Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Thursday 8th December

The Moon moves into your communication zone today, putting you in the mood to speak your mind without any barriers. This could mean that you talk out of turn or accidently offend someone with your fiery words, but sometimes you just have to say what you have to say, Aquarius.

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Wednesday 7th December

The stars are totally on your side these days, Aquarius. You have not only Mars powering up your sign, but as of today, you also get the sweet gifts of Venus. You can look forward to more beauty, cash and love over the next few weeks as she graces your constellation.

Tuesday 6th December

This is the perfect day for finding new and imaginative approaches to your money, Aquarius. You aren't exactly in the mood for facts and figures or for double-checking your financial details. Yet, the part of your brain that comes up with amazing new dreams and schemes is fully active, and that can make you some serious cash.


Monday 5th December

Your peak-energy phase is still in effect this morning, Aquarius, so drink up the lovely astro-energy while it lasts. The Moon won't return to your own sign again until New Year's Eve, so start thinking about your last cosmic cycle of the year – what do you want to manifest?

Sunday 4th December

This day adores you, Aquarius. That's because you've got the Moon in your very own stars getting a bonus from lucky Jupiter. You can think, wish and dream bigger than big. The sky is the limit now so forget about any residual needs to be conservative. You are ready to break through your own limitations.

Saturday 3rd December

Not only is Saturn working with Mars today, bringing practical power to the astro-mix, but the Moon also moves into your own sign later in the day. This starts your peak energy phase, the beginning of a crucial moment in your life. It's time to start anew, and be who you are without a single regret.

Friday 2nd December

You're feeling a tremendous amount of inner pressure today, Aquarius. A lot of it is being exaggerated by your imagination, however. Don't believe the hype and don't buy into all of the fears that are being generated. Use this energy to rebuild and transform any life arenas that you feel insecure about instead.

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