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21 April - 21 May


Wednesday 28th September

The Moon moves into your romance zone today, Taurus. Fall in love with your life all over again. Pleasure is your reason for living now, so let yourself linger in all of the sweetest moments. Don't let anyone or anything make you feel pushed or rushed. You know the beauty happens when you take it slow.

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Tuesday 27th September

Mars is the planet of passion, and he's moving into your house of travel and adventure today. This triggers a powerful few months of wanderlust for you – the likes of which you may not have experienced in a long time. You're ready to see and do new things and connect with people from all over the world. 

Monday 26th September

Pluto has been retrograde in your travel zone since last April, and the planet of transformation finally moves forward today. You're ready to next-level your relationship with the world around you, after months of internal shifting and transformation. Your wanderlust is likely to expand in the next few months.


Sunday 25th September

There's a major change in the atmosphere today, as the Moon moves from nurturing Cancer to diva-esque Leo. What this means for you, Taurus, is a sudden obsession with all things domestic and family-related. This is a perfect Sunday to get things beautifully organized on the home front.

Saturday 24th September

A sweet, mellow Moon dominates the day. Lunar energy is flooding your communication zone, adding a depth and realness to your words. Whether you're speaking or texting, you've conveying powerful meaning, and the recipients will fully feel your sentiment. You don't have to use a lot of fancy language – just speak from the heart.

Friday 23rd September

Your ruling planet is getting ready to shift into your opposite stars today. This bodes well for your relationships, especially if there is anyone you wish to go deeper with. You might find yourself more passionately obsessed about your one-to-one connections over the next few weeks. Say thank you to sweet Venus. 

Thursday 22nd September

It's the Fall Equinox, a day when peace, harmony and balance are in abundant supply. In other words, you are totally in your beautiful element, Taurus. Plus, Mercury Retrograde is over and you can get back to communication that actually makes sense and doesn't require clarification and translation.

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