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22 May - 21 June


Friday 22nd September

As the Sun moves into Libra, igniting the Fall Equinox, you're about to start having some serious fun, Gemini. The next four weeks shine a light on love, romance, pleasure and creativity – all the best things in life. If you haven't had enough of them, the stars are about to give you what you need. 

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Thursday 21st September

The Moon is currently in Libra, your sweet and lovely sister air sign. This is exactly the vibe you crave the most, Gemini – it's all about love, pleasure, romance and creativity. With the Sun heading into this part of your horoscope tomorrow, life is rather blissful right now.

Wednesday 20th September

The New Moon arrives today and it's putting you into a rather obsessive work mode. Your friends and family are probably wondering where you have disappeared to for the past few days, Gemini. You are finally on the verge of crawling out of your hermit cave to relate to the outside world once again.


Tuesday 19th September

You need to be left alone today, Gemini. In fact, if you can play hermit and homebody in one, you'll be set. Try to steal away to your work and/or personal projects and turn everything else off while you focus. The Moon is quite dark, so it's understandable if you prefer to be quiet and go solo.

Monday 18th September

The New Moon will arrive in a few days, but in the meantime, there's a lot of lunar energy to process. Before you leap, look carefully at your goals for the next six months, Gemini – what is it you want to accomplish and build upon? Set intentions and plan to follow up soon.

Sunday 17th September

The planet of instant change is flirting hard with the planet of love and beauty, making this Sunday into a mélange of sweetness and craziness. Nothing is as it's expected to be, especially on the communication front. But somehow, you'll end up loving it even as you're shocked by it. 

Saturday 16th September

Bite your tongue, Gemini. Mercury and Mars are on a rampage and so is your mouth. Words can be weapons when you're feeling fired up and ready for a fight. Just be sure you're not being too malicious or unfair in your missives. It might seem justified in the moment, but you'll regret it.

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