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21 January - 19 February


Saturday 21st October

The Moon is in your career zone for one more day, so even if you're not working over the weekend, spend a few moments thinking about how to next level your professional status. This will be your obsession over the next month, Aquarius – get started a day early.

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Friday 20th October

Today's lunar energy is ideal for deep contemplation. Even if you are feeling a bit career obsessed, don't let that drag you away from the emotional layers that are tugging at you for attention. It's rare that you even allow yourself to feel them, so don't push them away.


Thursday 19th October

The New Moon is here and it's not kidding. This could be one of the strangest and most unexpected resets of the year. Your communication and travel zones are both affected by bizarre twists of fate. It's only seed level now, so wait for it. You love surprises. 

Wednesday 18th October

The New Moon will be here tomorrow, but you might feel a bit weird while you're waiting for it to arrive. The "dark of the Moon" is the period of time before a New Moon is exact, and it can bring some strange emotions and a bit of insomnia. Don't sweat it, Aquarius – you'll feel like yourself again very soon.


Tuesday 17th October

Communication planet Mercury moves into your career zone today, setting you up for a busy few weeks on the professional front. This is your moment to next-level your conversations with VIP's and higher-ups. It's also a great time to freshen up or send out your CV, if you're in the market for a new gig.

Monday 16th October

You are feeling a bit heavy and moody at the moment, Aquarius. That's because all of your fears and insecurities seem to be getting triggered against your will. You prefer to remain to use humor and detachment to keep it all in perspective. Today it's healthier to simply let yourself feel all your feelings. 

Sunday 15th October

You can force yourself into a state of unnecessary worry and stress under today's stars. Try to avoid launching into fear and negativity. It's easy to dream up worst-case scenarios and get yourself all worked up over nothing. Once you get back to the more rational and detached side of yourself, you'll feel better.

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