Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Thursday 14th December

You are hitting some peak moments now, Aquarius. The Moon and lucky Jupiter are working their magical juju in your career zone, bringing you the attention and recognition you so deserve. Work this moment to raise your status. You're a rising star and deserve all the love and appreciation you get.

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Wednesday 13th December

The Moon will be in your career zone for the next few days, so focus on the big picture, Aquarius. This is less about the day-to-day details of your job and more about the impact that you want to make on the world: imagine your name in lights and figure out how to make that happen in 2018. 

Tuesday 12th December

Mercury Retrograde is at its midpoint and it's fiercely explosive at the moment, Aquarius. You'd be wise to take a major chill pill when it comes to responding to aggressive texts, because it can blow up into something you didn't expect or want. This is especially the case with friends and colleagues - avoid complications if you can.


Monday 11th December

Today's lunar energy is ideal for getting back into balance and
alignment in almost every area of your life, Aquarius. Your spirits are
definitely lifted and this bodes well for your overall enthusiasm and outlook
on life. You sense that fabulous things are on the horizon for you in the next

Sunday 10th December

The Moon is reminding you of the importance of details. You can overlook some of the fine points now, especially since Mercury Retrograde is in full swing. Best to read over everything at least a few times or get a second opinion before jumping the gun, Aquarius. Don't go too quickly or you'll just have to redo.

Saturday 9th December

The planet of passion and action is moving into your career zone today, Aquarius. The brilliant news is that this is one of the best transits of all for pushing your professional agenda. Even better, Mars will remain in this part of your chart through early 2018. Go get 'em, Aquarius!

Friday 8th December

The Moon is in your opposite sign through the evening, so if you're not up to your usual self, don't despair. It's perfectly normal to be a bit moody or out of it during your monthly lunar opposition. Just practice even more self-care than usual and you should be perfect by tomorrow. 

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