Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September


Tuesday 17th January

Use today's lunar influence to get grounded and back in balance. This means getting your financial situation in a more harmonious flow. Watch for where you might still have any issues with your bank balance, and make the necessary adjustments. The key to your happiness is moderation, especially where your cash is concerned. 

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Monday 16th January

The Moon is in your sign, giving you loads of charisma and personal power. Secretly, you might feel a bit sad about something from your past. Find the balance between being "on" and letting yourself process any challenging emotions that come up. If anyone can multi-task like that, it's you, Virgo!

Sunday 15th January

Moon is still lighting up your fabulous stars today, darling. You are feeling
incredibly inspired to the point of creative genius. Work your vision while the
energy is hot. It's rare that you get this level of constant downloading of
brilliance and glamour. It's all in images that conjure your creativity.


Saturday 14th January

The Moon moves into your stars today, Virgo. You're totally in your element and that means you're probably mulling a million details in that lovely head of yours. Try not to overthink everything. Just because you're so brilliant at finding solutions doesn't mean you have to worry about everything under the sun.

Friday 13th January

It's time to retreat into your own inner world today, Virgo. You are still recuperating from yesterday's wacky Full Moon and all of the sometimes silly, sometimes crazy characters that came crawling out of the woodwork this week. Now it's your time to kick back, unplug and process it all.

Thursday 12th January

The Full Moon is here and it's quite a powerful one. Not only is this lunation opening doors in your house of goals, wishes and groups, but it's bringing deep, meaningful connections into your life. And with Venus and Neptune conjunct in your relationship zone, boundaries are melting away.

Wednesday 11th January

There's a lot going on at this moment, Virgo – the current astro-setup might be hard on your sensitive soul. The Sun-Jupiter square could cause some financial stress, while tomorrow's Full Moon is making you feel overwhelmingly emotional.  Even if you have a long to-do list, take an hour to do something just for you. 

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