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22 June - 22 July


Monday 21st August

The current New Moon Solar Eclipse is creating an interesting awakening around your entire value system. You might even eclipse your pride and any residual arrogance that blocks you from love. Sometimes you use this as a defense mechanism rather than admit how deeply sensitive you are underneath that hard shell.

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Sunday 20th August

Eclipses, which are equal to the power of ten full or New Moons, hit you harder than any other constellation. This is because you're a Moon-ruled sign, darling. You're probably up to your eyeballs in emotion right now, thanks to the imminent New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Deep breaths and self-care will get you through it – and maybe some extra chocolate.

Saturday 19th August

The Moon leaves your sign at midday, so make the morning count, Cancer. Later on Saturday you'll begin to feel the real deal eclipse energy making its way into the world – and into your life. It might feel very chaotic for the next 24-48 hours, so focus on self-care as much as you possibly can.


Friday 18th August

The Moon is still in your sensitive stars again today, Cancer. It's the perfect time for lying low and not getting into any emotional altercations with anyone. You are happiest when you can be left alone under conditions like these. The Moon is quite dark and so are you, darling.

Thursday 17th August

The Moon is in your stars today, Cancer, and thus hyping up all of your feelings. Let us also not forget we're right in the midst of two very potent eclipses. These are no ordinary times and your emotions could take a bit of a beating as a result. Be gentle with yourself and trust that this is temporary.

Wednesday 16th August

You spend a lot of time looking within and today that theme is even more powerful. With the Moon in your house of subconscious thoughts and dreams, this is the perfect moment to slow down and take stock of your psyche. There are important messages coming through courtesy of the eclipses – now is the moment to listen to them.

Tuesday 15th August

Relationships are sticky and complex at the moment, Cancer. Others might seem hell-bent on power in your eyes, but could accuse you of the very same thing. Step back and try to bring your feelings out of the equation just long enough to get a more objective perspective. That way you can make your move based on reason.

Monday 14th August

The Moon is in your social zone, so you can get by with a little help from your friends today, Cancer. Your colleagues and Insta followers can probably contribute to bettering your day too. In other words, group efforts are better than solo efforts right now – so don't go it alone.

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