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22 June - 22 July


Thursday 20th October

The Moon is in your stars and currently fighting the big guy of the cosmos, Jupiter. This makes for exaggerated emotional reactions all around. It's all too easy to lose your cool and say and do things that you will regret. Try to catch yourself in the heat of the moment so you can avert disasters.

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Wednesday 19th October

Relationships reach explosive potential now with the merger of Mars and Pluto meeting up in your opposite stars. You have felt this energy building up all week but probably had no idea how the whole thing was going to go down, especially for your own partnerships. Watch for major power plays or intense blowouts. 

Tuesday 18th October

With the planet of love and beauty heading into your house of work, the next few weeks are super productive and lovely at work. Your office relationships should be smooth and easy, and you can bring a new, higher level of creativity to whatever you do on a daily basis. Things just flow for the next few weeks, Cancer.


Monday 17th October

The Moon has moved into your social zone for the next few days, so connections with friends and colleagues will dominate your life. If you've been trying to make something happen solo but it hasn't been working, try some creative collaboration – it'll do wonders for you, Cancer. 

Sunday 16th October

The Full Moon is exact early this morning, culminating a six-month phase for your career. This doesn't mean anything is over professionally, Cancer – it's more than likely just beginning. But the initial bit is fully in play, whether it was just an idea or a completely realized launch. 

Saturday 15th October

Watch for explosive energies around career issues tomorrow. Sometimes having things blow up around your professional status is exactly what you want. As long as the surge is constructive and not destructive, you're good to go. If you get too rash with a need to accelerate something, it could backfire.

Friday 14th October

Career fires are blazing at the moment, Cancer. You're the master at risk-tasking when it comes to your professional aims, and your gutsy innovation is paying off now. Some may call it luck, but you know it's hard work, rebellious experimentation and a whole lot of hustle.

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