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23 July - 23 August


Tuesday 23rd May

The Moon and Mercury are merging at the top of your chart, creating brilliant communication with colleagues and others you need to listen to and learn from. Take a slow, grounded approach to everything you do today, Leo. The more you listen deeply before speaking, the more powerful you'll be.

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Monday 22nd May

The energy is fast and furious now, Leo. You don't mind a quick tempo but you might feel the pressure to rush more than you're comfortable with. When things move too rapidly, it's hard to stay graceful, let alone strut your stuff. You'll find your rhythm by insisting on setting your own pace. 

Sunday 21st May

The stars are aligning for your fiery best now. You can take risks and work your bold moves. Not that you are ever one to ask for permission, Leo. This is your ideal time to trust your impulses and take action immediately. Why hesitate when you know exactly what you want?


Saturday 20th May 

Your ruling luminary, the Sun, is leaving your career zone today. The new solar phase is all about friends, collaboration and making your dreams come true. Think big and long-term and invite helpers. You can't do the monumental goals and visions without a dream team, especially over the next four weeks.

Friday 19th May

The planet of love and the planet of luck are opposite each other right now, emboldening you to speak your mind and ask for exactly what you want. You're so adventurous that you might even shock yourself, Leo – anything is possible and the more you can explore, the better you feel.

Thursday 18th May

The Moon is in your opposite sign though this evening, so cosmic help is on the way, Leo! In the meantime, relax as much as possible. Consider this direct orders to chill out – from the stars. Take breaks, go easy, and don't push yourself too hard. By tomorrow you'll be ship-shape.

Wednesday 17th May

The Moon is in your opposite stars today, Leo, so the focus is on your relationships and cultivating more of your "other half." This means embracing your alter-ego in a way. Anything you love or hate about another person is good information about what is happening in your own psyche.

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