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23 July - 23 August


Friday 22nd September

The Sun moves into your communication today, Leo. It's also the Autumnal Equinox, a healthy moment for reflection on the balance between talking and listening. Get very quiet with yourself and tune into your inner voice – you should hear a message about how to handle the next four weeks. 

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Thursday 21st September

With the Moon is in your house of talking and thinking, it's really hard to stop your mind from racing, Leo. It might be helpful to write down your thoughts, especially if you have an important conversation planned at home or at work. Organizing your ideas can make them so much easier to articulate. 

Wednesday 20th September

The New Moon is here and it's provides a fresh start for your finances, Leo. If you've been worrying (read: obsessing) about your current money situation, this is your chance to get back into the clear with your bank accounts. Get very detailed and pragmatic. Cut out the extraneous expenses now.


Tuesday 19th September

Your feelings about money and security run deep now, Leo. The Dark Moon could bring up some insecurities about not having enough, but let this energy pass. You are probably just overthinking it all. Bonus: Venus is moving into your money zone to help sweeten your cash flow for the next few weeks.

Monday 18th September

With a powerful New Moon just a few days away, the cosmic energy is alive with promise at the moment – even if it doesn't really feel that way yet. Trust that opportunities for growth are forthcoming, and try to sit with your feelings for a short period of time – without judging them. 

Sunday 17th September

You are a bundle of surprises this Sunday – with a heaping side order of love and romance. Venus remains in your sign for a few more days, but before she leaves your constellation she's lining up with Uranus, the planet of instant change. People from different cultural backgrounds can play an important role in your life during the next few days. 

Saturday 16th September

Mercury and Mars are finishing up an intense battle today, but before it's done, it can create some stress around finances. If money comes into the conversation, it's better to change the topic immediately. An issue that's been on your mind for weeks is finally about to resolve – have faith. 

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