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23 July - 23 August


Tuesday 25th April

This is the darkest phase of the Moon, Leo, so no wonder you're feeling so exhausted. Don't push yourself so hard that you end up crashing before dinner. You need to pace yourself according to your lower energy reserves, despite your high ambition. It's a strange paradox but if you can slow down, you'll get more done.

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Monday 24th April

The Moon is in Aries for one more day, and it's working in tandem with both Jupiter and Saturn. This means you've got your eyes on the prize, Leo, and that prize is full of adventure. If you've had your mind on a long-distance trip, the pieces should soon come together.

Sunday 23rd April

The Moon is reminding you of the thousand things you wanted to wrap up before the weekend is over, and yet your motivation is probably nil. You'll have to creatively motivate yourself out of this foggy state with little tricks and rewards throughout the day. This will help to keep up the inspiration.


Saturday 22nd April

The lunar energy is dreamy and ethereal today, Leo – and it's also very sexy. With the Moon in your house of intimacy you want to connect to another human being at the deepest levels of body, mind and soul. But frankly you're totally fine if it's just about the body. 

Friday 21st April

Today marks a big energetic shift as Mars leaves your career zone and powers up your friends' zone for the next few weeks. Your social life is about to go off the charts. Just watch out for double bookings on your calendar. It will be nearly impossible to say no to all of the fun.

Thursday 20th April

If life feels intense for no apparent reason, blame it on Pluto – yet another planet turning retrograde today. This concerns your work and daily schedule, so you might just feel a sense of overwhelm as you move through your day. The cure is to be good to yourself, Leo – a reward or two at the end of the day will instantly uplift you.

Wednesday 19th April

Get ready for a fabulous month of status and career goodness, Leo. The Sun is moving up to the tip-top of your chart, putting you on the map in a major way. This is your time of the year to truly rise and shine. Get your biggest and boldest projects out there now.

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