Scorpio monthly horoscope

24 October - 22 November



Lucky Days: 4, 5, 13, 14, 23

Yucky Days: 1, 6, 7, 20, 21

Colour: Citrine

Celebrity Icon: Chloe Sevigny

2017 is about to go out with a big bang, Scorpio! December is all about an upgrade for both your income and status. All of your hard work is starting to pay off on the financial front. The Full Moon (on the 3rd) brings a culmination: it's great for paying off debt and strategizing for new means of income. When you put your mind on a goal, nothing can stop you. This month it's about becoming debt-free with as many opportunities to grow your nest egg as possible. The only pitfall of the month is Mercury Retrograde, which arrives on the same day as the Full Moon and doesn't clear his shadow until 2018. Pay close attention to the details of your financial records and spending patterns. Super news: old sources of income could return at this time. The New Moon (on the 18th) is the ideal moment to make a plan for your 2018 budget. The financial goals you set now will pay off between now and next June. Write down your passions, your dreams and your wishes and then map out a plan for how much it will cost to get these goals up and running. You're more likely to attract excellent financial advisors or money gurus now, compliments of Jupiter in your stars. Your lucky streak continues through most of 2018, so you have much to celebrate on New Year's Eve – it accounts for your extra sparkle.


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Lucky Days: 7, 8, 17, 18, 27

Yucky Days: 3, 4, 9, 10, 30

Colour: Purple Velvet

Celebrity Icon: Winona Ryder

Your name is drenched in sexy lights this November, darling. Yes, yes, yes – the season screams Scorpio. The planets are stacking up in your stars, including the most beneficial of them all, Jupiter. This is first time in twelve years that you've had the windfall of this generous planet, so ready yourself for opportunities and a lucky streak between now and November of 2018. The Full Moon (on the 4th) lights up your relationship zone and brings partnership themes to a dramatic peak. You're a ride or die gal when it comes to relationships, and you deserve nothing less than total dedication and devotion in return. The stars support going deep with your loved ones. Intimacy is a major theme this month, which supports your all-or-nothing tendencies. You can break through barriers that would normally keep your social dynamics in the shallow end. Death to the superficial is your theme right now The New Moon in Scorpio (on the 18th) brings your annual clean slate. You can start over and wish big under this lunation; the energies are totally supportive of all that you want and need. You're in the midst of a killer personal growth spurt, so take full advantage of your planetary prowess.

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