Sagittarius monthly horoscope

23 November - 22 December



Lucky Days: 2, 3, 11, 12, 22

Yucky Days: 4, 5, 19, 20, 26

Colour: Deep Purple

Celebrity Icon: Katherine Heigl

May invites you to mellow out and return to living in your body instead of your brain. If you feel resistance just reading that, take that as confirmation that it's what you need most. Slowing down is never easy or desirable for a fire starter like you, darling. However, reflect back on the times in your life when you actually did allow yourself to slow down and catch your breath. Remember how amazing that felt? The Full Moon lights up your dream and retreat zone on the 10th. If ever there was a time to take a break from the action and grab an impromptu vacation, it's now. Work can wait. After the 20th, your life centers on your significant others. Once the New Moon arrives on the 25th, you'll be in all-relationships-all-the-time mode. Healing partnerships and repairing communication confusion from April will take higher priority. There is still some residual confusion to clear up with both loved ones and coworkers. Take the time to set things right by patiently and carefully processing conversations with an open mind. Leave your opinions and preacher-teacher tendencies at the door, Sadge.


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Lucky Days: 4, 5, 14, 15, 24

Yucky Days: 1, 7, 8, 21, 22

Colour: Ivory

Celebrity Icon: Scarlett Johansson

April invites you to stop, drop and rethink your entire game, Sagittarius. Saturn in your stars is putting the kibosh on your tendency to take on more commitments than any human should ever try to handle. Keep your load light and your heart full, especially after the 6th, when the Cosmic Taskmaster goes retrograde. The Full Moon (on the 11th) is all about your social life. Friends are clamoring for time with you now. Look out for double-booking yourself to the point of no return. Mercury Retrograde is back starting on the 9th, causing all kinds of snafus with scheduling and communication. Retrace your steps and assume nothing in conversations or text messaging. Any confusion or splits with lovers can get worked out after the 15th. You've learned to set a high bar for your love life and there's no going back now. Settling was never an option for you anyway; your value system is next level now. After the 19th, focus on your health and daily routines so you have a firm grounding and foundation from which to build. The New Moon (on the 26th) sets the stage for new projects and lucrative work. You're in the midst of a major overhaul now, darling. Go live in early May – not a moment sooner. 

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