Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June


Saturday 24th February

Money matters are emotionally charged at the moment, Gemini. Don't blow the bank out of anger, frustration or fear. You might not realize that is why you suddenly want to make a big purchase, so pause long enough to make sure your feelings are not dictating your next financial moves.

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Friday 23rd February

This is an important and powerful day for you, Gemini. The First Quarter Moon is lighting up your very own stars, putting you in the power position to do and say whatever is on your mind. In fact, you're at your witty and mercurial best under this influence. Don't hesitate to speak your mind.

Thursday 22nd February

The Moon is still in your dream zone through the end of the day, so laying low is recommended. This phase is quiet and restorative, because you're prepping for your big monthly debut, which begins late tonight while you're sleeping. By tomorrow morning the Moon will be in Gemini and you'll be on top of the world. 


Wednesday 21st February

The Moon is in your house of dreams while Venus and Neptune slow dance through your career zone. This is one of those days when you can tap into some serious creative magic, Gemini. It's as if you can channel genius ideas from another realm and apply them to your professional sphere. 

Tuesday 20th February

It's the perfect day to just slow everything way down and catch up on some extra rest, Gemini. If this can include getting more actual sleep, all the better. You are a bit overdue to chill, and today's Taurus Moon is the perfect time to relax back into it. Get grounded by finding a mellow pace.

Monday 19th February

The Moon is in your opposite stars now, Gemini, and your energy is hitting a bit of a low ebb. Pace yourself accordingly so you don't burn out before lunch. You're experiencing a lot of extreme highs and lows lately due to the eclipse energies from last week. Even though they're fading, you must stay grounded.

Sunday 18th February

There's a major astro-shift today as the Sun moves into mystical Pisces, where it will remain for the next four weeks. This lights up your career zone and brings loads of spectacular creativity into your professional sphere. It's also amazing for trusting your gut intuition, especially when it comes to colleagues and other work-related matters.

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