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21 April - 21 May


Friday 15th December

The recent communication stress is easing up if only for a brief moment today. You will welcome this reprieve, as people seem determined to keep the peace rather than prove a point. That's because Mercury is meeting up with your sweet ruler Venus, resulting in sweet exchanges instead of conflict.

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Thursday 14th December

The emphasis is on your partnerships at the moment, Taurus. You're incredibly loyal and passionate to begin with, but that's an understatement under the current stars. It's easy to go all or nothing under the Moon-Jupiter aspect in your opposite constellation of Scorpio. You're about to take extremism to new levels.

Wednesday 13th December

The Moon moves into Scorpio, your opposite sign, early today. This can make you a bit moody and temporarily insecure in your significant relationships, Taurus. And with Mercury Retrograde, it's easy to jump to conclusions and make unfounded accusations – sit with your feelings before reacting. Projection is more than likely. 


Tuesday 12th December

With Mercury and the Sun at their closest point of the retrograde, everything feels super intense and strange. Communication could be deeply strained for the next few days, especially for your most intimate relationships. Taking a break from hard conversations is probably a wise move right now, Taurus. 

Monday 11th December

The Moon moves into your house of work and daily scheduling
today. It's an opportune moment to sit down and get grounded in your day-to-day
dealings. Do you feel out of flow with your schedule? You can easily revamp and
revise your calendar like a boss under the current stars.

Sunday 10th December

Love and creativity rule your day. The Moon continues to influence your house of romance and pleasure for one last day. Get it all out of your system now before the work starts to kick in tomorrow. Linger in what you adore and feel free to overkill so that you feel completely satiated.

Saturday 9th December

Mars moves into your relationship zone today, where he'll fire up your love life straight through the start of 2018. This can make you a bit more aggressive with your partners and cause a row or two, but the good news is that any arguments can be solved in bed.

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