Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June


Tuesday 22nd August

You can finally deeply exhale, Gemini. The eclipse energies are starting to subside and the Moon is starting to wax again. You might feel like a total hermit now but trust that your creativity is just starting to gain some awesome momentum. You've learned so much over the past week.

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Monday 21st August

Your mind is filled with so many swirling thoughts and revelations at the moment, Gemini. You're totally feeling this New Moon Solar Eclipse and it's not letting you shut off your brain. Channel this brilliance into a literary masterpiece, or just blog post or other work of magical brilliance. It's amazing what you can do when possessed like this.

Sunday 20th August

The New Moon/Solar Eclipse of the century is less than 24 hours away, so it's no wonder that you're feeling out of sorts – to put it mildly. On one hand there's a sense of impending doom, but on the other, the thrill of the unknown. Whatever you're feeling, write it down: expressing your ideas is everything to you at the moment.


Saturday 19th August

With the New Moon/Solar Eclipse arriving with the full force of its massive power on Monday, now is the time to find your solid ground. Life probably feels intensely chaotic right now, Gemini -- but not everything you're thinking about is rational. Its really easy for your mind to spin out of control this weekend -- don't let it.

Friday 18th August

It's essential to stay grounded now, Gemini. Emotions are super volatile and people are extremely irrational at the moment. Your sense of humor will save you but it might be hard to come by now. Try to stay connected to your gut feelings and don't take anything too seriously under this heavy energy.

Thursday 17th August

This is one of those days when you might pour every frustrated feeling you have into some kind of financial drama. Money and emotions get so easily intertwined for you. Better to slow down and pause before jumping to conclusions and then taking it out on your credit limits. Breathe, darling. 

Wednesday 16th August

The Moon is your sign and it feels like it's just in time, Gemini! Your peak energy phase has arrived and it will keep your spirits up in the midst of eclipse season and Mercury Retrograde. Just remember, if you get down, that your charisma is speaking volumes right now. 

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