Gemini daily horoscope

22 May - 21 June


Thursday 27th April

The Moon is moving into your stars today, Gemini. This is a perfect pick-me-up after a rather exhausting New Moon yesterday. You will welcome the breath of fresh air that brings you back into your own light-hearted vibe. You'll have loads on your mind as well.

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Wednesday 26th April

Today's New Moon will have an intense impact on your psyche, Gemini. Your dreams are powerful and your intuition is super sharp. This is the perfect moment to up your self-care game with yoga and meditation. Detach from your gadgets and get in touch with your inner voice. 


Tuesday 25th April

You're in dire need of extra rest now, Gemini. Don't avoid the inevitable by pushing yourself too hard or too far. Honor the limitations of your body and slow down. The less you do during this dark lunar phase, the happier you will feel. It's not laziness; it's a necessity right now.

Monday 24th April

The cosmos are finally beginning to shift a bit, Gemini. Last week was full of emotional challenges but by today, you're starting to tap into what's possible – and it's looking good. Your ruler is still in retrograde, but Monday's stars give you major networking power: other people are your golden ticket now.


Sunday 23rd April

You're obsessed with both your career goals and your social life simultaneously today, Gemini. Use this energy to harness your imagination and creativity for the best of both worlds. You can envision your next set of collaborations as well as dream up your next project: get it on the map.

Saturday 22nd April

Your career prospects are soaring and your creativity is out of this world today, Gemini. Even though your ruler Mercury is still retrograde and things in the real, practical world may still be nebulous, you can come up with some big plans for the future – just pencil them in for now.

Friday 21st April

Get ready for nonstop action and buzzing around town for the next few weeks, Gemini. Mars, the action planet, is moving into your stars to keep you on your toes and moving at full speed. You'll have to remember to take several deep breaths every few minutes, just to keep your sanity.

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