Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Saturday 22nd July

You're changing priorities starting today, Taurus. The Sun is leaving your communication zone and moving to the base of your chart, turning you into a bit of a homebody for the next month. Until later in August, you'll adore hiding out in your preferred sanctuary, especially when you have the chance to be creative.

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Friday 21st July

There's no reason for holding back your feelings now, Taurus. The sooner you say what needs to be said, the better you will feel. In fact, it will suddenly open up a storehouse of energy you didn't even know you had. Your creativity should surge as soon as you let your feelings rip.

Thursday 20th July

Mars moves into your home zone today and will keep the fires burning there through early September. This brings extra emphasis to all domestic themes: family, early childhood memories, and the actual structure of your home. Just watch for dramatic rows with your partner and loved ones – they can come up out of nowhere.


Wednesday 19th July

Money is a major theme for you during the next few days, Taurus. With the Moon in your house of income, you might even feel a bit emotional about your financial security. On the other hand, you might just be in the mood to wantonly spend, spend and spend some more: watch out for excess. 

Tuesday 18th July

The Moon is still in your stars, which is both soothing and grounding. It's also making you rather obsessed with expensive and beautiful things. Your ruling planet Venus is getting amplified by "too much is never enough" Jupiter so a tendency toward excess is in the air. This goes for eating, drinking and shopping. 

Monday 17th July

The Moon is in your stars today, Taurus. You're totally in your element and feeling mellow and groovy, even if everyone else around you seems a bit off the rails. Someone has to be the soothing and calming vibe in the room. That of course would be you as always, darling.

Sunday 16th July

The Moon remains in your dream zone this Sunday, but it gets a bit more intense as it moves into a square with Mars and Pluto. This can set off some heretofore hidden parts of you psyche, ones that you perhaps weren't ready to deal with just yet. Trust that facing it is the healthy path, Taurus. 

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