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21 March - 20 April


Wednesday 7th December

Today marks a fabulous shift into a super social schedule, Aries. You now have both Venus and Mars powering up your zone of friendships, long-term goals and wishes for the next few weeks. This is one of the best times for networking and working your connections—and just in time for the New Year.

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Tuesday 6th December

This day is for dreaming, Aries. Let the details and facts and figures go because that part of your brain is just not operative at the moment. Fantasy, glamour and anything that takes you beyond the mundane world is where it's at under the current stars. Get lost in fantasy – just for fun. 

Monday 5th December

You're one feisty Ram today. Pity the fool who tries to throw any rules or limitations your way. You're so not having any of it. Rebellion is your middle name under the current stars. If you feel like starting up some controversy, just be sure that you won't burn any bridges permanently in your impulsive haste.


Sunday 4th December

The Moon and Jupiter are working to bring amazing people into your world both personally and professionally today. Work those connections. You can effortlessly win friends and influence people with your natural effervescent and fiery charms. Plus, you have the perfect combination of edge and tactfulness under the current stars.

Saturday 3rd December

It's a can-do Saturday, Aries. That is after you finally roll out of bed. The Moon is still void-of-course in the morning, which might have you pulling the blanket right over your head and snoozing for a while. But once you're up, your up – and you'll hit the ground running.

Friday 2nd December

There's a massive planetary pile-up taking place in your career zone today, Aries. The Moon and Pluto are teaming up and creating the kind of emotional power and conviction you need to take your goals to the next level. Plus, Mercury changes signs today, amping up the potential for wheeling and dealing and making new contacts.

Thursday 1st December

Be prepared for your emotional floodgates to suddenly burst wide open today, Aries. Chiron, the planetary body known as the "wounded healer," is going direct after a long retrograde. It's in your house of dreams, so anything your psyche has been suppressing can come out during the next few days. 

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