Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June


Tuesday 23rd May

There is an imperative to slow way down today, Gemini. Get out of your head and back into your body for best results. It will put everything back into balance immediately. You'll remember how to breathe, take enough time to enjoy life and even luxuriate in sensual pleasures a bit. 

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Monday 22nd May

Your social world is full speed now, Gemini. You have so much going on with so many different people that it's probably hard to keep it all straight. Be sure to make loads of lists and check them twice. Overcommitting yourself impulsively could land you in hot water if you're not careful.

Sunday 21st May

Your social world is fun and fiery at the moment, Gemini. Just watch for the instinct to leap before looking when taking on new friends and collaborations. You're way more impulsive than usual and perhaps to your own detriment. Ask for a second opinion from a trusted confidante to be sure.


Saturday 20th May

The Sun is moving into your whimsical and witty stars today, Gemini. Get ready to totally rock your brilliant element over the next few weeks. Few can match your ability to banter and influence the masses with your intellect and charm. This is your time of year to completely shine.

Friday 19th May

Today Venus (the planet of love) is opposite Jupiter (the planet of luck). This can have a lovely impact on both your social and creative life – bringing out the best of both. It might start with a bit of tension but end with the most romantic, life-changing result. 

Thursday 18th May

The stars continue to favour you for another awesome day, Gemini! The Moon is in Aquarius through the evening, which is to say that the air element is in full force. This means that you're ready to tackle any subject with an intellectual angle, without letting any emotional selfishness affect the outcome.

Wednesday 17th May

The stars are pushing you to step as far outside your comfort zone as humanly possible. Considering how flexible you are, it takes a lot for you to actually feel like you're in uncomfortable territory. Your creativity is moving to the next level now. Once you go beyond your own limits, anything is possible.

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