Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June


Monday 26th June

Mars and Neptune are making your Monday very, very interesting, Gemini. The remainder of the week might be quite intense, so you should make the most of the current creative, intensely magical astro-vibe. Time may not feel like it's linear today – the past and the present are nearly indistinguishable. 

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Sunday 25th June

Money issues still feel a bit unwieldy now, Gemini. Don't let financial stress or obligations pull you into an emotional maelstrom that you never signed up for. If others are pressuring you, just kindly back away and bide your time. You don't have to rush or feel panicked to conform to their demands.

Saturday 24th June

Money is suddenly your end-all be all at the moment, Gemini. If you get an unexpected deluge of financial responsibilities, try to watch your spending. Don't spend all your cash to the point of no return. The last thing you need or want is a pile of bills hanging over your summer like a dark cloud.


Friday 23rd June

Today's New Moon is all about your bottom line, Gemini. With this lunation hitting your financial zone, it's an opportune moment to plan for the future – up to six months from now. Organize your accounts and figure out how much you need to earn to be the mogul you were born to be. 

Thursday 22nd June

Do you feel it, Gemini? The "it" in question is the imminent energy of the New Moon on tap for tomorrow. We call the phase prior to this lunation the "dark of the moon" – a moment perfect for quiet, deep reflection and meditation. Even if you can only find ten minutes to look inward, don't neglect it.

Wednesday 21st June

This is a day to celebrate the official arrival of summer, but you're also getting a significant reprieve, Gemini. Mercury is leaving your quicksilver stars and moving into the emotional waters of Cancer. This will make you mushier, but far less distracted. With the Sun in your money zone, give some love to your finances for the next four weeks. 

Tuesday 20th June

Darling Gemini – today is the last day of the Sun's time in your stars for 2017. But that doesn't mean your awesome run will end any time soon. In fact, after you take some time off from the spotlight, the love planet will move into your stars in July. So there's plenty of sweetness on the way. 

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