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20 February - 20 March


Saturday 25th February

Get ready for a dreamy few weeks in thoughts, words and actions, Pisces. Mercury, the messenger planet, is moving into your stars for the next few weeks. You'll be at your imaginative best, conjuring up beautiful and glamorous ideas on the daily. You'd be wise to keep your journal with you at all times.

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Friday 24th February

An eclipse in
your own sensitive sign is on the near horizon, Pisces – just a few days away.
If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, both emotionally and physically, give
yourself the extra space you need to cope. You may need a day to yourself, or
even just a few hours of solo time. 

Thursday 23rd February

With the Moon in
your house of dreams before it touches down in your own sign for this weekend's
eclipse, you should take a moment to reflect and breathe. Emotions and events
will come at you fast, starting by Friday or Saturday – this is your time to be
good to yourself, Pisces. Whether than means extra sleep, an extra dessert, or
a mani-pedi, do whatever feels good to you. 


Wednesday 22nd February

Mars and Pluto are in a row early this morning, and you might feel like you're right in the middle of the fight, Pisces. But you don't have to get caught up in it – try to focus on self-care and self-love above all else. You're more sensitive than most – honor that part of you today.

Tuesday 21st February

Your social world is on point today, Pisces. The right people have a way of showing up at just the right moment – to deliver the perfect opportunity. Keep your self completely open to every possibility, even if it totally differs from your original expectations. Friends not only have your back, they come bearing surprising gifts.

Monday 20th February

The stars are
pushing you to focus on big-time dreams today – specifically those of a
professional nature. With the Moon in your career zone, you can come up with
brilliant creative schemes – those that can next-level your status at work.
Don't be shy, Pisces – GO FOR IT.

Sunday 19th February

The Moon is helping bring new energy and inspiration into your world, Pisces. You are so influenced by your surroundings, especially now. Be sure to surround yourself with extremely positive people and leave out the energy suckers. Find the ones who lift you up versus the ones that completely drain you.

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