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22 June - 22 July


Friday 15th December

Communication goes from stressful to sweet today, Cancer. This is all compliments of a lovely merger between Mercury and Venus. Exchanges between you and loved ones should flow nicely under the current stars. Take advantage of this influence and smooth over any recent misunderstandings, especially any you've had with those you care most about.

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Thursday 14th December

Your love life goes from zero to sixty today, Cancer. Passion is in high supply and so is pleasure. The Moon couples up with sign of decadence and Jupiter is in your romance zone. You want it all when it comes to being adored, pampered and spoiled. You won't settle for less.

Wednesday 13th December

With the Moon in Scorpio, your sister water sign, you're swimming in a sea of romance and pleasure – or at least you should be. It's harder to feel this during Mercury Retrograde, of course, but put some effort in, Cancer – it'll be worth it. Your creativity also gets a major boost from this lunar phase.


Tuesday 12th December

Today Mercury and the Sun are at their closest point of the retrograde, which is another way of saying STAY OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY. This is the moment when communication is as fragile as all get-out, especially for your relationships with colleagues. Don't speak too soon or take anything personally – and read everything twice. 

Monday 11th December

The Moon is lighting up your domestic zone today, Cancer. This
gives you every excuse in the book to play homebody without apology. Can you
call in sick? Spending time close to your favourite place in the world doesn't
take much nudging, but it's nice to know that you have full support of the
stars now.

Sunday 10th December

Communication is the major theme of the day, Cancer. The Moon is spending one last day in your house of texting, talking and negotiating. Alas, Mercury is still retrograde, so caution and vigilance are a must. Double or even triple-check everything you write before hitting send. If you can have the conversation in person, even better.

Saturday 9th December

Mars is the planet of passion, action and drive, and today he's shifting into your house of love and romance. Yes, Cancer, that is just as sexy and thrilling as it sounds. For the next six weeks or so, you'll be hungrier than ever for the kind of pleasure you sometimes deny yourself.

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