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20 February - 20 March


Friday 22nd September

The Fall Equinox is here, Pisces. It brings the Sun into your house of intimacy for the next four weeks. This can intensify your libido or just make you crave emotional closeness with your partner. It's also an excellent phase for deep psychological transformation – you can move past old issues. 

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Thursday 21st September

The Moon is in your house of intimacy today so it's totally normal to crave closeness and connection. There's something so freeing about letting yourself feel vulnerable even when that's the thing that scares you the most, Pisces. This will be a powerful theme in your life during the next few weeks.

Wednesday 20th September

Today's New Moon lands in your opposite stars and puts the focus on your relationships, Pisces. Don't be afraid to say what you want (and what you don't want) in your partnership dynamics. Even if it sounds critical at first, you'll at least get clear on your own lines in the sand. 


Tuesday 19th September

Relationships are taking up so much of your emotional space these days, Pisces. Blame it on the Dark Moon falling in your opposite stars. The lunar energy concerns your next six-month cycle of dating, mating and relating. Are you overanalyzing the meaning of partnership? Try to stay calm and let the wisdom flow to you without working too hard.

Monday 18th September

Your sensitive soul is already reeling from the upcoming New Moon in Virgo – not just because it's in your opposite sign, but because it's a powerful lunation for all. If you feel anxious, remind yourself that it's just stars, Pisces. Then go out and do something extra nice for yourself. Hint: a pedicure is the perfect antidote. 

Sunday 17th September

Naughtiness rules right now, Pisces.  With Venus and Uranus in a trine formation, being a little bit wrong is just right. In fact, with Uranus currently in your spending zone and Venus in your house of sex, your fave lingerie shop might be calling you this Sunday.   

Saturday 16th September

Today's Mercury-Mars war is setting off alarms everywhere you turn today, Pisces. You're extremely sensitive to the conflict and hostility in the air. Protect yourself and refuse to engage in the drama. Let others work it out on the verbal battlefield. You're happier sitting this one out in order to preserve your relationships. 

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