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22 May - 21 June


Friday 09 December

Today brings just the boost you need, Gemini. With a sweet sextile between Jupiter and the Sun, relationships are where you get your mojo. Flirting is your fuel right now, and your words are an aphrodisiac: as are your texts and emails. Expect loads of attention and use it as you please.

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Thursday 8th December

The Full Moon in your sign is still just under a week away, but you may start to feel it during the next 24-hours or so, especially if you're birthday falls between 10 and 18 May. No matter when you were born, your main mission between now and next Tuesday is self-care.

Wednesday 7th December

Travel fever is on the rise compliments of both Mars and now Venus pushing every wanderlust button you never even knew you had, Gemini. The restless side of your personality could feel rather dominant, causing some unexpected and even eccentric reactions. Be sure to give yourself plenty of freedom and potential travel plans if possible.


Tuesday 6th December

Your career prospects are super stellar at the moment, Gemini. Plus, you have more inspiration than you have time for as 2017 comes racing closer. Make a nice long list of all of your dreams, even the ones that spill into the New Year. Pace yourself and they might all come true.

Monday 5th December

Travel fever abounds now, Gemini. If you don't have your next big adventure in the works, you'll be quick to hit the travel websites today. Staying in one place for too long makes for one very unhappy twin. Make sure you have an exciting itinerary set before the clock strikes 2017.

Sunday 4th December

Your romantic life is nothing short of awesome today, Gemini. Same goes for your creativity. However you choose to channel this power of love is up to you, but you will have plenty of good vibes to share, and this makes you undeniably attractive. The only issue is spreading yourself too thin.

Saturday 3rd December

You're getting your mojo back in a big way today, Gemini. Mars and Saturn are in a brain-stimulating sextile, and the Moon is heading into Aquarius, an air sign just like yours. Your creativity and your lust for life are coming on strong for the rest of the weekend – use them well.

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