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21 April - 21 May


Saturday 19th August

We're officially in the heat of the eclipse moment, Taurus, so rather than letting yourself be tossed and turned by the drama, turn it into something that makes you feel like you're headed in the right direction. Home is where your heart lies, even if it's more challenging to find stability there at the moment. 

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Friday 18th August

There are so many feelings swirling through your mind at the moment. It might be hard to make sense of any of them at the moment, as the Moon is quite dark. Use this introverted time to reconnect with your heart and your deeper needs. Journaling is extremely cathartic now.

Thursday 17th August

Express your feelings to those closest and most trusted today. If you don't have anyone you can confide in at the moment, at least get your emotions out into some kind of journal or diary. The key is not to suppress, Taurus. We are in between eclipses and so much is brewing beneath the surface.


Wednesday 16th August

With the Moon in your money zone today, it's time to focus on any financial issues that have come up since Mercury Retrograde started last weekend. It's possible that your accounts have gotten a bit messy while you've paid attention to other things – but take a moment to organize everything as soon as possible.

Tuesday 15th August

There is a strong tension in the air between Venus and Pluto as they go head-to-head. Emotional dramas are raging as are power struggles of all varieties. Don't get caught in the fray, darling. You don't want anything to do with conflict. It can affect your complexion not to mention your nervous system.

Monday 14th August

The Moon is still in your sign today, which makes you bold, fearless and extra charming. Your charisma is so charged right now that you're practically irresistible, Taurus. Whether you're trying to make something happen personally or professionally, it's much easier to do under these lovely stars.

Sunday 13th August

With Mercury in retrograde in your love zone for the next three weeks, creative projects and romantic relationships are up for a bit of a review. Between now and 5 September, you can reevaluate any dating scenarios (and exes might just return to your life). It's also a perfect time to revise a project to launch this fall. 

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