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20 February - 20 March


Friday 15th December

The retrograde hasn't been easy, but today's stars bring some sweetness back into the mix. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, meets up with Mercury, bringing a bit of loveliness back to your work environment just in time. If pre-holiday stress has been driving batty, this should surely help. 

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Thursday 14th December

stars are perfectly aligned for all that you love about life. You're in your
ideal element with glamour, decadence and dreamy potential unfolding all around
you. This is jus the beginning of a creative spurt. Don't worry about what
comes next or you'll miss the magic of the moment. 

Wednesday 13th December

With the Moon in a water sign like your own for the next few days, you should feel comfortable in your own skin. When the lunar energy is in your own element, it's just easier to be yourself, Pisces. This makes you more creative and experimental – so don't afraid to take risks and explore new topics. 


Tuesday 12th December

Mercury Retrograde is about halfway done, but today the communication planet meets up with the Sun, potentially causing some conflicts for you at work. If you can hold off on major career moves, aim to do so. Misunderstandings are running rampant at the moment and you don't want your professional life to get caught up in that. 

Monday 11th December

Have you felt off kilter or completely out of balance lately,
Pisces? Well, today's lunar energy has come to the rescue. It's excellent for
getting back into alignment with beauty and flow. Cut out anything or anyone
that makes you sad, heavy or grumpy. It's just not worth it, darling. 

Sunday 10th December

The Moon is still in your opposite stars today, Pisces. Your energy might be lower and a bit frenetic under the current conditions, so pace yourself and take it easy. Plus, Mercury Retrograde is not letting up any time soon. You're best off retreating from loaded communications with your loved ones for the time being.

Saturday 9th December

The planet of direct action and passion is moving into your travel zone today, Pisces. Don't be surprised if you suddenly become mildly obsessed with seeing more of the world. Your wanderlust is intense during the next six weeks or so, so hopefully you have plans to take a holiday between now and early 2018. 

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