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22 May - 21 June


Saturday 25th March

The Sun and Venus are merging in what is called a "combustion" today. This can bring out the most intense energy of each planet: we're talking about the potential for big, emotional outbursts here. If you're not looking for a dramatic scene, better to lay low and avoid any blowout situations or temptations, Gemini.

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Friday 24th April

The stars are hitting a bit of a lull at the moment, but you'll find a way to turn the somber vibes into something light. If anyone can bring the humor to a heavy situation, it's you, Gemini. You're actually something of a philosopher clown at the moment; you can lift everyone's mood. 

Thursday 23rd March

With your ruler Mercury coming into close contact with transformative Pluto today, things are INTENSE, to say the very least. A drama could unfold with someone in your social network – a close friend, colleague, or just someone you know causally from Facebook. Try to stay out of it, Gemini. 


Wednesday 22nd March

Today might be a bit off, Gemini. It's mainly because the astro-vibe is so drastically different in the morning and the afternoon – as if they're two distinct days. The thing for you to note is that by tonight, the stars will deliver what you love the most – love, romance, adventure and best of all: information.

Tuesday 21st March

The mood is pretty serious today, Gemini – but not in a bad way. It's all about motivation, and you've got loads of it at the moment. You're so ready to transform that you can hardly contain yourself. But try to finish what you're working on before you leap into the unknown.

Monday 20th March

Your social life is about to go off the charts, Gemini. This is just the beginning. After feeling rather isolated and career-obsessed over the past few weeks, you're entering a phase centered on friendships and community. Today's Vernal Equinox sets this all in motion: focus on collaborative goals.

Sunday 19th March

The Moon remains in your opposite sign for one more day, Gemini. It's actually very convenient that this astro-phase is coinciding with Sunday – you need a day off. The best plan is to chill as hard as possible and maybe not even bother to get dressed. It's a slippers and Netflix kind of day.

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