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22 May - 21 June


Saturday 21st October

With the Moon in Scorpio again today, deepness is what moves you. You're less interested in the superficialities of life and much more engaged by the power of meaning. Even as you go through your daily to-do list, you're searching for whatever lies beneath the surface.

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Friday 20th October

Your work projects are taking every last bit of energy, but you don't mind at all. It's where intense intrigue lies at the moment, plus your inspiration and creativity are on the rise. You may have a hard time knowing when passion borders on obsession, however. It's easy to overdo it now. 


Thursday 19th October

The New Moon has arrived and it's bringing a fresh start to your house of love and pleasure. It might not be anything you were expecting, but let's just say it will also exceed your wildest dreams. There is something eccentric and unpredictable about the energy of this lunation, and it's just what you want right now.

Wednesday 18th October

Today is the Dark Moon, which is another way of saying it's the time before the New Moon is exact and your next phase begins. This is a wonderful time to go deep, contemplate your soul's desires and focus on what you want to manifest during the next few weeks. 


Tuesday 17th October

 With your ruling planet Mercury moving into Scorpio today, your communication is about to get pretty intense, Gemini. During the next few weeks, especially at work, expect a deeper kind of exchange – you're getting to the real root of issues now, not merely skimming the surface. Don't be afraid of what will be revealed.

Monday 16th October

Today's lunar influence has you feeling like a total homebody once again, Gemini. It started yesterday but you may still be lost in your very own private world. This is how you access your best creativity and brilliance. You can come back out and socialize again tomorrow if you so desire. 

Sunday 15th October

Your inner hermit is taking over today, Gemini. You want to be left alone and could get snappy and grumpy if others push you too hard to socialize or interact. They are used to your more bubbly and extroverted side and don't quite understand when you suddenly turn inward. Don't worry about it – because it's time for self-care. 

Saturday 14th October

With Venus (ruler of love, beauty and romance) moving into your house of pleasure for the next few weeks, life is looking fine, Gemini. While she's hanging out in Libra, the sign of her rulership, Venus will be even stronger and more potent. Your mission: have LOADS of fun. 

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