Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Sunday 30th April

Today's energy is not your cup of tea, Aquarius. You can't stand
when everything becomes overly emotional and touch-feely. That said, at least
you're the one rational being who can bring some sense to the mush and hypersensitive
reactions. Everyone else may be lost in their hurt feelings, but you can bring
them back to reality. 

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Saturday 29th April

The Moon is in Gemini today, which is to say that that the energy is incredibly chatty and super smart. You're in the mood to engage in stimulating conversations with people that you love and trust. Plus, with your house of romance and creativity highlighted, you can't get enough of the good stuff. 

Friday 28th April

Venus went on a rare retrograde from March through earlier in April, but the love and beauty planet is finally returning to the sign she first entered in February. Think back to your birthday, Aquarius – what was going on in your life then? Any pleasure that got away is returning now, full force.


Thursday 27th April

The Moon is just starting to wax again, Aquarius. You can use this upbeat energy to find your groove again. It's excellent for you both creatively and romantically. Pleasure is your be-all-end-all now, so the work can and should wait. If this means saying no to annoying energy vampires, do it.

Wednesday 26th April

The New Moon has arrived, Aquarius, and it might make you feel like a bit of a homebody for a change. You're more interested in spending time with a close family member or two than hanging with a bigger crowd. Focus on domestic themes and you can markedly improve your closest relationships in the coming months.

Tuesday 25th April

You're so ready to hide from the world today, Aquarius. If you can spend the majority of your day tucked away in your own private sanctuary with your gadgets turned off, by all means go for it. The best remedy of the moment is to take your time and indulge in beauty.

Monday 24th April

With the Moon in your communication zone for another day, you continue to make your voice heard. But there's a bonus this Monday: with both lucky Jupiter and serious Saturn aspecting the lunar energy, you can see the positive effect of your conversations almost immediately. Don't hesitate to say exactly what you mean. 

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