Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July

Saturday 27th May

By midday the Moon will be in your own sweet, sensitive, nurturing stars. This puts you in the cosmic driver's seat, Cancer – it's time to rule the world as masterfully as you rule your OWN world. Your charisma is off the charts for the next few days, so work it extra hard.

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Friday 26th May

With the active phase of the New Moon behind you, you can get to the practical bits, Cancer. That means applying logic and reason to the deep inner truths that have arisen over the last few days. In other words, it's high time to start manifesting your dreams. Take action ASAP.


Thursday 25th May

Today's New Moon sets the stage for the next six months of deep inner reflection and soul work, Cancer. You will be craving more downtime than usual, especially today. Keep your schedule super simple and as light as possible. You just won't have the bandwidth to deal with too much conversation.

Wednesday 24th May

The key to continued success is patience now, Cancer. It helps when you have less energy and are almost forced to slow down and wait. This is a time when listening is by far your greatest asset. When in doubt, pause, count to ten, reflect and then sleep on it.


Tuesday 23rd May

Your friends are your everything today. Spending quality time with your favorite mates, especially when you aren't pressured or rushed to get to the next event or deadline is key. Schedule in oodles of extra time so you can have a proper catch-up and ideally—an extra long meal together.

Monday 22nd May

This is the perfect day to just go for it, Cancer. Put yourself out there in the world with your highest risk projects. You have the guts to just push the limits now without the usual fear and caution that might hold you back. Jump in and worry about how it looks later (if you must worry at all). 

Sunday 21st May

The Moon is lighting up the top of your chart now, Cancer. This is an excellent time to get back in touch with your bigger vision and mission statement in the world. You're ready to come out of hiding and let your light shine both creatively and professionally. Work it, Cancer.

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