Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Tuesday 27th September

The planet of action is moving into your house of dreams today, and he will charge up your psyche with energy for the next six weeks or so. This can feel a bit overwhelming and might even cause some insomnia in the first few days of the transit. Calming rituals, meditation, hot baths, and herbal teas will help.

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Monday 26th September

This is a big day in the stars, Aquarius. Pluto, the planet of slow and potent transformation, is going direct after a five-month retrograde. Since last April you've had a bit of a reprieve from this, especially deep in your dreams and your psyche. Today it ramps back up again – but it's so healthy, so don't fear it a bit. 

Sunday 25th September

The Moon is in your opposite sign today, so slow and low might just be your current tempo. And that's perfectly fine, Aquarius – especially because your pace will pick up quickly early next week. Take it as easy as you possibly can today – no rushing and no demands.


Saturday 24th September

Work is its own reward today, Aquarius. You're all about attacking your to-do list with major gusto. While everyone around you is firmly in the grips of the weekend, you're Ms. Productivity. Take a break and grab a yoga class so you don't end up stressed and burnt out.

Friday 23rd September

Venus (the love and beauty planet) is moving up to the tip-top of your chart today, Aquarius. Your career is getting the sweet kiss of the stars for the next few weeks. Infuse your professional pursuits with all things passionate and unstoppable. You can charm the defenses off anyone now.

Thursday 22nd September

The Autumnal Equinox ushers in four delicious weeks of adventure and expansion for you, Aquarius. The stars are emphasizing your travel itinerary, so get booking. It's time to break out of your regular routine and celebrate something expansive and inspiring. You can't do the same old, same old without feeling jaded. 

Wednesday 21st September

Mercury Retrograde ends late tonight, Aquarius! The last three weeks of chaos and confusion are about to wind up. It might take about a week for your intimate relationships to be repaired, but by tomorrow you can begin making amends (or asking for apologies). Any issues with debt or spending can also be resolved soon.

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