Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Sunday 28th May

The astro-situation intensifies today, as Mars and Saturn prepare to oppose each other late tonight. If you feel edgy or strange, note that it's likely just the stars. Everyone is agitated now, which is why your best approach might be to avoid all forms of conflict at all costs.

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Saturday 27th May

The Moon finally moves out of Gemini, ending the New Moon weirdness once and for all. Today feels completely different than most of the workweek has felt – but you have to tap into the sweet, nurturing energy. Pay attention to the conversations you have – especially the ones that radiate love and compassion. 

Friday 26th May

With the New Moon now behind you, you can begin the process of working on the details of attaining your goals. During the next few days (ideally before two weeks are up) you should focus on your finances – minding your budget will help you to increase your bottom line.


Thursday 25th May

It's a New Moon today, Taurus, and it's asking you to plant the right seeds for money and prosperity. Make a list of your greatest values – and know that they'll help you manage your budget over the next six months. What gives you both a sense of beauty and security? These tend to be at the very top of your list.

Wednesday 24th May

The Moon is still in your grounded and sweet stars today, Taurus. The only thing is that she is at her darkest point, inspiring you to slow down and even retreat from the world a bit. Use this low energy phase to delve deep into your own soul. You are preparing for a fresh financial cycle.

Tuesday 23rd May

Today the Moon and Mercury are joining up in your very own stars, Taurus. This is an excellent time to be in your earthy, sensual element. Take your time to linger on your favorite sources of comfort and pleasure. There is no reason to rush, or you lose the bliss of it all.  

Monday 22nd May

The energy is extremely high and others are losing patience. You are feeling the same restlessness, but it may just exhaust you make you want to hide from the world. If you can take time to retreat and deal with the stress on your own timing, you'll handle it the way you like—calm, cool and collected.

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