Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Saturday 21st October

Partnership is the theme of the day, Taurus, so whether you're single or in a relationship, work on your one-to-one skills. Dating, mating and relating are up for assessment right now, and your professional alliances are on the table as well. You're refining and improving this part of your life.

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Friday 20th October

Relationships are going next level today, Taurus. If you're not ready for the deep end, it's better not to play at all. You really don't have a choice but to plummet the depths of your feelings, desires and even secrets. All is coming to the surface now, so better to 'fess up.

Thursday 19th October

Today's New Moon is bringing waves of electric, unpredictable energies into the mix. You'll notice that something rather unusual is taking form in your daily rituals and even your work life. Yes, you're ready for something totally new (which is a bit radical for you) but you probably didn't expect it to hit like this.


Wednesday 18th October

Tomorrow's New Moon sets the stage for the next phase of your relationships, but right now, while the Moon is dark, you might feel a bit anxious and out of it. Try to tune into the super optimistic Jupiter energy that is fueling this lunation – it will calm you and bring you joy.

Tuesday 17th October

Mercury moves into your opposite sign today and will remain in sultry Scorpio until early November. This takes your relationships to the next level, at least in the realm of communication. Your conversations can deepen profoundly during the next few weeks, Taurus. Be willing to let yourself feel vulnerable.

Monday 16th October

The Moon continues to light up your love and pleasure zone today, Taurus. You're feeling especially romantic and creative under the current stars. It might be hard to attend to mundane details, but since it's Monday, you may have no choice. Just set aside at least an hour to enjoy life – otherwise you may be depleted.  

Sunday 15th October

Your inner romantic is taking over but this can make you fussy too. You may start to overanalyze all of the details when you're feeling the love buzz. It's the same with your creativity. You want everything to line up perfectly, but that can bring too much worry into the mix and kill your flow.

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