Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July


Friday 20th January

The Moon puts the focus on love and pleasure today, Cancer. Your feelings run so deep that they could quickly border on the obsessive. Just make sure the other person is actually worthy of so much emotional focus and energy. If not, better to direct all of that passion towards something creative.

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Thursday 19th January

The Sun is shifting into new territory today, considerably changing the astro-vibe for the next four weeks. Focus intently on intimacy for the next month, Cancer, and you can make significant progress with your partner. If you're single, look within and you can experience major transformation.

Wednesday 18th January

You're still focused on your domestic situation today, and something unexpected could come up toward the end of the day. It's nothing to be concerned about, Cancer – it may just mean that you're about to come up with a brilliant way to refresh and/or redesign your home.


Tuesday 17th January

This is the ideal day for doing what you love and do best: nest. You find your balance when you spend time at home away from the crowds and demands of the crazy world. You need cozy time curled up with your favorite book and a spot of tea. Nurture yourself, Cancer.

Monday 16th January

Your communication skill-set is top-notch today, Cancer. If you were too emotional to actually say what was on your mind last week (due to the Full Moon in your own sign) you're over it now. You've processed your feelings and you're more articulate than you've been in ages: say it, or at least – write it.

Sunday 15th January

Moon is lighting up your communication zone today, but adding a poetic flair to
the mix. You might even think in song lyrics instead of everyday language. Tune
out the mundane and tune into whatever makes your heart and imagination feel
safe and grounded – only talk to those who are on your level. 

Saturday 14th January

The stars are totally on your side for inspiration, communication and the joy of problem solving, Cancer. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can scan past all the nonsense and get straight to the bottom line. The only downside is that you'll quickly get bombarded by people wanting you to fix their lives.

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