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22 May - 21 June


Saturday 25th February

Your focus is shifting from travel and experimentation to your career over the next few weeks, Gemini. Your visionary powers are top-notch now. Let your imagination guide the way. You don't have to worry about all of the little nitty-gritty details at the moment—you're likely to miss some anyway. This is about big picture.

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Friday 24th February

The stars are
seeding the environment with distress signals right now, Gemini. That's because
it's just a few days before the eclipse, and emotions are careening slightly
out of control. You don't have to go there if you don't want to – remind
yourself that stressing out is a choice.

Thursday 23rd February

Face it, Gemini
– the last few days have been weird and a bit stressful. The good news is that
today could be the best day of the week to get things done. By tomorrow the
eclipse energy will be turned on full force, so use this can-do moment for all
it's worth. 


Wednesday 22nd February

There's some seriously harsh astrology afoot today, so if you feel weird when you wake up this morning you have an excellent excuse to go straight back to bed. This energy is volatile and aggressive, so avoid people that seem like they want to fight with you, Gemini – don't even engage.

Tuesday 21st February

The Moon is helping you get super focused and disciplined now, Gemini. You are working hard on a vision that once seemed unobtainable. Once you understand that it's only a matter of making a very strategic, bite-sized plan, you're off and running (even if with a bit of fear).

Monday 20th February

With the Moon in your opposite sign, you might feel a bit out of it, Gemini, so take it easy on this Monday. Instead of diving into your to-do list full force, take it chunk by chunk, and reward yourself with a break after every task. That'll keep you motivated.

Sunday 19th February

The Moon is in your opposite stars now, Gemini, and your energy is hitting a bit of a low ebb. Pace yourself accordingly so you don't burn out before lunch. You're experiencing a lot of extreme highs and lows lately due to the eclipse energies that are brewing. Stay grounded.

Saturday 18th February

The Sun moves into your career zone today, initiating four fantastic weeks for your professional realm. Set goals and hit them one by one – your status is rising and it's rising incredibly fast. This is the best time of the year to improve your status with an immaculate creative flair.

Friday 17th February

Today's lunar energy has you work obsessed. You can get so all or nothing with your projects that you compartmentalize all other arenas of your life. Sometimes friends have to remind you  that you have a love life and other such pieces of your world that also want your attention.

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