Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September


Thursday 22nd June

You're one of the more sensitive signs, so if you feel a bit off today, don't worry too much. You're just tapping into the energy of tomorrow's New Moon in advance. This is when everything gets super quiet – we call it the "dark of the moon." If you can find a bit of time to yourself for self-care, by all means – take it. 

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Wednesday 21st June

The Summer Solstice arrives early this morning, and the season will be intensely social for you, Virgo. The past few weeks were probably extremely distracting but fun. Now you're ready to settle back into your feelings and gut-instincts for the next few weeks as your ruling planet (Mercury) moves into Cancer – your true friends will show up now.

Tuesday 20th June

The stars change gears tomorrow, and the energy will be quite different than it's been for the last four weeks. In the meantime, focus on your career. That's been your area of cosmic interest recently and there may be one or two last details to attend to before you move on to the next phase.


Monday 19th June

The stars are on your side, even if it doesn't seem that way right now, Virgo. Trust that even if you feel some anxiety from the upcoming Mercury aspects, you're just learning to express your true needs and desires. Try not to be afraid of what people will think. 

Saturday 18th June

Use today's crazy and combative vibes for healthy competition rather than emotional dramas. Others will do everything in their power to pull you into something petty and even passive-aggressive. You are bigger than that. Why pay it any mind and lose your precious energy on something so silly, Virgo?

Saturday 17th June

Change is your best friend now, Virgo. We're now at the Last Quarter Moon phase before next week's New Moon, and the stars are asking you to let go, let go, let go. You adore a good cleaning out and now is the ideal time to go to town on both your physical and psychological closet. 

Friday 16th  June

With Neptune heading into a long retrograde today, your relationships might seem a bit strange, at least at first. Eventually you'll probably get used to the situation, but in the near term, you might question your choices and project your feelings onto your partner. Just try to avoid paranoia, Virgo – what you sense is happening may not be happening at all.

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