Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Monday 20th February

You're feeling
pretty intense at the moment, Taurus, but in a good way. You're willing to look
within and to be brutally honest about what you find there. You're no longer able
to sit on the sidelines and experience life as a bystander – you want in on the
game, right now. 

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Sunday 19th February

You're all about getting fired up for big changes now, Taurus. It might go against your very nature to release your habits, fixations and other intense grips on your favorite things, but alas you must. The wild side of your nature is dying to burn through the ruts. Let go, let go, let go. 

Saturday 18th February

The Sun shifts into your house of goals and friends today, setting you up for four weeks of extreme socialising. You're all about getting together for both business and pleasure, and networking is extremely easy – even pleasant. You're going to make those connections, Taurus, you just have to put yourself out there.


Friday 17th February

The Moon is still in your opposite stars for one last day, Taurus. Take advantage of your love of deep one-on-one time. Nothing shallow will do for you now. If you feel pulled into group activities, make sure you have at least one person you can sneak off with to escape the scene.

Thursday 16th February

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, which can bring up relationship tensions. But luckily, with Mercury and Mars in a positive angle to one another, you can have a productive conversation that gets straight to the heart of the matter. There's no need to beat around the bush.

Wednesday 15th February

The Moon moves into your opposite stars today and this could lower your energy. The best remedy is some quality one-on-one time with someone you adore. It's not a day for superficial chatter or forced socializing, so politely decline. Your ideal is deep intimacy with your beloved. Your second choice: go solo.

Tuesday 14th February

The sign that shares your ruler Venus is in charge of the stars today, making it a very relationship-oriented Valentine's Day. With the Moon in your house of work, however, you could be more focused on deadlines than on romance. You might find yourself in a tug of war between love and work.

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