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20 February - 20 March


Tuesday 27th June

Mercury, the planet in charge of communication, is making it a bit challenging to think and speak clearly today. You might be pretty spacy and inclined to lose your keys or forget important details. Do your best to avoid any awkward situations – write down even the things you would ordinarily take for granted.

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Monday 26th June

Your ruler Neptune is playing a major role in today's astro-setup, Pisces. Your Monday should feel totally magical, but with passionate Mar also in play, it's important to let yourself be led by your desires. In other words, drench yourself in romance – even though the workweek just started.

Sunday 25th June

Your love life continues to be fabulous, Pisces. Yes, you have all you need to keep your inner child and your inner romantic totally blissed out now. As long as you don't ignore the summons of your heart, life is beyond beautiful and inspiring under the current lunation. Live it up.


Saturday 24th June

This is one of the most lovely, sensitive and romantic new phases of the year for you, Pisces. The Moon is just beginning to wax again and thus the good vibes are also on the rise: expect pleasure and romance galore. Watch for the next six months to deliver nothing short of a love buzz.

Friday 23rd June

The New Moon is here and it's activating your love and pleasure zone. Yes, Pisces – this is as delightful and magical as it sounds. Get ready for a weekend of serious romance, creativity, and frivolity. It's up to you to let yourself go there – let some goodness into your life right now. 

Thursday 22nd June

Sensitive people like you are REALLY feeling tomorrow's New Moon in Cancer. First of all, it's in a sister water sign like your own, so feelings are apt to run deeper than deep. Second, there's more intense astrology coming up this weekend. Translation: be extra good to yourself and don't take on any additional stress. 

Wednesday 21st June

Happy Summer Solstice, Pisces! Express your love to everyone you adore without hesitation or fear. You may be extra sappy and doting with your loved ones now, but they'll appreciate the sweetness. With both the Sun and Mercury in your love and pleasure zone, you can't get enough of the good stuff.

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