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23 July - 23 August


Friday 24th February

The Moon is in
your opposite sign today, signaling something important: it's beyond time for
you to take a much-needed rest. If you can make it a three-day weekend, by all
means, take it. Even if this just means booking a massage and leaving work
early, do it: you deserve something sweet and easy before this weekend's
emotional eclipse.

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Thursday 23rd February

The Moon is in
your opposite sign today, exactly two weeks since the Full Moon eclipse in your
own sign earlier in the month. This was one of the most important, pivotal
moments of the year. Reflect on what you've experienced since that moment – and
how your relationships have changed and grown. 

Wednesday 22nd February

The energy is so volatile today, especially early in the day, that you might feel a bit battered, Leo. People are on edge, some warranted, some not. Try not to feed the angst-beast by disagreeing with those who are bent on causing destruction. Just take a deep breath and walk away.


Tuesday 21st February

The energy might be a bit somber and depressive at the moment, but don't let that break your spirit. If you apply your heart and soul towards something constructive, something that requires your undying devotion and attention, you'll stay focused. It's truly as simple as that, Leo.

Monday 20th February

This is potentially the best day of this crazy week in the stars. With the Moon in a sister fire sign, you're creatively stimulated and ready to get down to business, stat. Don't delay, Leo, because things get weird and emotional by Wednesday. Use the cosmic juju available right now.

Sunday 19th February

Your love life is completely on fire today, Leo. Let your inner feisty romantic out without a drop of censorship. When at your best, you simply blaze in regal fashion and devastate every admirer in your wake. Work that majestic power in the way only you can, darling. Shine on with your golden lioness self.

Saturday 18th February

The Sun moves into Pisces today, bringing charged up, super romantic energy into your house of sex and intimacy for the next four weeks. You've been working on the nuts and bolts of relating one-to-one, and now you want to get closer – as close as you can get.

Friday 17th February

You are so in need of time alone, Leo. Don't be afraid to just hide out and unplug all of your devices if that is the only way to secure some time for yourself. It's too easy to get caught up in the desires of the ones you love and forget.

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