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22 May - 21 June

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Sunday 25th September

With the Moon now hovering in your communication zone, your tendency to talk fast is even more exaggerated. Your mind is working overtime, which can make it hard to concentrate. At the same time, your natural genius is highlighted, and new ideas will come to you in a fast and furious fashion.

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Saturday 24th September

The Moon is in your money zone, so if you feel like shopping 'til you drop, you can probably blame the stars. If you can afford it, have at it because you'll find adorable options. But if your account isn't quite ready to be drained, try to be bargain savvy, Gemini – don't jump on the first shiny object you see.

Friday 23rd September

The planet of love and money is moving into your house of work and health for the next few weeks. Your daily life and overall wellness is about to get infinitely sweeter now, Gemini. You can look forward to reclaiming any missing passion for your work and other projects as well.

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Thursday 22nd September

Great news today, Gemini, it's the Fall Equinox, plus Mercury Retrograde ended early this morning. There is a sense of sweet reprieve on the communication front, and even some epiphanies along the way. You may even find solutions to problems that seemed impossible just a few days ago.

Wednesday 21st September

Not only is the Moon in your own sign today, giving you loads of charisma and grace, but your ruling planet Mercury is going direct at long-last first thing tomorrow. You'll start to feel the shift today, and things could be a bit bumpy at first. But soon enough you'll sense that everything is getting better in your home zone. 

Tuesday 20th September

Your ruler Mercury is locked in an embrace with Pluto, making it quite an intense day on multiple fronts. It's not a bad day by any means – it's actually a very freeing moment for you. The more substance you can add to every conversation, the better you'll understand your own goals. 

Monday 19th September

Life is finally slowing down to a more grounded pace, Gemini. Come out of your head and get back into your body where you can plant both feet back into the ground. You have likely been neglecting your basic self-care rituals during the last few weeks of non-stop energy.

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