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24 August - 23 September


Saturday 24th February

Friends are everything right now, Virgo. Never underestimate how much your friends can and do add to your quality of life. They can be more like family than your actual blood relatives just because they totally accept you for who you are—without asking so many silly questions.

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Friday 23rd February

Today's First Quarter Moon lights up the top of your chart, Virgo. Put your attention on your career for amazing results. You have a bazillion ideas and you can implement them over the next lunar cycle. The only issue is having so many that you don't know where to start or stop.

Thursday 22nd February

The Moon remains in Taurus, your sister earth sign, through the end of the day. Take advantage of this strong, super grounded vibe while you can, Virgo, because the energy will get more erratic during the next few days. You fare better when the astro-tides are calm and settled, so this is your moment to accomplish a lot. 


Wednesday 21st February

This is an absolutely gorgeous and magical day, Virgo. With dreamy Neptune and romantic Venus slow dancing through your relationship zone, you may not see clearly, but you'll love whatever you see. Boundaries are melting and you may not have any of idea of where you end and your lover begins.

Tuesday 20th February

You have all the inspo a gal could want today, Virgo. The Moon is in Taurus, your sister earth sign, allowing you to slow down much as necessary so that you can create beauty and magic in any area of your life you desire. The sweetness is palpable. 

Monday 19th February

You're finally getting back your boundless optimism now, Virgo. If recent emotional events have had you down in the dumps, you'll rekindle your inspiration and take it to new heights. Once you have a vision, nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle of success and perfection, darling.

Sunday 18th February

The Sun is moving into Pisces, your opposite sign, for the next four weeks. This can be a radically illuminating time for your relationships, Virgo – for better or worse. You might realize that you're not getting what your sensitive soul needs and deserves, and ask your partner to work harder. If you're single, this is an amazing time to connect with a potential new lover. 

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