Cancer daily horoscope

22 June - 22 July


Friday 28th April

Venus is on the move today, Cancer. Better yet, she's returning to your house of career for another sweet tour. She was here earlier in the month, but thanks to a rare retrograde, she slipped away for a while. Now she's back to bless your professional life for a few weeks. Couldn't be better. 

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Thursday 27th April

This is your perfect day for escaping into your favorite retreat of choice. Unplug from the world as much as possible. Social media will actually get on your nerves today, as you require a more beautiful and natural setting to feed your soul. You'll also crave extra beauty rest tonight.

Wednesday 26th April

The New Moon is officially here, and as with all lunations, you'll feel this more than any other sign. Your friendships and social networks are more important than ever, so setting goals for collaboration is key right now. Even though Mercury is still retrograde, you can at least make some plans. 


Tuesday 25th April

This is the perfect day for getting into a completely mellow and relaxed mode with your favourite friends. Sharing a long and luxurious meal with your loved ones is the perfect recipe for the current dark lunar phase. Your energies are low but you are craving connection – and good food.

Monday 24th April

The Moon is in your career zone, Cancer. Since it's making two ambitious, auspicious links to Jupiter and Saturn, you're well on your way to building something great on this Monday. You may not be close to finishing, but you can envision the entire project, and well you should.

Sunday 23rd April

Today's lunar energy is ideal for getting out of all of your overdue correspondence, Cancer. That's right, get the letters, emails and all the phone calls out of the way now so you can start the new week off on a clean slate. This is your chance to feel finished and free.

Saturday 22nd April

With the Moon moving through Pisces, a water sign like your own, your intuition is fiercer than ever. Trust your gut implicitly, Cancer. There's no reason to think your way through your feelings – your first take is probably the right take. This is not a weekend to second-guess yourself. 

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