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20 February - 20 March


Saturday 22nd July

The Sun is sadly leaving your romance and pleasure zone after a month of big love. This next phase is full of happiness and positivity, but now you'll be a bit more focused on the joy of your work. As long as you adore your day-to-day rituals, you'll be very content. 

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Friday 21st July

This is the day when you truly get back in touch with what you most adore, darling. Yes, the stars are giving you full permission to indulge in your favorite romantic reveries without feeling like it's an escape or in any way forbidden. Let love and pleasure rule your world. 


Thursday 20th July

Mars is moving into your work zone today, Pisces. Between now and early September you're going to be one very busy fish. This might just be one of the most hectic times of the year for you, so pencil stress-reduction sessions into your calendar right after every deadline. 

Wednesday 19th July

The Moon is in your home zone for the next few days, Pisces, which can make you crave plenty of solo time to putter around your place. If there's any chance to ask your boss to work from home, it would be totally ideal for you now. You'd rather not get out of your pajamas. 


Tuesday 18th July

The channels of self-expression are wide open now, Pisces. Let yourself indulge in a poetic version of reality and share it with those you love. A spontaneous desire to write, draw, and dance can arise under today's magnetic, gorgeous Taurus Moon. Don't stifle your creativity – let it all out. 

Monday 17th July

When you have something to say, you can find a million beautiful ways to say it. But you don't necessarily need to use actual words. In fact, you prefer to express your feelings in a more poetic and obscure fashion whenever possible, Pisces. Now is your opportune moment to do so. 

Sunday 16th July

Beware impulse buys today, Pisces. With the Moon spending a second day in your money zone, you're still in the mood to spend, but you're more apt to drop cash abruptly, without thinking. Take a moment to think about it first, in order to avoid retail regret. 

Saturday 15th July

The Moon is in your money zone today, Pisces, and YES, this is likely to make you want to drop your cash like it's hot, in every boutique salon, and online outlet you can get near. You're all about acquiring pretty summer things – just make sure you can truly afford them. 

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