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23 July - 23 August


Saturday 19th August

Here it comes, Leo love – the Moon moves into your sign late today, instigating the initial effects of Monday's New Moon/Solar eclipse. If you feel overwhelmingly emotional and tense, make sure you have someone nearby – someone that really understands you. People who are critical and cold just won't cut it for the rest of the weekend.

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Friday 18th August

The current lunar energies are both exhausting and extremely introverted. You can't be bothered now, Leo. If others start pushing and pulling at you, tell them to get back to you post-eclipse next week. You need this time to withdraw and focus on your feelings as you prepare for Monday's big New Moon Solar Eclipse in your sign.


Thursday 17th August

Your feelings are so jacked up today, Leo. You're not alone but you may feel even more sensitive and cranky than you're comfortable with. The emotional waves are high and super stormy as we're right in the midst of two eclipses now. It's like the rollercoaster plummeting and the after-shock before the next wave. 

Wednesday 16th August

Your social life is pretty awesome today, Leo, so take advantage of it while it lasts. With the Moon in your house of friends, the activity/excitement can come through one-to-one, in-person contacts or just through your online networks. But some sort of goal can definitely be accomplished, if you go the group route instead of staying solo.

Tuesday 15th August

Emotions are reaching a boiling point today, Leo. Don't push tensions to ultimatums just because you can. It might feel good for your ego in the moment but the aftermath will not bring what you want. You want the love in the end, not the separation or conflict.

Monday 14th August

You're exactly a week away from the profoundly important New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your sign – so it's time to start making plans. Begin thinking about how to steer the ship of your life in the next six months, Leo. You can shape the changes to come instead of being shocked or surprised by them.

Sunday 13th August

With Mercury in retrograde for the next three weeks, you're getting an excellent opportunity to re-shape your financial outlook. Use the time between now and 5 September to review and realign your goals – especially when it comes to income, earning, spending and saving. Do this before making any big purchases, Leo.

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