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20 February - 20 March


Saturday 25th March

There's a stormy surge of impatience in the air all around you today, Pisces. This could lead you to blow your cash without thinking, but that that's a very bad idea at the moment. Avoid retail therapy at all costs. You're not thinking clearly, let alone shopping clearly right now. 

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Friday 24th April

The waning lunar energy is a bit dark and exhausting at the moment, Pisces. You'll crave extra dreamtime and beauty sleep over the next few days. Keep your schedule light and your commitments flexible. Under this influence you'll need more time alone for introspection, so plan accordingly.

Thursday 23rd March

With Mercury and Pluto coming together in your financial zone today, expect to have some intense feelings about your finances. It's not the best day to make major decisions about your money, Pisces, because you might be a bit irrational and make decisions you'll soon regret.


Wednesday 22nd March

Your social world is extremely high energy and rather demanding right now, Pisces. You have a hard time saying no and knowing when to set your boundaries, but you must. You cannot be all things to all people now, as tempting as it might seem. You will be way too exhausted if you pursue that route. 

Tuesday 21st March

Friends, colleagues and Insta followers are your lucky charms today, Pisces. The stars suggest some heavy networking across multiple channels at once. Do this live and in person AND online for best results. It doesn't matter where you make the connection, it just matters that you make it in the first place.  

Monday 20th March

Spring is here and the Sun is moving into your money zone for the next month. Now is the time to make bank, Pisces. If you've been happier spending all your cash rather than making more of it, now is the time to reverse that pattern. Take the necessary actions to increase your financial flow.

Sunday 19th March

The planets have you feeling weirdly exhausted yet ambitious about pushing forward with your career. Sometimes the best way to make advances is to do the inner work. That is especially true now. Don't fight so hard with external obstructions. Dig deep within to uncover the blocks and fears holding you back.

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