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21 April - 21 May


Thursday 29th June

You can't stand being forced into doing something you are not ready to do or saying something you don't mean. Today could be a horrendous combination of both of these dreaded scenarios. Everyone seems hell-bent on forcing the issue now. Use your peaceful nature to patiently but stubbornly resist, resist, resist.

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Wednesday 28th June

With Mercury and Mars conjunct today, people are as hotheaded as can be – and they're just as emotional. There is no safe space, Taurus – you can't escape all the intense feelings. Once the dam is broken it will come out, and some of it might be uncomfortable.

Tuesday 27th June

Mercury is super busy today, and this can make you feel a bit overwhelmed by information. If it seems like life is moving way too fast for you, just take a deep breath and let others speed past you for now. You'll surely catch up – there's no reason to rush and stress out.


Monday 26th June

The stars are kind of confusing on this Monday, Taurus. The physicality of Mars is meshing with the spiritual nature of Neptune – which can make you feel like you're having an out-of-body experience. It's nearly impossible to stay grounded under such an influence, so cleave to your practicality. 

Sunday 25th June

Communication is still extremely emotionally-loaded at the moment, Taurus. Despite your best efforts to keep the peace both in word and thought, feelings can take over. At least you're not alone. Everyone is being pushed to their emotional limits now. Just come back to your center and refuse to get swept up in drama.

Saturday 24th June

A new cycle is underway and it's putting extreme emotional pressure on communication. You prefer taking your time and revealing your feelings in a very measured and careful manner. However, the current energy feels more like someone just unleashed the floodgates. Writing is an excellent way to release some of the pent up feelings.

Friday 23rd June

Happy New Moon of June, Taurus! Communication is the best item in your toolbox right now – use all possible avenues to get your message out. All forms of social media are effective, as are old-fashioned phone calls. Just make sure that you don't keep your opinion to yourself.

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