Taurus daily horoscope

21 April - 21 May


Tuesday 24th January

Integrity is everything today, Taurus. You have nothing to lose when you put your morals and standards on the line for everything you believe in. It's only when you sell out or compromise that it all goes awry. You know from experience and must stay true to your values. Today is a test. 

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Monday 23rd January

You're crazy creative today, as if you're channeling ideas and images from another realm. Philosophy, art, and magic are all on your mind – but mundane Monday morning tasks are clearly not. You may not be able to concentrate unless you have an outlet for your beautiful ideas.

Sunday 22nd January

The Moon moves out of your opposite sign this morning, lightening your mood considerably. Life has felt a bit dark during the last few days, but by the time you wake up today there's a whole new vibe in the air – and a much brighter one at that.


Saturday 21st January

Your relationship zone is serene and sweet at the moment, just the way you like it, Taurus. Take advantage of this unusually sultry vibe for inspiration on all levels. If you have your heart set on something, get a clear visual of it and watch how quickly the law of attraction works for you today.

Friday 20th January

The Moon is waning and moves into your opposite stars today, Taurus. This spells low energy all around so take it easy. You're best off withdrawing from the crowds, as you'll be craving a mellow vibe with someone you feel totally comfortable with. The more intimate and deep, the better.

Thursday 19th January

Your focus is changing today, Taurus. The Sun is moving into your career zone, starting a month-long phase of amazing professional prowess. Your ambitions are totally stoked right now, and you can make the connections you need to get straight to the top – or at least pretty close.

Wednesday 18th January

Venus is still in charge for another day, with the Moon in Libra, the sign of your co-rulership. This can really help to stave off the stress, because there is an intense aspect coming tomorrow. Rather than tuning into the things that you can't control – the ones that might make you anxious – focus on the current moment, and breathe into it.

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