Virgo daily horoscope

24 August - 23 September


Saturday 25th March

This is the day when you don't push anyone or demand ultimatums, especially from lovers. The relationship stakes are sky-high today, Virgo. Keep a cool head and a warm heart, but avoid getting pulled into drama that will take you down. You don't need that right now – you have better things to do.

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Friday 24th April

The stars are creating a lot of pressure around your work and daily rituals now, Virgo. You may be totally spent under the waning lunar influence. Mercury is also starting to slow down, which is not helping the situation. However, your work continues to pile up and make demands on you. Pace yourself, darling.

Thursday 23rd March

Your ruling planet is getting into a major cosmic battle today, Virgo, so try not to get too hot under the collar. As Mercury clashes with Pluto, intensely vulnerable feelings can come up, especially with your lover or partner. Do your level best to avoid confrontation – let it bring you closer.


Wednesday 22nd March

Take advantage of the solid, serious, earthy vibes early in the day, Virgo. You're likely to be super creative and full of enthusiasm for various projects. The Moon goes void after lunch, and won't move into the next sign until later tonight. Use that period of time to take a pause from your work and consider what comes next. 

Tuesday 21st March

Earth signs are in command right now, so revel in your amazingly grounded element. With the Moon in Capricorn there's an even better bonus: love, romance and creativity are pouring into your life at a rapid pace. Skip an hour (or five) of work and have some fun.

Monday 20th March

Everything is shifting today, Virgo. The Sun is moving into your house of transformation for the next four weeks, so it's literally time for spring-cleaning now. The Vernal Equinox is here and your new motto is: out with the old, in with the new. Let go and let go some more.

Sunday 19th March

The stakes are high and getting higher today, Virgo. You may not feel like leaving the house, however, as the Moon remains in your domestic zone for another day. And since tomorrow is the first day of spring, you might just be in the mood for a major wardrobe purge – go ahead – indulge your need to pare down. 

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