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22 June - 22 July


Saturday 1st October

The stars are reminding you what you adore most about your home. Not that you need any excuse to fall in love with your domestic world as – it's your main domain. Yet, the current planetary influence is perfect for taking your love of nesting to the next level.

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Friday 30th September

The New Moon sets your house of home and family on a great track, Cancer. This lunation refocuses your attention on the people that matter – your closest loved ones. Something you begin now can last for six months, so focus on only the familiar places (and people) that you love the most.


Thursday 29th September

You're so connected with the phases of the Moon, Cancer. Today's dark phase could have you feeling deeply internal, yet with your mind working overtime. Try not to get so lost in your head that you spin out into any negativity or fear. It's just your brain playing tricks on you.

Wednesday 28th September

Your mind is working non-stop today, Cancer. This is excellent for problem-solving, analysis and sifting through details like a boss. As long as you apply your thoughts towards practical and constructive solutions, you can avoid overthinking to the point of causing any unnecessary stress or anxiety. Stay chill. 


Tuesday 27th September

Mars is on the move today, Cancer, and this shift is a big deal in your corner of the cosmos. That's because the Red Planet is moving into your relationship zone, where he'll hang out for the next six weeks or so. You might be a bit hotheaded with your partner, or just all fired up about finding your next romantic connection.

Monday 26th September

Pluto has been in retrograde in your relationship zone since last April, causing you to go even deeper into your contemplation of your most essential relationships. You've learned a profound lesson – other people come into your life precisely to help you chisel away at your own true self. 

Sunday 25th September

Now that the Moon has left your sign, you can take a breath and recover from being the centre of attention (as you've been for the last few days). Now you should dedicate yourself to advancing your financial prowess – or just go shopping. However the energy manifests, it's all about your money right now, Cancer.

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