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21 March - 20 April


Tuesday 24th January

It's time to get down to serious business today, Aries. Think long-term gain around your career. Yes, this means sacrificing immediate pleasure. Just remind yourself that you're in the process of building an empire. It's worth a little bit of plotting and planning rather than diving in headfirst.

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Monday 23rd January

Today is a bit dreamy and your imagination is turned way up. It could also be a bit confusing, Aries – hard to distinguish reality from fantasy. That's not always a bad thing when you need to be creative, but it can be quite annoying when you need to deal with facts and figures.

Sunday 22nd January

Hope returns today, Aries, even if the last few days have been somewhat dark. With the Moon moving into your house of long-distance travel and mind-expansion, you can't help but think big. Wrap your brain around a challenging problem and you'll discover a thousand ways through it – and beyond.


Saturday 21st January

Today is one for the romance record books. This doesn't have to fall exclusively under the category or falling in love with another human, however. It's more about your lust for life now. You can turn even the most seemingly mundane situation into something cinematic and super sexy with the powers of your imagination, Aries.

Friday 20th January

You're torn between wanting to be totally social and wanting to be completely private today, Aries. Make time to indulge both needs. You can get your mixing and mingling out of the way early in the day so you leave the evening for going deep and solo, or at the maximum—one on one.

Thursday 19th January

The Sun is moving into your house of networking and goals today, Aries. This initiates a month of awesome collaboration on multiple fronts: professional and personal. Your wishes come true when you work with a group of friends, or even when you socialise with new people. Expand and explore. 

Wednesday 18th January

Remain on your toes because surprises can come at you from multiple angles today, especially as far as your close, one-to-one relationships are concerned. You're used to being the aggressive one, but you might suddenly find that someone does or says something that feels too harsh for you.

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