Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Sunday 22nd January

The stars are amazing for the next few days, especially for you. The Sun recently moved into your sign and today the Moon moves into your social zone. Since this is the part of your horoscope you most love, you'll likely be in good spirits. Surround yourself with friends and friends of friends and you'll be on top of the world.

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Saturday 21st January

Just because it's the weekend doesn't mean you're dropping the amazing momentum you've got going on the career front. You can totally move mountains now with your creativity, imagination and determination. Others might tell you that you're a crazy dreamer, but you can already see the reality taking form.

Friday 20th January

The Moon is still right up at the top of your horoscope today, Aquarius. This puts you in a good mood and in fabulous standing in the world. Use this energy to catapult your career goals. You have all the power and determination that you need to go next level now.


Thursday 19th January

The stars are about to start shining all their light on you, darling. The Sun moves into your own sign today, initiating your birthday season! Whether you're a January or February Aquarius, this is your official cosmic message: it's time to pop the champagne and start celebrating all that you are.

Wednesday 18th January

The Sun is moving into your own sign tomorrow, but in the meantime, there's some stressful astrology to get through.  A battle between Mars and Saturn is beginning to escalate, and this can bring the tension in your life – and in the world at large – to a breaking point. Lay low and don't get into any trouble until the weekend.

Tuesday 17th January

The stars are excellent for kicking back and finding your mellow. You have been pushing yourself so hard for so long and you're in dire need of balance. Plus, you're preparing for your annual solar return very soon. Be patient and gentle with yourself in the transition. You might need extra rest.

Monday 16th January

The Moon is in your transformation zone for another day, so you're ready to push through any obstacles and come out on the other side, totally refreshed and renewed. There's no mere skimming the surface early this week – you are prepared to go deeper than deep, Aquarius.

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