Aquarius daily horoscope

21 January - 19 February


Friday 24th April

The Moon is in your stars for one more day, Aquarius. Make the most of this lovely lunar energy while it lasts. Even though the Moon is waning and thus the energy is quite low, it's excellent for introspection and meditation. You'll likely receive some amazing new ideas and inspirational dreams.

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Thursday 23rd March

The cosmic forces are extra forceful today, Aquarius, and your verbal choices are right in the crossfire. Mercury (the planet of communication) and Pluto(the planet of deep and abiding change) are clashing in your house of talking and thinking. It's extremely important to be careful about what you say and what you text.

Wednesday 22nd March

The stars are asking you to take a serious break from the action today, Aquarius. Yes, this means cutting yourself off from social media and other distractions so that you can dive deeper into what your soul needs from you right now. Get quiet and introspective for best results.


Tuesday 21st March

Put whatever you can on the backburner today, Aquarius. With the Moon in your house of sleep and dreams, all you have energy for is daydreaming, napping, and maybe some sketching or writing in your journal. If you're forced to work, there is a bonus: you're mega-creative right now.

Monday 20th March

You're all fired up with a bazillion amazing ideas, Aquarius. This is your perfect opportunity to start that writing project or even the memoir you've been talking about for years. You have both the energy and speed to get it done now. Spring is here officially and you're ready for the new.

Sunday 19th March 

Today's stars are perfect for catching up with old friends and colleagues that you adore. You have been going solo long enough. You can't play lone wolf all of the time without getting grumpy, Aquarius. You adore company, especially of like-minded mates. Surround yourself with people who inspire you 

Saturday 18th March

Your social world is highlighted now, Aquarius. Spending time with friends and collaborators that you adore is extremely inspiring now. Don't go solo out of habit. Networking opens up vast worlds of awesome possibility. Plus, you're just happier when surrounded by an amazing group of people. You thrive when in the right tribe. 

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