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23 July - 23 August


Friday 23rd February

Todays First Quarter Moon puts the focus on your long-term goals and friendships. If there is anyone you've wanted to reach out to or even collaborate with, this is the day to make the move. It's all about sending messages today, so go ahead and hit send.

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Thursday 22nd February 

The Moon is in your career zone until the end of the workday, so your motivation should be sky high. If it's not, make a list of your professional goals and think about how you can best make your mark in the next few weeks, Leo. You don't have to accomplish it all at once, but focusing on your strengths will help. 


Wednesday 21st February

This is one of the sexiest and most romantic days of the month, Ms. Leo. Even though it's the middle of the workweek, Neptune and Venus insist that you make it date night or at least do some serious swiping right today. With these dreamy planets slow dancing in your intimacy zone, it's a must.

Tuesday 20th February

Your career is the focus of the moment, Leo. You can take advantage of this lovely and grounding Taurus Moon to get back what you adore most, creating beautiful things to share with the world. Let your inner aesthetic take over while the creativity and inspiration are at their peak.


Monday 19th February

Your love life is completely on fire today, Leo. Let your feisty inner romantic out without a drop of censorship. When at your best, you simply blaze in regal fashion and devastate every admirer in your wake. Work that majestic power in the way only you can, darling. Shine on with your golden lioness self.

Sunday 18th February

The Sun is your ruling luminary and it's heading into a new part of the zodiac today. For the next four weeks your house of sex will be brightly lit. Expect your desires to be fully woken up, Leo. This is a super hot month for you, whether you're in a relationship or happily single. 

Saturday 17th February

Your sensitivity is sky high right now, and so is your penchant for irritability. This awkward combination is brought to you by the square between passionate Mars and dreamy Neptune. You might feel like you're at cross-purposes with everyone – including yourself. It's best to flow instead of fight. 

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