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22 May - 21 June


Friday 15th December

There's a very welcome break in the Mercury Retrograde action today. Your ruling planet Mercury is meeting up with the lovely planet of beauty and love. Compromise, beauty, and conversational harmony are much easier to come by this Friday, Gemini. This is especially useful if you've recently gotten yourself into a row. 

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Thursday 14th December

Work, work and more work is on the agenda for the day. Yes, it's possible and even probable that burnout is happening as you push yourself past your already extreme limits. No one works more intensely than you do when you're totally into your projects. Today is one of those days.

Wednesday 13th December

The Moon moves into Scorpio today, taking the oppositional pressure off of you and giving you room to breathe and be yourself. The next few days should be more stable and possibly a bit more productive for you, Gemini. You'll be less scattered and more focused on your goals. 


Tuesday 12th December

Watch out, Gemini. Mercury is your ruler and at this moment, it's current causing extreme havoc, especially for your significant relationships. Communication is next to impossible right now with Mercury so close to the Sun: everything is hot and extra explosive. Avoid saying anything untoward, or maybe anything at all, for the next few days.

Monday 11th December

Romance is back in full effect today, Gemini. The Moon is
lighting up your love and pleasure zone and reminding you to take part in all
the things you adore. It's not a day for work or seriousness, even though it's
Monday. Try to follow the dictates of your heart exclusively if you can get
away with it. 

Sunday 10th December

Your hermit energy continues for just one last day, Gemini. You'll be back to your romantic and glorious self tomorrow. Use this last bit of introversion to hide away and finish up on all of your projects. The current Mercury Retrograde is excellent for working out any residual kinks in anything you're currently working on. 

Saturday 9th December

With Mars (the planet of passion and action) moving into your work zone today, you're getting a power-packed six weeks of productivity. This can come as a major relief in the midst of the messy retrograde you're already enduring. This transit will help you get done what you were losing track of.

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