Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Wednesday 24th May

The homebody phase continues for one last day, Aquarius. You need the extra time to lay low to prepare for tomorrow's New Moon. Getting back into your body with a lovely long meal and extra creature comforts is where it's at now. You deserve a little extra pampering after all. 

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Tuesday 23rd May

Connect to the desire to slow down and get grounded in the comforts of your very own home. Don't let others push you into helping them when you feel that a self-care day is necessary. It's time to be stubborn and take care of yourself for a change, Aquarius.

Monday 22nd May

This is the moment when you start working double-time to achieve all of your goals. You are all about immediate action now, Aquarius. Just be careful that you don't blurt out words you'll later regret. It's easy to say something you don't mean when feeling totally rushed and impatient.


Sunday 21st May

Communication is highlighted today, but watch out for verbal battles, Aquarius. You forget you can be a bit of a hothead when provoked. You might regret what you say, especially if it's super impulsive, or if you lash out against a perceived attack. Calm down first, breathe and count to ten before responding.

Saturday 20th May

The Sun is moving into your romance and pleasure zone starting today, Aquarius. Let love rule over the next month. You're coming out of your hiding spot and ready to embrace all of what you adore most about life. Your heart should run the show from here on out, darling.

Friday 19th May

The planet of luck is opposite the planet of love today, and that creates a decidedly sexy atmosphere, just in time for the weekend. With Jupiter making you unbelievably adventurous while Venus dares you to say how you really feel, romance is definitely on the horizon. Don't keep your desires to yourself, Aquarius. 

Thursday 18th May

The world is still your oyster, Aquarius – at least through the evening. With your peak-energy phase in full force, you're ambitious, charismatic, and pretty irresistible. And even after the Moon leaves your sign this evening, it will move into your money zone – so the next few days look delightful as well. 

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