Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September


Thursday 29th September

The Moon is still in your stars but in her darkest phase. No wonder you're feeling like you want nothing more than to take time out to play hermit in your own little world. Let the more extroverted activities fall to the wayside for the moment. You need time to catch up with number one.

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Wednesday 28th September

The Moon is in your stars today, putting you into work, work, work mode. It's been challenging to find the balance between love and deadlines lately, but you'll find it, Virgo. This is the perfect day to get back to your favorite talent: magical list making. It's a rare art form that you've mastered.

Tuesday 27th September

Mars is the planet in charge of action, passion, and even aggression. Today he's moving into your romance and creativity zone, and he'll fire up both these areas of your life for the next six weeks or so. When it comes to love and art, you've totally got it going on, Virgo.


Monday 26th September

The planet of slow and powerful transformation has essentially been on hold since last April. This has given you a bit of a break in terms of relentless change in your creative and romantic life, but that ends today. As Pluto moves forward in this part of your chart, you begin to grow and expand – taking you exactly where you need to be.

Sunday 25th September

Make Sunday into a day of proper rest if you can, Virgo. Since your ruler Mercury went direct last week, you've moved a bit too fast. With the Moon in your house of dreams today, it's wise to stop being a speed demon, just for a moment. Relax, rejuvenate, and renew yourself for the upcoming workweek.

Saturday 24th September

Your social network is pulsing with activity today, both online and off. Your real-world friends might want to meet up just as your feeds fill up with activity – it might be a bit hard to keep up. At some level you really just want to connect with one person that you're close to – not the whole gang at once.

Friday 23rd September

Venus, the love and beauty goddess, moves into your communication zone for the next few weeks, heightening the intensity and bottom-line thinking that you do so well. After weeks of Mercury Retrograde driving you to the brink of sanity, this is a welcome shift in your talking and thinking zone.

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