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20 February - 20 March


Saturday 21st October

Immerse yourself in the dreamiest, sexiest, most adventurous terrain you can access today, Pisces. With the Moon in Scorpio, your sister water sign, there's no other choice but to descend to the deepest depths of your imagination. That's where you prefer to be, and today the stars are supporting your mission. 

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Friday 20th October

It's your kind of day, Pisces. It's deep, moody and full of feelings. You won't feel alone in your need to go deep and dramatic. Others are craving that level of connection and intimacy as well. Surround yourself with other sensitive souls who totally get it and speak your language. 

Thursday 19th October

Today's New Moon is anything but quaint and ordinary. In fact, the strange currents running through the ethers these days have everyone on edge and exhausted. You feel everything and sense everyone else's feelings as well, so this could do a number on your nervous system. Be sure to up your self-care game. 


Wednesday 18th October

Today's energy might feel a bit strange, Pisces, but it's nothing to stress about. It's because the New Moon is tomorrow, and the day and night before, we feel the darkness in the universe. The positive bit is that you've got an entirely blank slate to draw on, and you can map out your next few weeks of success.

Tuesday 17th October

The planet in charge of communication and thinking is moving into Scorpio, a water sign like your own. This will intensify your conversations during the next few weeks, especially when discussing culture and politics. Your worldview can deepen and grow, especially when you expose yourself to other people's ideas.

Monday 16th October

The Moon is in your opposite stars again today, Pisces. You are focused on love and relationships but you might also be a bit overly neurotic. If you are sinking into worry and negativity or projecting that on to the ones you love, you know it's time to stop. Give yourself a reality check. 

Sunday 15th October

There is so much to be thankful for and your relationships are a huge part of that gratitude list now. You might even obsess about your partners and other loved ones under the current lunation, because it falls in your opposite stars. Instead of worrying, pour on the love and compassion.  

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