Aries daily horoscope

21 March - 20 April


Friday 15th December

After weeks of communication mayhem, there's a welcome break in the action today. Mercury is meeting up with Venus, creating more diplomatic and graceful conversations. People are more likely to look for win-win solutions instead of dragging you through the mud just to prove they are right. 

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Thursday 14th December

It's time to get your sexy on, Aries. The stars are giving you maximum magnetism and mojo today. The Scorpio Moon merges with Jupiter to amplify your decadent nature. You're simply irresistible under this rather dreamy and dramatic influence. Work your magic carefully so you only attract what you really want. 

Wednesday 13th December

Life and love deepen and transform today, Aries. The Moon will spend the next few days in your house of intimacy, so this is your monthly reminder to look inward and do some serious contemplation. You may want to connect with lovers, past or present, and well you should. 


Tuesday 12th December

Today is possibly the most intense day of the retrograde so far, so batten down the hatches and back up all your gadgets. Mercury and the Sun are "combust" right now, making all of us feel bananas. Communication is a mess and travel issues are extremely likely – check everything in advance, then check it again.

Monday 11th December

It's time to get back into balance, Aries. The Moon moves into
your opposite constellation and asks you to adapt, adjust and accommodate in
all of your dealings. Put the other person first for the win today. It will
actually benefit you in the long run, so give them what they want and need.

Sunday 10th December

It's hard to relax today, Aries – work is piling up and it's not even Monday yet. You're already anticipating just how much you'll have to do and focus on over the next several weeks. If you can get a jumpstart on it today, go for it. It will surely ease your mind and set you up for a successful week.

Saturday 9th December

Your ruler is on the move today, Aries, so you'll feel this astro-change more acutely than other signs. Mars moves into Scorpio, where it will rev up your desire for the next six weeks or so. This is the sexiest transit to have over the holidays, hands down.

Friday 8th December

There's some much-needed fire in the air today, Aries. It's all about love, romance and pleasure at the moment, and after the last few intense weeks, you're in dire need of some of that good stuff. With the Moon in Leo you can get what you need and then some. 

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