Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July


Friday 21st July

This is the perfect day to start again, Cancer. The Moon is moving into your stars and you're ready to trust your gut again, implicitly. Life works so much better once you look within. Sometimes daily stress makes it harder to do so, but you're getting back on track now. 

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Thursday 20th July

Mars, the planet of action, is moving into your financial zone today and will hang out there through early September. This is a pretty amazing development for your assets, Cancer. If you've wanted to attract more cash, you can make it happen now. Just try to avoid crazy spending sprees.


Wednesday 19th July

You might feel a bit shyer than usual, and that's really saying something, Cancer. With the Moon in your house of retreat for the next few days, you prefer hiding out in your sanctuary, or at least spending time with only the most trusted people in your inner circle.

Tuesday 18th July

Inspiration is in huge supply today, Cancer. You have so much to celebrate and get excited about thanks to the current planetary scene. In fact, with so much goodness pouring into your life at once, it might be hard to sleep tonight, let alone settle down and focus and finish anything.


Monday 17th July

You're feeling rather wired at the moment, Cancer. Don't push yourself into energetic extremes, as tempting as it might feel. The best way to handle the current intensity is to slow down and get as grounded as possible. Opt for the familiar and the consistent to keep life steady and predictable.

Sunday 16th July

Your moody ruler switches gears today, Cancer. Yesterday the Moon was in your career zone, and it was a rather sweet and light vibe. But this Sunday is anything but easy – it's rather cutthroat. Use this energy to push your professional ambitions, but don't roll over anyone in your way. 

Saturday 15th July

With the Moon in your career zone today, you're obsessed with how to make it bigger and bigger, Cancer. Even if you're not officially working, you might find yourself enmeshed in a creative project that can lead to something outstanding. Even if you're lounging with a drink in hand, spend some time thinking about your goals.

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