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21 January - 19 February

Saturday 19th August

With Monday's New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the horizon, every single feeling is amped up by ten thousand – especially emotional situations with your partner/lover. Just know that all kinds of projection and misunderstanding are likely now – don't take it personally if at all possible. By the middle of next week, you can return to the subject at hand.

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Friday 18th August

Today's lunar energies are quite harsh and not your cup of tea to say the least. The Moon is dark and the emotions are high. You are best off just detaching from the drama and finding something more interesting and engaging to put your attention on. Finishing up an old project could do the trick.

Thursday 17th August

The Moon is bringing up all of your emotions now, Aquarius. This is your least favorite realm, but the feelings are a necessary part of the deeper healing process taking place between eclipses. Trust that you will have everything you need going forward. Just release what no longer serves you.


Wednesday 16th August

The Moon is in your sister air sign, and even more exciting, it's currently moving though your house of love, romance and creativity. Yes, Aquarius – this can be a very lovely day indeed. But you have to choose to focus on the positive, which might be challenging in the midst of eclipse season.

Tuesday 15th August

The stars are demanding your emotional truth today, Aquarius. Not that you would ever settle for anything less, but you can sense the stakes are higher than usual. Don't hold back but don't push feelings to the brink either. There is a sensible middle ground, even if it's not visible at the moment. 

Monday 14th August

You're smack-dab in the middle of the two eclipses – the first was in your sign a week ago, and the next is in your relationship zone next Monday. This puts you at a bit of a crossroads between self and other, Aquarius. You've got some serious thinking to do about significant partnerships.

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