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22 May - 21 June


Thursday 20th July

The planet of action and passion is moving into your communication zone today, Gemini. There's about to be a huge amount of activity in this part of your horoscope, starting with this potentially inflammatory cosmic influence. Your words will be powerful for the next few months, but just make sure you don't push it.

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Wednesday 19th July

The Moon is in your super-smart corner of the zodiac today, Gemini. This means that your peak-energy phase is in full effect, and will remain that way for a few potentially fantastic days. It's all what you make of it, however, so start pursuing what you desire pronto.

Tuesday 18th July

You're riding a feel-good wave at the moment, Gemini. Pleasure is what moves you and you want unlimited access to what you love. Go ahead and throw all caution to the wind, darling. Not only is Venus in your stars, but she's in a fabulous and decadent tango with excessive Jupiter.


Monday 17th July

You have so much going on at the moment and yet you're craving a day off to do absolutely nothing. This would be the perfect time to catch up on your beauty rest and let your nervous system decompress. It might require forcing yourself to hit the pause button. 

Sunday 16th July

The Moon remains in in your social zone, but it's a much bumpier day, Gemini. Conversations that start out exciting can end up warlike, as you fight to get your point across at all costs. Try to keep the subject light with friends and acquaintances alike – avoiding politics is a wise idea. 

Saturday 15th July

Your social zone is on fire today, Gemini. With the Moon in your house of friends all weekend, you're best off hanging with your besties. In other words, all activities are more fun if done in a group setting. If you do find yourself without plans, you'll likely make new friends wherever you go.

Friday 14th July

This is the perfect day to put your vision on the map, Gemini. You're never short on the most fantastic ideas. It's just about taking the time to put each and every aspect of your endless flow of creativity out into the world. You will rarely let yourself rest until you do so.

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