Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July


Friday 9th December

This is just the
shot in the arm you need, Cancer. Your career prospects are truly amazing at
the moment, and a positive aspect between Jupiter and the Sun can make you feel
even better about all the emerging opportunities. The sense that nothing can
stop you is pulsing through your veins. 

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Thursday 8th December

The Moon moves into your career zone early today, stoking your ambitions and making you ripe for some major professional success. If you've felt kind of blah about work lately, this will knock you right out of any lazy tendencies. You're raring to go, Cancer, and you will be for the next few days. 

Wednesday 7th December

The stars are teaching you everything there is to know about your own inner powers of resourcefulness. When the going gets tough, the Crab gets going. You may even surprise yourself with just how innovative and eccentric you can get when responding to challenges and potential crises. You're simply amazing!


Tuesday 6th December

The Moon and Neptune are merging for one of the most dreamy and inspired days of the month. You'll be ready for something to take you far away from any holiday or real world stress, and into your very own bliss station of choice. Escape into your favorite movie, book or song.

Monday 5th December

The Moon and Mars are joining forces in your house of deep transformation. If you've been resisting changes, resist no longer. You have a huge surge of energy pushing you to let go and do something that would normally terrify you. The only way through any lingering fears and insecurities is to make the jump.

Sunday 4th December

There are some very intense demands being made on you today, Cancer. This could make you into one cranky little crab if you don't set your limits early in the day. You abhor nothing more than feeling taken for granted or expected to take care of everyone's petty needs without the mere hint of a please or thank you.

Saturday 3rd December

The stars are all about getting things done today, thanks to an uplifting aspect between Mars and Saturn. If you're idle you might get quickly frustrated, so make sure you're doing something proactive. This is not a lazy Saturday by any means, Cancer. Even if you're not interested in pursuing your to-do list, at least drag yourself to the gym.

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