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21 April - 21 May


Tuesday 28th March

The post-New Moon energy might have you feeling a bit tired, Taurus, as if you stayed up all night worrying (and maybe you did do that this past weekend.) Even if you got plenty of sleep, your psyche is getting quite a workout, so take it slow and easy today. 

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Monday 27th March

Today's New Moon is excellent for a sleepy reset. You are craving more time to dream and reflect on what your soul really wants and needs. Don't let your fear stand between you and even your riskiest dreams. The more you push yourself past your comfort zone, the better your success.


Sunday 26th March

Tomorrow's New Moon is today's big headline, Taurus. Expect to feel a bit strange or out of it for the next 24-hours or so. Most of the answers you're seeking can be found within, not from external sources of information. Get quiet, meditate, do some journaling: that's where the wisdom lies.

Saturday 25th March

This is a powerful day, Taurus. The Sun and Venus are coming together to initiate the next level of the current Venus Retrograde. You might be tempted to invest in a situation that appears alluring, but hides a hidden dark side. Proceed cautiously with both love and money, darling.


Friday 24th April

It's all about your career and your higher calling now, Taurus. The waning Moon is putting a lag on your overall energy, but not when it comes to your work and your mission statement. You are still pushing for greatness with your legendary determination—even against all obstacles and exhaustion.

Thursday 23rd March

It's easy to be too hard on yourself today, Taurus – your self-critical tone could get a bit harsh, especially toward the evening. With both Mercury and Pluto in your house of dreams and psyche, there's an aggressive edge, even to your private thoughts. Don't listen to those negative tapes in your mind – change the channel.

Wednesday 22nd March

You're still in your element through midday, Taurus, so make the morning count. By later in the afternoon the Moon will move into a stagnant phase – between two signs. By the time you wake up tomorrow, expect big-time ambition. But in the meantime, chill out a bit. 

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