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23 July - 23 August


Thursday 23rd March

It's an intense day in the stars, Leo, and everyone around you is probably feeling it. Mercury and Pluto are gearing up for a war later this evening, and the fierce energy will build throughout the day. Your mission is to avoid drama at all costs – just quietly do your thing. 

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Wednesday 22nd March

Your low-energy phase start later tonight, so make the absolute most of the day, Leo. You'll be less inclined to productivity on Thursday and Friday and more in the mood to move slowly and intentionally. Take your beauty sleep seriously and you'll be totally refreshed by the weekend. 

Tuesday 21st March

Use this uber-productive day for all it's worth, Leo. The Moon is in your house of work and health and it's making you aim for hyper-organization. A yoga class isn't a bad idea either. Honing your mind-body connection will help you accomplish every last task on your list.  


Monday 20th March

The Sun is moving into your travel zone, highlighting fabulous long-distance adventures for the next month, Leo. Use this time to book your favorite destinations and broaden your horizons. Plus, hello – it's spring! You are so ready for the brand new. Don't do it the old way anymore: it has to be fresh.

Sunday 19th March

The Moon remains in your sister fire sign, lighting up your house of love, pleasure and romance for one more glorious day. Not only that, Leo – tomorrow is the first day of spring. If you feel major excitement brewing but can't identify exactly what it is – trust that the cosmos are bringing on the thrills.

Saturday 18th March

The Moon is lighting up your romance zone today, Leo. Your optimism about love and life keeps the fires burning in the best way. This attitude is extremely contagious, especially when others tend to look at the bleak side of life. You have a way of being everyone's cheerleader—especially today. 

Friday 17th March

Saturn, the planet of boundaries, is getting into a conflict with the Sun today. This can make you feel a bit cranky and anxious, and even extra needy. Just let yourself feel whatever you feel without any self-blame. The more you beat yourself up the worse it will be, so don't go there – embrace your emotions.

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