Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Saturday 24th June

There's a lovely new cycle underway and it's bringing back all of
the good feelings about your life, your work and even the way your live your daily
schedule. As long as you put heart and dedication into your rituals, you will
adore your lifestyle. Make the changes now.

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Friday 23rd June

Today's New Moon hits your work zone, Aquarius. This is perfect for attacking any projects that have lagged in recent weeks. Even better, it's an extraordinary moment to plan for your next six months of success. If you want to snag a new job, set your intentions today.


Thursday 22nd June

Tomorrow's New Moon is not a particularly challenging one, Aquarius. That, however, may not stop you from sensing a bit of extra anxiety in the air today. This is perfectly normal in the 24-hours prior to a lunation like this. We call this the "dark of the moon" phase – it's excellent for quiet contemplation and meditation. 

Wednesday 21st June

The Summer Solstice is here! After a nice creative streak that left you with more ideas than you had time to implement, you'll be happy to know that you can start to focus and finish now. As long as your heart is into your projects, you'll have plenty of brainpower to plow through your deadlines over the next few weeks.


Tuesday 20th June

There's a big astro-shift in store tomorrow, Aquarius. The Sun has been in your love and pleasure zone for the last four weeks, and you've got one last day to soak up the blissful vibes. Not that you won't be able to have fun going forward – you certainly will – but you'll be much more focused on work. 

Monday 19 June

Communication leads to some interesting gains today. Don't shy away from pushing for what you want now as Saturn's got your back. Assertiveness will get you far as long as you don't take your demands to the level of lashing out in impatience. All is coming in due time, darling.

Saturday 18th June

The hotheaded side of your nature is running the show today, Aquarius. You're better off speaking as little as possible and texting even less to avoid blowouts. Others are hypersensitive at the moment, to boot. Better to write down your feelings and then delete the file to preserve your relationships.

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