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23 July - 23 August


Saturday 22nd October

The stars are shifting today, Leo, so be ready to explore a new part of your life for the next four weeks. The Sun is moving into Scorpio, and will light up your house of home and family for thirty intense days. You might just discover something about your psyche that you didn't even know existed – be ready to dive deep.

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Friday 21st October

You might get a bit quieter and more introverted over the next few days, Leo. Even though this isn't necessarily like you, it's a good opportunity to rest and reflect. In a few days the Moon will move into your own sign, waking you up at the cellular level, so now – relax as much as you can.

Thursday 20th October

This is an extremely emotional day, Leo. Others are apt to say things they don't mean out of hurt feelings. If you respond to others from a sense of wounded pride, you might just as easily fall prey to taking things too personally. Let it roll off your back this time.


Wednesday 19th October

The vibes are not kidding today, Leo. Mars and Pluto are joining forces to make for some war-like energy around your work zone today. If you've had any power issues brewing with coworkers, you may feel like you're about explode with frustration around midday. Tolerance levels are nil.

Tuesday 18th October

Today is one of those awesomely inspiring days, Leo. The planets have been rather harsh lately, but now that Venus (the planet in charge of love, beauty and romance) is moving into your house of pleasure, that all changes. The next few weeks are some of the sweetest weeks of the fall.

Monday 17th October

One thing is clear – the Full Moon knocked you (and nearly everyone) for quite a loop over the weekend. You're still in recovery mode today, but with the Moon in your career zone, don't be lazy about professional pursuits. It's the best moment of the month to push your agenda.

Sunday 16th October

The Full Moon in your sister fire sign is exact early this morning, and you'll continue to feel its powerful illumination for days. This lunation is BIG NEWS in your life, Leo. A major discovery is on tap, one that will expand your world. If you suddenly feel like you need to book a trip abroad, blame it on the stars.

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