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22 June - 22 July


Saturday 25th March

Today's stars are creating some major temptation in love, Cancer. Be sure to get a second opinion before giving your heart (or your money) away for that matter. What looks totally seductive and alluring on the surface could be way more trouble than it is worth.

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Friday 24th April

You might easily overthink things today, when you would normally just feel too much, Cancer. When the sensitive and emotional part of your nature turns neurotic, you can get super obsessive. Try not to allow doom and gloom fantasies run the show. It's not your truth and it's not worth the stress.


Thursday 23rd March

As Mercury (the planet of communication) clashes with Pluto (the planet of deep and unyielding change) you'll feel it deep in your soul. This could temporarily rattle you, Cancer – especially where your professional life is concerned. Hold off on making any big decisions until after the weekend, if possible. 

Wednesday 22nd March

The Moon remains in your opposite sign in the morning and early afternoon, so you might not be much in the mood for pushing yourself. If there's any opportunity to avoid your obligations (at least the minor ones) until tomorrow, by all means – take it! You need to renew and recharge. 


Tuesday 21st March

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, so you might not exactly feel like partying right now, Cancer. It's understandable if you'd prefer to hibernate and take it slow. Relationships might be a bit tricky and complicated too, so try to err on the side of caution with friends and lovers.

Monday 20th March

The stars are getting super fiery today, Cancer. This has you feeling a bit out of your element, and yet you are ready for something brand new. Spring has officially arrived, as today is also the Vernal Equinox. The Sun will light up the top of your chart, emphasizing your career zone for the next month.

Sunday 19th March

Sunday's vibe is mega-adventurous, but you can't seem to pull yourself away from your desk. It's not even the workweek yet, Cancer, so give yourself a bit of break. If you're not attending to deadlines and projects, you might find yourself obsessing over your domestic to-do list – you just can't help yourself.

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