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23 July - 23 August


Saturday 21st October

With the Moon in passionate Scorpio the intensity is up about 1000 notches today. Nothing is light or simple right now, Leo – you're feeling all your feelings and then some. Drama is more than possible, especially with family and close friends. Try not to make things even more fraught than they are already. 

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Friday 20th October

It's time to burrow deep into your own world and unplug, Leo. You have so much to process and now is the time to do it. You can go deeply into your feelings and get to some long-buried truths. Feel all of your feelings and let go of overthinking.

Thursday 19th October

It takes a lot to get grounded when the energy is shifting as radically as it is now. The other problem is that you're exhausted beyond belief. But good news is coming: you are about to enter a totally fresh mindset. Expect lightning bolts and epiphanies and "aha" moments.


Wednesday 18th October

The New Moon is tomorrow, but today's the day you're feeling all the feels (and then some.) The coming lunation is transformative and powerful, and the Dark Moon – the moment we're in right now, brings all of this energy to a powerful inflection point. If you can take some time to sit in stillness and gather your thoughts, definitely do so. 

Tuesday 17th October

The communication planet is moving into your home zone today and it will hang out there until early November. This is a grounded, powerful, intense influence for you in all your conversations, especially those with close friends and family. You can get to the root of issues now, Leo, so don't hesitate to go deep.

Monday 16th October

Money issues are your priority for one more day, Leo. If you've lost interest in organizing your finances, take a more creative approach. It's tempting to blow the bank under the current astro-influence. If you can spend within your limits and get back to balancing, you're golden.

Sunday 15th October

This is an excellent day to get grounded in your finances, Leo. All of the financial details you've been putting off should now become your top priority. Don't procrastinate or you'll feel super guilty or even stressed out. It's so not worth it; don't delay the process. 

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