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23 July - 23 August


Monday 26th June

The stars are making this a magic Monday, Leo – the manic bit will come later in the week. In the meantime, rely on your psyche to pick up information even when people around you are trying to withhold it. Yes – you are like a psychic antenna right now. 

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Sunday 25th June

The Moon is moving into your stars later tonight, but first there's more emotional mush to get through. If you're finally on the upside of recent mood swings, you're golden. But if you're still feeling stressed, you might want to find some outlets today – preferably artistic ones. 


Saturday 24th June

The new lunar cycle is just starting to wax later today, so the dark energies are lifting. You can look forward to moving out of this emotional place and back into the light where you thrive. Use your feelings to guide you rather than smother or exhaust you.

Friday 23rd June

Today's New Moon lands in your house of dreams and subconscious thoughts. It may not be terribly exciting on the social front, but it encourages some deep thinking and necessary downtime. Making time for yourself – without any distractions whatsoever, is essential during the next few days.


Thursday 22nd June

The dark phase before the New Moon is active right now, Leo. You might feel slightly anxious or strange today, but that's perfectly normal. The antidote for this sensation is simple: close your eyes, take a deep breath, and tell yourself that you're safe and loved – because you are.

Wednesday 21st June

Happy Summer Solstice! Mercury is changing signs today and thus changing the communication vibe during the next few weeks. Your messages could easily shift from witty and whimsical to moody and mushy. You're not the only one, Leo. Everyone is thinking with their feelings right now, but here's a hint just for you: use your dreams as fodder for creativity. 

Tuesday 20th June

With the Sun leaving your social zone tomorrow, take this last day to soak up the collaborative vibes, Leo. Your connections to your friends and colleagues won't go away after tomorrow, of course – but you might want to shore up your most important shared projects now, before your focus shifts.

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