Pisces daily horoscope

20 February - 20 March


Saturday 24th February

You need some time alone today, Pisces. If you don't take it, you'll feel extremely grumpy and edgy. You can get back into social mode later in the evening if you have the time to reset and catch up with your soul earlier in the day. Never underestimate how essential solo time is for you.

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Friday 23rd February

The First Quarter Moon is here and it's asking you to get clear on your priorities from the ground up, Pisces. Take some time out to reflect and meditate on what you want to learn and grow into during this phase of intellectual curiosity. Where you direct your attention and your focus is key.

Thursday 22nd February

With the Moon in sweet, Venus-ruled Taurus through the day's end, you're able to communicate your feelings and your values with ease and perfection. You will be understood, Pisces, so don't hold back from expressing your thoughts exactly as they come to you. 


Wednesday 21st February

This is one of the most exceptionally magical days of your birthday month, Pisces. Your dreamy ruling planet Neptune is joining with romantic Venus and it's all happening in your very own sign. In other words, you're glowing with gorgeousness and magnetism. Work it hard – not that you'll have to. 

Tuesday 20th February

The Moon is lighting up your communication zone today, Pisces. You're just as much in the mood to talk as to listen, but you'll gain more by the latter. In fact, try to listen with your entire body and mind. That's how you glean all of the wisdom that's being shared with you.

Monday 19th February

The Moon is helping bring new energy and inspiration into your world, Pisces. You are so influenced by your surroundings, especially now. Be sure to surround yourself with extremely positive people and leave out the energy suckers. You know – the ones that lift you up versus the ones that completely drain you.

Sunday 18th February

Your birthday season begins today, Pisces! With the Sun shifting into your mystical, magical stars today, you rule the world – and the entire cosmos. Your glamorous energy is in demand now, so don't be surprised if you start getting invited to events – not just planning your own birthday party. 

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