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21 April - 21 May


Wednesday 7th December

Your career zone is getting some major planetary mojo these days, Taurus. You already had Mars doing your bidding in the professional department, but today your ruling planet, Venus moves up to the top of your chart to add even more sweetness and money to the mix. Enjoy the status surge.

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Tuesday 6th December

Your social life is exceptionally out of this world today, Taurus. In fact, this could be quite literal in that you and your mates will long for the mystical, the magical and the glamorous under the current stars. Choose your favourite modes of escape for highest bliss levels.

Monday 5th December

The stars are pushing your patience, Taurus. It takes a lot to get you incited to anger but when you reach your breaking point, look out. If you feel like any injustice was done you're even more likely to blow a fuse today. You are especially protective of those you love and your closest friends.


Sunday 4th December

You're feeling totally on top of the world today, Taurus. Even though it's not officially a workday, you've got big career stuff on your mind and even bigger projects on your plate. Sometimes having a day off is actually the perfect time to find a clear space to get things accomplished.

Saturday 3rd December

The Moon moves into your career zone later in the day, so even though it's Saturday, you'll be firmly focused on your professional life. If you're obsessing, do one thing to get it out of your system, Taurus – you are allowed to spend an hour working. But once you're done – go out and have some fun, because you deserve it.

Friday 2nd December

There's a powerful surge of planetary powers pushing you to new heights today, Taurus. If you woke up feeling like "time is of the essence" you can thank the current convergence of stars. The planets are asking you to make the most of every resource and opportunity you've got.

Thursday 1st December

With Chiron, the planetary body known as the "wounded healer" going direct today, expect your feelings to come first. Emotions are running high right now, Taurus – especially when it comes to your friendships and other social relationships. If you ever felt like an outsider, those old feelings can come up now. 

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