Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Saturday 22nd July

There is a dramatic shift in the air today, Aquarius. The Sun is leaving your work zone and moving into your house of relationships for the next month. This lights up your partnerships and significant connections. Follow your heart exclusively so you stay right on track.

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Friday 21st July

The planets are pushing you into a rather concentrated work mode at the moment, Aquarius. Even if your energy is not as high as you would like, you can more easily buckle down and focus. The energy is actually quite meditative at the moment. Take advantage of this introspective mode.


Thursday 20th July

The planet of action and drive is moving into your relationship zone today, Aquarius. This is an incredibly busy time for your love life – and the passion will last through early September. If you're single and want a partner, the stars have got your back – but you have to get on Tinder yourself. 

Wednesday 19th July

The Moon is in your love and pleasure zone for the next few days, Aquarius – the stars are working some serious magic for you right now. Dating, mating, relating and creating are your forte – go forth and have so much fun that you don't even know what to do with yourself. 


Tuesday 18th July 

Slowing down and keeping close to home feel like the perfect way to spend the day. Why force yourself to be social when it's just not what you want right now? Tomorrow you can get back into the love zone. Today, you just want to be quiet and rest. 

Monday 17th July

You need some time alone at home now, Aquarius. You can't be super social all day, every day without a serious energetic crash. Today might be just that for you. Unplug from the needs and demands around you. Tell your friends you're offline and just relax for a change: keep your phone on silent.

Sunday 16th July

Lunar energy continues to pulse through your communication zone today, but the sweet, flirty vibe that reigned on Saturday is getting a bit more sharp and pointed. You might say or text something and then a moment later regret it, so take a breath before you open your mouth or hit send.

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