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20 February - 20 March


Tuesday 6th December

This is totally your kind of day, Pisces. You've got the Moon and Neptune merging in your stars creating a dreamy, poetic day full of everything you adore most. Your natural glamour is amped up times ten. Others will join you in your fabulous mystical reality for a change; you won't feel so alone.

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Monday 5th December

The Moon move into your own sweet, sensitive, glamorous stars later this evening, but in the meantime, you're in "off" mode for a few hours. If you'd rather put on your headphones and tune out the world, you're just feeling the stars, and that's fine for now. No reason to force yourself to socialize if you're not into it, Pisces.

Sunday 4th December

The Moon and Jupiter are supporting you to access some of your best genius now. You can harness your imagination and turn it into something life-changing. The key is to actually implement your dreamy ideas: how do you transfuse them into your daily rituals and workload? Make it real this time, Pisces.


Saturday 3rd December

Saturn and Mars are getting together to move your life forward today, Pisces. Your career can get a major boost from the stars right now, especially if you tune into your creativity. You can take even the most out there ideas and give them a totally practical twist.

Friday 2nd December

Today's lunar vibes are about as no-nonsense and goal oriented as can be. There's a huge planetary party taking place in your social zone at the moment. Friendships and other gatherings of humans can feel crazy intense now. Choose your mates carefully, because you are extremely sensitive to negative energy.

Thursday 1st December

Happy December, Pisces! This is big day for you, so pay close attention. Chiron, the planet known as the "wounded healer" has been in your sign for a few years, but it's been retrograde for the last few months. As it wakes up and goes direct today, you'll feel it in every cell of your body – and it could be very emotional. 

Wednesday 30th November

The Moon and Saturn are joining up today, making for a rather melancholic but philosophical vibe. If anyone can turn that into poetry, it's you darling. Use this no-nonsense energy to get to the root truth of any debate or confusion. You can weed right through all of the confusing issues with your superior sensitivity. 

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