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23 July - 23 August


Saturday 10th December

You're ready to take your love or creative commitments to the next level now, Leo. In fact, you'll have little patience or tolerance for anything less than a sure thing. It's an excellent time to put your heart on the line and give it all you've got. That way you'll know if it's real.

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Friday 09 December

It's a fabulous
day to be you, Leo. Not only is the Moon in a fire sign like your own, a lovely
sextile between lucky Jupiter and the Sun takes the astro-vibe up a notch. Life
feels exciting and the possibilities are endless. The fact that it's Friday is
just icing on the cosmic cake.

Thursday 8th December

Cosmic intensity alert: the Moon moves into Aries today – your sister fire sign. Your wanderlust could explode quite a bit during the next few days. Don't be surprised if you find it hard to sit still. Even if you can't get out of town, find a way to calm your restlessness by expanding your mind. 


Wednesday 7th December

Your relationship zone is getting some powerful planetary action these days, Leo. You've got both the mojo of Mars and now the love of Venus blessing your house of partnerships. If you're already hitched, you'll notice a new surge of sweetness hitting the scene. If you're solo, you'll be so ready and able to change that status.

Tuesday 6th December

Your imagination is running rather wild today, Leo. Use this energy to indulge your more uplifting creative visions, if you can. Do your best to avoid spiraling into your own worst-case scenarios – lest you create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Make sure you align your thoughts and emotional energy with that which you want to manifest.

Monday 5th December

There's a powerful force of energy moving through your relationship zone today, Leo. The Moon and Mars are joining up there, inspiring a new interest in partnering. In other words, this is not a day when you're happier being solo. Choose your favourite mate or mates to keep you company today.

Sunday 4th December

Today's lunar vibes are excellent for your love life, Leo. You are quite the popularity queen at the moment as well. You'll have no problem surrounding yourself with more fans and admirers than you'll know what to do with. Then again, it's not like that ever gets old for you.

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