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23 July - 23 August


Tuesday 27th September

The planet of passion and action is shifting into your work zone today, Leo. For the next six weeks or so you can expect to be insanely productive, even manic, about your various projects. Try not to drive yourself crazy with stress – you'll get it all done and then some.

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Monday 26th September

The planet of slow and powerful transformation has been retrograde since last spring, giving you a bit of a break from the changes you'd been experiencing in your work life. Now all of that comes back up for review, as Pluto goes direct today. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but it's incredibly healthy and important.


Sunday 25th September

Your moment in the Sun has arrived! The Moon moves into your bright and beautiful stars today, making this Sunday into the perfect time for you to strut down the proverbial runway of life. You'll get loads of love and attention (two of your fave things) and won't need to do much to attract people to your team. 

Saturday 24th September

You're feeling a bit more quiet and introverted today, Leo, and that's perfectly ok. The Moon is in your dream zone through the evening, encouraging you to sleep in and laze about the house instead of rushing to brunch. It's perfectly fine to do some idle puttering – it's Saturday, after all!


Friday 23rd September

You're about to enter a bit of a homebody phase, Leo. Venus, the planet of pleasure and beauty, is camping out in your home zone for the next few weeks. This creates a strong desire to keep a low profile in contrast to your usual extroverted, superstar self. Enjoy the time off the stage for a spell.

Thursday 22nd September

The Autumnal Equinox arrives today and brings a sense of peace and renewed ease in communication. This is definitely a welcome shift after weeks of "lost in translation" scenarios. You can finally look forward to saying what you mean and actually hearing it the first time. Focus on diplomacy and win-win scenarios now.

Wednesday 21st September

The stars are finally moving in the right direction, Leo. Mercury finally goes direct late tonight into the early morning, setting you free from all the craziness of the last few weeks. Financial chaos is about to end, setting you up for an amazingly lucrative phase during the coming months. 

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