Pisces daily horoscope

20 February - 20 March

Tuesday 30th May

Today's lunar energy is ideal for putting some new creative
rituals into your daily planning. If you aren't in love with your routine,
you'll simply procrastinate. Make it as fun and glamorous as you want. Why
should work be all drudgery and no play? You can have the best of both worlds
now, Pisces. 

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Monday 29th May

The stars are taking a turn – firmly in the right direction. The Mars-Saturn opposition is fading now, letting you breathe a sign of major relief. Your overall sense of balance and wellness should improve markedly over the next few days, Pisces. Sit with your feelings for a while, and just let them flow. 

Sunday 28th May

The planet of relentless drive is getting ready to oppose Saturn, the planet of boundaries. This is a clash for the ages, Pisces, and your sensitive soul may be quite agitated by it all. Do your best to take extra good care of yourself today all day, because the aspect will build in intensity until it perfects late tonight. 


Friday 26th May

The stars are easing you right into the weekend, Pisces. With the Moon in your house of home for another day, coziness is calling you. This might be the perfect Friday to ask your boss for a work-from-home option, so you can spend more time in your sanctuary. 

Thursday 25th May

Today's New Moon is ideal for embracing your inner homebody, Pisces. Yes, it's time to fall in love with your sanctuary all over again. What is it that makes your personal space more than just a place to land? Whether it's redecorating or full-on renovation, you're about to make your house a home.

Wednesday 24th May

Your mind is rich and full of deep and lovely insights. Take time to write down all of these gems before they disappear like the current waning Moon. This is an opportune time to incubate your next six months of ideas, dreams and schemes but wait until next week (when the Moon is waxing again) to make major decisions.

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