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22 June - 22 July


Saturday 21st October

This Saturday is as sexy as all get-out, Cancer. With the Moon hovering in your house of love, romance and creativity for another day, you get loads of power from your relationships. Even if you're single, your contacts with other people may have a rare depth and intimacy right now.

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Friday 20th October

This is the day when your feelings could sweep you right up into what feels like a passionate storm – for better or worse. Depending on where your stand emotionally as the Moon begins to wax again, trust that this is only the tip of the iceberg. You're about to go very deep, Cancer. 

Thursday 19th October

Home is totally where your heart is today and every day of course—but especially today. The New Moon lands in your domestic zone and brings with it an interesting plot twist. You didn't see this coming but it will open you up to seeing something you never saw before. 


Wednesday 18th October

All lunations (New Moons and Full Moons) have a powerful effect on you, Cancer. This is because the Moon is your ruling luminary. You might feel particularly sensitive today and tonight thanks to tomorrow's uber-intense New Moon. It can bring up some seriously powerful feelings.

Tuesday 17th October

Mercury, the planet in charge of communication and thinking, is moving into Scorpio, your sister water sign. For the next three weeks conversations, texts and emails take on a potent intensity. Your love life is where the action is, Cancer – express yourself with raw power and vulnerability now. 

Monday 16th October

The Moon continues to trigger the neurotic part of your personality. The key to liberating your mind from fear and stress is pretty simple: avoid overthinking. Once you start ruminating or over-analyzing, you're in the rabbit hole. Stay positive and keep your brilliant sense of humor, Cancer – that'll keep you grounded.

Sunday 15th October

The Moon moves into your communication zone today, Cancer. This could have you overanalyzing yourself into a stress attack. Talk it out with someone you love. The key is not to get locked into a neurotic battle in your own head. When you start thinking too hard, you might regret every decision you've made in the last week.

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