Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Thursday 27th April

The New Moon energy of yesterday is still buzzing around in your body and helping you feel like you're finally coming unstuck. Now the only problem is that you want to tackle a million new projects at once. Don't lose touch with your innate ability to pace yourself and enjoy the process.

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Wednesday 26th April

The New Moon in your sign has arrived! This is your moment, Taurus, so use it for all it's worth. This is the start of six months of miraculous success. It's essential to make a list of everything you want to accomplish in your personal and professional life – then dive in and start winning.

Tuesday 25th April

Can you feel everything inside of you wanting to retreat and turn away from the outer demands of the world? You're right on the verge of the New Moon in your stars tomorrow, but first is the final clearing and cleansing phase. Use this time to let go of anything that no longer serves you.


Monday 24th April

You're still a bit out of it, thanks to the Moon's current location in your horoscope. But you're also sensing that big things are right around the corner, and they might even arrive in the next few days. That is precisely the energy of the New Moon in your own sign – Wednesday is your big day.

Sunday 23rd April

You may feel the need to escape into your favourite films and other dreamy worlds to avoid mundane reality. The key is to seek inspiration and soul time from sources that fill you up rather than deplete or drain you. Surround yourself with people who speak the same magical language today, Taurus. 

Saturday 22nd April

The Moon is in mystical Pisces today, so the astro-vibe is pure glitter and glamour.  Your social zone is lit up by this lunar transit so spending time with friends or family is definitely called for this Saturday. You might want some time to yourself, but definitely not all of your time – you need to connect.

Friday 21st April

A huge load of pressure is leaving your body today as Mars exits your stars, Taurus. He's put you into go-go-go mode for the past several weeks. Now you're ready to get grounded and put your energies into financial concerns. You have all the courage you need to tackle your money situation.

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