Sagittarius monthly horoscope

23 November - 22 December



Lucky Days: 5, 6, 14, 15, 22

Yucky Days: 12, 13, 18, 19, 26

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September's riptide eclipse energies nearly did you in, but alas you're back and better than ever. October brings a fabulous blend of decadence and delight. You'll start off the month with a social calendar that would make most heads spin. For you, it's like regular breathing, of course. Plus, your romantic life is totally on fire at mid-month, compliments of the Full Moon lighting up your love zone on the 16th. If that's not enough, the goodness just gets better after Venus sweetens up your stars starting on the 18th. After months of attempting to adjust to the restrictive energies of Saturn in your stars, you'll enjoy all the indulgence and opportunities for pleasurable escape. If you can make a long-distance adventure a reality after the 22nd, by all means prep to jet. Your feisty nature takes over during the second half of the month. The New Moon (on the 30th) is a chance to finally lay low and get in some much-needed soul time. Halloween might ironically be the time you finally opt out of the party scene as your need to hide out takes top priority.


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Lucky Days: 7, 8, 17, 18, 26

Yucky Days: 14, 15, 21, 22, 39

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You're hitting all of the sky-high notes this September, Sadge. Multiple payoffs are finally showing up after your patience had been seriously tested. You'll adore the immediacy of it all, as the New Moon/Solar Eclipse arrives right on the 1st, to get this party started. Now is your time to initiate a brand new career phase with endless promise and potential. Give yourself between now and next March to see all of the fab results. Expect some interesting developments around your home near the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse arriving at the base of you horoscope on the 16th. Be open to anything from a big move to the end of a chapter with a particular past attachment, or an ongoing issue with a family member. You can expect loads of sweetness in your social arena, plus timely help from your friends at mid-month. This is when you'll enter a busy phase for your long-term goals and social plans. Paradoxically the last day of the month marks a brand new beginning, as a second New Moon takes you into October – this one is all about friendship and social networking.

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