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​20 February - 20 March


Saturday 1st October

The energy around deep change continues. You are finally coming out of the dark and may be finally getting a glimmer of insight into what this new phase is all about for you. Confusion was starting to become a strange norm, and it's one that you're happy to put behind you as soon as possible.

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Friday 30th September

The New Moon lands in your house of intimacy today, setting you up for a very sexy weekend indeed. If your partnership has felt dry or boring, this is the moment to bring back the spark. And if you've been single, you might just find yourself swiping right during the next few days. 

Thursday 29th September

Today's lunar energy is mysterious and yet totally revealing at the same time. Watch for very enlightening communication from one of your beloveds. They have something to tell you that could change everything. Pay close attention and allow the power of the new insights to seep into your consciousness deeply.


Wednesday 28th September

The Moon is in your opposite starts today, putting the focus on your significant relationships. Your energy level might be crashing but if you spend time with the right person (one who lifts you up) you'll get a second surge of inspiration. Just be sure to steer clear of those who drain your energy.

Tuesday 27th September

Mars, the planet in charge of action and adventure, is moving into your social zone today. This marks the start of a six-week phase of networking and activity with friends and associates. It's an excellent time to make connections and get out there as much as you can, Pisces. 

Monday 26th September

Today Pluto, the driver of change and bringer of karma, goes direct after a five-month retrograde. Your goals are shifting and changing in a deep, potent and necessary way. There is no room for being superficial when it comes to the people you surround yourself with now, Pisces. Make sure your friends and collaborators are the people you want to commune with. 

Sunday 25th September

Your productivity is on the rise today, and it will continue to move in that direction through Tuesday morning, after which you might experience a brief slowdown. Since Mercury Retrograde just ended a few days ago and you likely have much catching up to do, tap into the "get it done" vibe. You and your to-do list are one, Pisces.

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