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23 July - 23 August


Tuesday 17th January

The stars are reminding you how essential it is to speak your truth in order to find balance in your relationships. You may not have realized that you were holding some of your feelings back, Leo. You tend to be bold in asking for what you want, but sometimes your need for harmony oversteps all that.

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Monday 16th January

The Moon is in your money zone again today, giving you all the mojo and motivation you need to attack your work on this Monday morning. Get down to business knowing you're on top of all the details, Leo. Nothing is going to slip by you. Just don't let anxiety get the better of you – you've got this one.

Sunday 15th January

stars are continuing to support your efforts to get grounded and organized
around money. That said, there's also a tendency to want to splurge in the
midst of all of the accounting. That might feel like a crazy paradox, but you might
want to see it as a reward for all of your hard work.


Saturday 14th January

It might be the weekend, but you've got money matters on your mind. This is the perfect star influence for zeroing in on your financial details. You can get organized in a way that would normally feel too daunting. Efficiency is effortless now and you can analyze and nix bad spending habits. Work those numbers, Leo!

Friday 13th January

The Moon moves into your loving and generous stars today, Leo. You will welcome this sunny and positive energy after yesterday's emotional storm. You can effortlessly strut your stuff and light up the room the way you so adore. Share the love in a way that you do best and keep the goodness flowing.

Thursday 12th January

Today's Full Moon is one for the record books, Leo. It's opening up your house of dreams and secrets, so you're very caught up in looking within right now, as well you should be. Spend time solo, writing in your journal, or practice meditation. Your dreams are trying to tell you something – pay close attention to them.

Wednesday 11th January

Between tomorrow's Full Moon and tonight's Sun/Jupiter square, your cosmic plate is quite heavy right now, Leo. Part of you wants to climb into bed and stay there for 24-hours, while another part of you wants to rally and work as hard as you can. Find the proper balance without overdoing either. 

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