Pisces daily horoscope

20 February - 20 March


Friday 20th January

The Moon is inspiring you to set your next set of travel plans into motion. Even if you're not ready to break out of your comfy routine, you're at least fantasizing about it now. You can start the research for your next getaway without any major commitment just yet.

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Thursday 19th January

The Sun shifts into your house of dreams and secrets today, Pisces. Over the next four weeks you might find yourself feeling a lot more introspective. It's the healthiest time of year to look within, to meditate, and to generally focus on your interior world. It's all in preparation for your birthday debut next month.                            


Wednesday 18th January

With Mars in your sign, preparing to square off with Saturn, you're feeling quite passionate about your point of view. Over the next twenty-four hours, this might get even more intense, so try to stay out of your own way. Your ego can be easily triggered, but it doesn't have to be that way, Pisces.

Tuesday 17th January

You're incredibly aware of all that has fallen out of balance in your world recently, Pisces. Not to worry, because the stars are totally supporting you in putting them back into place. You can pick up any recent messy pieces and make everything right again. It just takes patience and an eye for symmetry.


Monday 16th January

The Moon is in your opposite sign for just one more day, Pisces. If you've felt a bit out of it since yesterday take heed – you have just a few more hours of this to deal with. Use it to recoup and recharge your energy – you'll be a new person by tomorrow.

Sunday 15th January

still in your monthly lunar opposition for one more day, Pisces. It's important
to take it easy and spend time with humans who don't drain you. Yes, this means
saying no to those who insist you recuse them and every other bleeding heart
coming to you for solace. You can't be everyone's savior, Pisces.

Saturday 14th January

The Moon moves into your opposite stars today, Pisces. You are feeling a bit under the weather and yet longing for connection. Don't let your emotions convince you that something is wrong with your health. It's very often psychosomatic and you're just low energy due to the lunar opposition. It will pass.

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