Aries daily horoscope

21 March - 20 April


Monday 20th February

You're starting
the workweek on a super fiery footing, Aries – exactly like you love it best.
You can attack this week with major creative mojo and a sense of adventure. In
fact, if you don't have something amazing to dive into you're likely to be
bored out of your mind – stay stimulated.

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Sunday 19th February

Today is full of fire, Aries. Your patience is nil but your wild streak is unstoppable. Use this inspiration for something uplifting instead of burning bridges. Impulse control is not a viable option at the moment so you might need to enlist a good friend to keep you in check.

Saturday 18th February

There's a big change in the air today as the Sun shifts into your dream zone. During the next four weeks you're all about expanding your imagination, Aries. It might not be easy to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, but once in a while, that's exactly what you need.


Friday 17th February

You're on the verge of switching from social to introvert mode. This could feel a bit confusing as part of you wants to spend all your time with friends now and another part would be happy hiding out solo watching your favorite flix. It's all in a bit of an adjustment phase now, Aries.

Thursday 16th February

Sultriness rules today, Aries. With the Moon in your sex zone, this is one of the hottest moments of the month, barring other influences. You can and should go deep now, because you're more than capable of the most powerful transformation possible. Don't just skim the surface.

Wednesday 15th February

This is a feel good day full of flow, Aries. Relationship dynamics are on point.  Balance between give and take just happens without the usual struggle. You won't have to worry about doing or talking too much – just be there. It's a give peace a chance kind of vibe.

Tuesday 14th February

Valentine's Day couldn't be more perfect for you, Aries, because the Moon is in your relationship zone today and tonight. This is a day to honor your partnerships – even those that aren't necessarily romantic. It's a reminder that you can learn all you need to know about yourself through others – let them be your mirror. 

Monday 13th February

The Moon moves into your relationship zone today, bringing your focus back to love and partnership for a few days. You've been a bit crazed with passion, desire, and creativity in the last week or so, and this should bring you back to balance, Aries. Stop spinning around like a top and get grounded.

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