Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Friday 22nd September

Today is the Autumnal Equinox and the beginning of four weeks of hard but rewarding work. The Sun moves into your productivity zone and will remain there for a month, helping you to focus, organize, and to bring more balance to your mind and body. Yes, Taurus, take one yoga class for every deadline you hit. 

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Thursday 21st September

With the Moon in your house of work, the next few days are all about massive productivity, even if you're tired part and feel like you can only start to make lists. The Sun will move into the same of your chart tomorrow, so this is the main thrust of your life for a while, Taurus – prepare to get things done. 

Wednesday 20th September

The part of your brain that loves to overthink, overanalyze and just over-do is running the show under today's New Moon. You're ready for a fresh start in the love and creativity department. The moment you've been waiting for finally arrives this morning; some major love buzz is coming back into your life now.


Tuesday 19th September

Today's Dark Moon brings an interesting combination of the romantic and creative. No wonder it's hard to decide whether you want to be alone or in intimate company. In any case, you are happiest if you can be surrounded by beauty and make time for art. The overall energy is lower than usual, so it's better to be with someone mellow.

Monday 18th September

There's a New Moon on tap in a few days, and it's starting to have a major impact on the way you think and feel, Taurus. You might be a lot more sensitive during the next 48-hours or so, and potentially a bit more tired than usual. Take extra care and be kind to yourself.

Sunday 17th September

You're not really one for sudden spontaneity, but with your ruler Venus dancing with Uranus, the planet of surprise, you may not have any other choice this weekend. There's something new and potentially decadent to do or see or experience today, and you shouldn't miss your chance.

Saturday 16th September

Mercury and Mars are reaching their culmination in an ongoing battle. You are not one who loves fighting by any stretch of the imagination, but you might not have a choice today. Of course if anyone can find a way to turn tension and aggression into peace, it's you, Taurus. 

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