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20 February - 20 March


Monday 24th October

The planet in charge of talking and thinking is moving into your house of travel today, Pisces. The Sun just moved into this part of your chart a few days ago, so don't be surprised if you start obsessing about your next trip. Whether it's a holiday abroad or a quick weekend jaunt, you need to see something new and different, stat.

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Sunday 23rd October

The stars are pushing for your absolute greatest and confident best, Pisces. You are such an energy sponge that you can't help but pick up all the love and high energy around you now. You adore romantic vibes and there is plenty of that floating around in the ethers today.

Saturday 22nd October

As the Sun slips into a sister water sign today, a wonderful four-week phase begins for you, Pisces. You'll feel like you're right in your own slippery, emotional element, and you'll crave experimentation and exploration. It's the perfect moment to book a trip or read book that expands your mind. Next stop, enlightenment. 


Friday 21st October

With the Moon in a sister water sign through tomorrow, life is romantic, creative, and all around awesome. This is probably your favourite astro-vibe of the entire month of October, and it's ideal for making tonight into date-night with your partner, or swipe-right night if you're single. 

Thursday 20th October

The emotional tides are swinging high today, Pisces. Being the empath of the zodiac, you'll likely feel swept up in the emotional undertows even if they have nothing to do with you personally. Try to keep both feet on the ground and ask yourself: is this is really your own stuff that you are feeling? 

Wednesday 19th October

Be sure to ground yourself and take it easy today, Pisces. Being the most empathic sign of the zodiac, you'll have a hard time navigating the explosive energies of the current stars. Even if you're not personally feeling assaulted by any power plays, you will feel the tension in the air in every bone in your body.

Tuesday 18th October

As Venus passes into your career zone today, you'll start to feel a subtle shift in the way you do business. A renewed sense of sweetness and creativity infuse your professional endeavors over the next few weeks – not to mention lots of opportunities to make extra cash.

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