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24 August - 23 September


Friday 15th December

You have the opportunity to make amends today even if you you thought a relationship was doomed forever. Mercury is meeting up with Venus to bring more peace and harmony to conversations and even text exchanges. People are opting to get along rather than fight for a change. Work your magic, Virgo.

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Thursday 14th December

Communication can go from deep to life-changing reveals today. People have a way of disclosing their darkest secrets to you, and yet what you're about to hear today could make you wonder why you're not a psychologist or detective, unless of course you are. In any case, you're about to get your mind blown.

Wednesday 13th December

With the Moon in your communication zone, you can fix any weird misunderstandings that have come up in recent days. The retrograde has thrown much of your talking and texting into a tizzy, but the next few days offer an opportunity to course correct, Virgo. Don't be afraid to initiate a conversation about working things out. 


Tuesday 12th December

Your ruling planet is up to some serious hijinks today, making it the most potent moment of the retrograde. Communication is explosive, especially with loved ones, because Mercury is at its closest point to the Sun. This can make small misunderstandings into massive blowouts if you're not careful. 

Monday 11th December

Money is on your mind today, Virgo. It's an excellent time to pay
attention to the financial realm, with just a little extra attention to your
budget and income streams. Sit down and comb through all of your recent numbers
while making your plan of attack for 2018. You've totally got this.

Sunday 10th December

The Moon is still in your stars for one more day, Virgo. Take advantage of this powerful energy to focus and finish. The ongoing Mercury Retrograde has caused endless delays and snafus, but that's not enough to stop you from success. You are determined to plow through any and all obstacles with purpose.

Saturday 9th December

The planet of passion and action is moving into your communication zone today, Virgo. This will definitely put a pep in your step – and in your texts. You are likely to be much more feisty and self-assured in your conversations between now and early 2018. Use this phase to overcome shyness and get your message out there.

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