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22 June - 22 July


Saturday 25th February

The communication planet (Mercury) is changing signs today, putting the focus on your emotional world. You're sensitive to begin with so the next few weeks could have you feeling like a messy mush-ball of feelings. Your best bet is not to take words to heart. Do your best to de-personalize conversations.

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Friday 24th February

If you're
looking for a way out of melancholy, it might just be sex. Yes, Cancer – the
path you're looking for right now is the path to pleasure. It can instantly
take your mind off whatever you're stressing out about. Given that a major
eclipse is coming on Sunday – you really need a break.

Thursday 23rd February

The Moon is no
longer in your opposite sign, so you'll hopefully feel a bit better today than
you did yesterday. Plus, this is the best day of the week to push forward on
all fronts – especially any areas that have been stuck or stagnant. You're
ready to make those changes now, Cancer.


Wednesday 22nd February

With super intense cosmic conditions on tap for today, it's totally understandable if you want to take cover. Other people are a source of angst at the moment – you might be easily triggered by them, even when they mean no harm. In other words, your sensitive side is showing, Cancer.

Tuesday 21st February

Today's lunar energy puts the focus on your significant others. If you've been neglecting your relationship duties in favor of work and other distractions, now is the time to come correct. Don't forget your romantic priorities, darling. If you want your partnerships to thrive and last, they require consistent care.

Monday 20th February

productivity skyrockets today, Cancer, so get down to work! You can get more
done on Monday than most people do for the entire workweek. This is a wise
idea, because things get super tense by Wednesday and it might be harder to
stay focused on the tasks at hand.

Sunday 19th February

Keep the faith, Cancer. You work hard and you can survive even the most tumultuous of emotional storms. What you're feeling today is just an intense moment: it will pass like all the other phases you go through in a single day. Just remember all of the times when it truly was darkest before the dawn.

Saturday 18th February

A major shift starts today as the Sun moves into Pisces, a water sign like your own. Over the next four weeks, emotions rule the roost. This is a much easier energy for you to navigate, Cancer, so revel in the adventurous, creative atmosphere. It's the perfect time for a holiday.

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