Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Wednesday 1st March

There's lots of
fresh, hot activity in your communication zone for one more day, Aquarius. In
fact, it might be a bit too hot for your own good. Today's astrology can create
the ultimate foot-in-mouth situation, so be careful with what you say and to
whom you say it.

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Tuesday 28th February

You have a lot on your mind today and won't mince words. Not that you ever do, but you'll find yourself needing to communicate with assertive passion and sass now, Aquarius. Just be sure that you also consider the other person's point of view because you're also craving connection, not discord. 


Monday 27th February

The stars are pushing you to find your voice after a few days of extreme emotional confusion. You will now have an easier time making sense of everything that just went down under the eclipse. Once you can speak about it with a good friend, it all starts to make sense.

Sunday 26th February

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is taking shape in your money zone today, Aquarius. If you've worried that everything you earn seems to leak out of your bank account quicker than you can even keep track of, don't lose heart. You can totally replenish your cash supply over the next six months.


Saturday 25th February

Mercury, the communication planet, is leaving your stars today. This will take some of the edge off from the past few weeks of over-using your brain. You've had many brilliant thoughts and futuristic ideas, but now it's time to dream rather than process. Give your rational mind a break from the action.

Friday 24th February

Angst is running
rampant now, a few days before Sunday's intense eclipse. You're one of the
luckiest constellations at this volatile moment, because right now the Moon is
still in your quirky sign, putting you in your peak energy phase. Do whatever
you can to enjoy the pleasant vibes without rocking the proverbial boat. 

Thursday 23rd February

The Moon is in
your quirky, creative, brilliant sign today. That means all eyes are on you and
everyone is hanging on your every word. That doesn't mean you should be worried
about what you say – but do note that you're being observed carefully. The fact
is that most will find you ridiculously charming.

Wednesday 22nd February

With Mars and Pluto in a harsh square today, the energy is intense and sharp. Be careful with the way you use your words, Aquarius, because even the most innocuous statements, emails and texts can be taken the wrong way. This is the kind of day when you need to liberally add cute emojis to all your missives.

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