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20 February - 20 March


Wednesday 23rd August

Now that the Sun has officially moved into your relationship zone, you're apt to be consumed with partnership issues during the next four weeks. Mercury is already retrograde in this part of your chart, so the good news is that any confusion can begin to ease – clarity is coming.

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Tuesday 22nd August

Oh Pisces, you are beyond exhausted and it's just starting to hit you. You have been running on sheer adrenaline during the recent eclipse. Now that the dust is starting to settle you may require extra beauty rest to process the deeper layers of change and insights. Give yourself extra soul time.

Monday 21st August

Today's New Moon Solar Eclipse is reminding you how essential it is to love everything you do, every day. You put high demands and expectations on your life to begin with and are often disappointed as a result. However, this must never stop you from following your heart without exception.


Sunday 20th August

With the eclipse coming in the next 24-hours, life is definitely not still and quiet today. It may be challenging to make it a drama-free Sunday, but do your best, Pisces. If you sense conflict coming, walk the other way. Don't respond to angry texts, and most of all: don't let stress get the best of you. 

Saturday 19th August

You're so sensitive and psychic to begin with, but with the intensely powerful New Moon/Solar Eclipse coming on Monday, everything is even more intense. It's like you're watching life in 3-D – everything is coming at you at hyper-speed, but it's also very warped. Take care to think through all your reactions. 

Friday 18th August

This is the kind of day when you really don't want anything close to a reality check, Pisces. Don't push yourself to be objective or rational when the energies are anything but that. You are super sensitive to begin with. Today's emotional, dark and moody influence only adds more feelings. 

Thursday 17th August

The energies are sensitive, emotional and rather explosive at the moment, Pisces. The unpredictable elements have everyone edge, especially you. That's because you're the empath of the zodiac. You feel everything times ten and it seeps right into your very core before you even realize it. Ground and protect yourself.

Wednesday 16th August

The Moon is moving through your home zone, so connect to the people that know you best and fiercely love you despite everything you've been through. Whether that's the family you were born into or your close friends, these roots are what you need right now, Pisces.

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