wednesday 26th October

The Dark Moon is in your stars and it's putting the focus on your self-care or lack thereof. Hopefully, you're not in the habit of neglecting yourself so this won't feel like one of those wake-up call moments. In any case, take heed of the message to put yourself first for the moment.

Tuesday 25th October

The Moon is in your own sign today, which is another way of saying that your peak-energy phase is in full effect. This puts you firmly at the centre of things, Virgo – your popularly soars as does a demand for your company. Work this to your best personal and professional advantage.


Monday 24th October

Your ruling planet is moving into your communication zone today, Virgo. This deepens the intensity of your conversations over the next few weeks, whether they take place in person, via text, or on the phone. Don't expect to have any meaningless exchanges – everything will be powerful between now and mid-November.

Sunday 23rd October

Today's lunar energy is perfect for retreating from the masses and doing something for your inner child. You are overdue for some pampering. It's perfectly fine to feel like you're a spoiled little princess without a single care in the world. Don't you dare feel guilty for a little indulgence, Virgo.

Saturday 22nd October

The Sun moves into your house of talking and thinking today, setting you up for four week of intense communication with everyone in your life. All your conversations are likely to feel more meaningful, passionate, and do-or-die. You can express yourself from the heart now, Virgo – so don't hold back.

Friday 21st October 

What a week it's been, Virgo! Today brings a sweeter, quieter moment for connection and friendship. If you've neglected your mates or your bestie, now is the time to reach out and get together. You need the kind of wisdom and support that only someone close to you can provide.

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