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21 March - 20 April


Wednesday 23 August

You may have missed it yesterday while you were in eclipse-recovery mode, but the Sun just moved into Virgo, which rules your house of work. No matter your status, this promote a "back-to-school" feeling – it's time to get organized and plunge ahead on projects. The next four weeks are BUSY.

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Tuesday 22nd August

You're in recovery mode after yesterday's potent eclipse storm, Aries. Use this energy to come back to your senses and more importantly, back into your body. Have you been neglecting your basic self-care while fighting to defend your pride? Don't get lost in your head by overthinking it: just move. 

Monday 21st August

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is here and it's not kidding, Aries. It's full of fire and yet it's also putting out other fires. Yes, it's that kind of paradox. You're feeling feistier and yet more exhausted than ever. Put down your weapons and turn inward to process the deeper changes now. 


Sunday 20th August

It's time to prepare, Aries. Tomorrow's Solar Eclipse is changing the world, and thus, changing you at your core. This is deeply related to your creative spirit, the part of you that thrives on pure inspiration. It may be hard to seize this energy at the moment, while everything feels chaotic, but trust that this is your true purpose.

Saturday 19th August

You're in it to win it today, Aries. To win the eclipse, that is. This massively important event is coming up on Monday but the energy beings to roil and boil today as the Moon moves into simmering Leo, your sister fire sign. You're starving for romance and creativity now - so get some and don't apologize.

Friday 18th August

Emotions are skyrocketing now, Aries. You may feel like every button is getting pushed at once, making you want to scream or implode. It's the build-up to the next eclipse plus a very emotional dark Moon. Better to turn within and feel what needs to be felt. Don't take it out on anybody.

Thursday 17th August

If you're feeling cranky, moody and just all-around emotional, trust that this too shall pass, Aries. We're in between eclipses and the Moon is at the base of your horoscope. Seek comfort in connection with family and hunkering down at home. Lying low and nursing your feelings is where it's at now.

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