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21 January - 19 February


Monday 24th October

Today Mercury, the communication planet, is heading into Scorpio. This deepens the powerful influence of the Sun, already in this sign for the last few days. During the next few weeks, your oratory and writing skills are off the hook, and this can catapult your career to the next level.

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Sunday 23rd October

The Moon is still in your opposite stars for the day, putting the focus on your relationships. If you've been feeling a bit out of sorts with your own identity, wants and needs, take a break. You may need to work extra hard to come back to your own center now, Aquarius.

Saturday 22nd October

With the Sun moving into your career zone today, you're in for four weeks of amazing professional progress, Aquarius. Between now and late November, you're able to focus like a laser-beam on your long-term goals and big-time dreams. Whatever you've dreamt of achieving, you can get closer now.


Friday 21st October

Work, work, work, WORK! That's what you're able to do today, without any of the usual distractions. It'll be quite easy to finish everything on your to-do list before the weekend begins, because you're uber-productive under the current lunar cycle, which lasts through tomorrow afternoon. Get it done, Aquarius.

Thursday 20th October

The atmosphere is a little bit too hyped up on the emotional front for your taste. You prefer a cool, calm and collected vibe and this is anything but that. Don't be surprised if others call you in to settle extremely heated disputes. You might be the only rational brain in the building today.

Wednesday 19th October

This is one of those days when you'll have to keep your wits about you, Aquarius. Even your best efforts at remaining cool, calm and collected could explode at the smallest trigger. Patience is in very short supply under the current Mars-Pluto merger. The energy has been building up behind the scenes all week.

Tuesday 18th October

Your social zone is about to get a super sweet boost, Aquarius. Venus is the planet in charge of love, beauty and romance, and she's heading into your house of friends, groups, and wishes. Your goals come into focus now, and they're even easier to achieve when you collaborate.

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