Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September


Saturday 21st October

You're natural curiosity is taking over today, Virgo, so go with it and dive into the details. With the Moon in your third house of talking and thinking, there is no stone that you'll leave unturned. You're ready to dig deep and uncover the truth in order to build a more perfect world – and a more perfect you.

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Friday 20th October

You are as shrewd as it gets at the moment, Virgo. You see through everything like a highly competent detective or psychologist now. You have no time for anything that even smacks of being insincere. You'll have no qualms about calling out lies, half-truths or fakery in a hot second. 

Thursday 19th October

The fresh start you've been so anxiously anticipating is here. The New Moon arrives and brings a totally fresh approach to your finances and even what you eat. You know it's time to bring more balance and grounding into your life but you got lost along the way. Now you can radically reset.


Wednesday 18th October

The New Moon arrives tomorrow but it's influence can be felt today, Virgo. In fact, because you're such a sensitive sign, you may have felt it coming since the start of the week. The Dark Moon phase asks you to slow down and contemplate what you'd like to bring into your life during the next few weeks.

Tuesday 17th October

Your ruling planet Mercury is on the move today, Virgo. As the communication planet moves through Scorpio over the next few weeks, your communication will deepen and grow infinite layers of meaning. It's not enough to just state the facts now – you have to express your honest feelings too. 

Monday 16th October 

The Moon is in your stars again today, Virgo. This lovely influence only comes for only a few days each month, so work it right now. You can tackle your to-do list and practice your already exceptional organizational skills. You may even impress yourself with your perfection,

Sunday 15th October

The Moon is in your very own stars today, darling. You can plow through your to-do lists and clean up chaos like nobody's business. Of course you are good at such organizational details and finessing on any average day. You're just a Virgo times ten right now, so don't overkill on the tidying.

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