Scorpio monthly horoscope

24 October - 22 November



Lucky Days: 5, 6, 15, 16, 25

Yucky Days: 12, 13, 19, 20, 26

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March starts off super social and ambitious, Scorpio. You have so many projects and col-laborations in the works, you may feel like you're treading water to keep track of it all. Lists are your friends and your friends are on your lists. The Full Moon right (falling ex-actly on the 1st) has you mixing and mingling like it's your job. In fact, the two go hand in hand this month. Your love life continues to be fabulous compliments of the pile-up of planets in your romance and pleasure zone. The New Moon in Pisces (on the 17th) sets the stage for the next six months of amazing amorous activity. You're so ready to set the relationship bar sky- high and accept nothing less than a passionate soul connection that lights your heart on fire. Mars, your guiding planet, changes signs on this very same day bringing you maximum mojo for the next six months. Your social media status is about to explode. Mercury Retrograde kicks off on the 22nd, so be sure to back up all your devic-es and double-check your plans and commitments constantly. Even if this means hyper-pre-planning, do it. Better to be safe than sorry. The second Full Moon (on the last day of the month) is excellent for taking your early spring vacay, or at least planning the next one. You'll be ready to jet and reclaim any lost balance during the last weekend of March – even if that just means taking a stay-cation. 


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Lucky Days: 5, 6, 16, 17, 24

Yucky Days: 13, 14, 22, 26, 27

Colour: Metallic

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It's time to be the true blue you and only you this month, Scorpio. That's right— all of your passion, depth and each and every eccentric detail of your personality should be worshiped and adored. As the planets stack up in your home zone, you'll want to hide out and play domestic goddess or hermit. You need some solo time to process everything that took place during last month's Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse. The Last Quarter Moon falls in Scorpio on the 7th; it will take you back to your depths where you belong. You may experience a total release of your old self dying while the famous phoenix re-emerges in all her glory and power. All of your hard work and discipline since the start of the year is totally beginning to pay off. You guiding planet Mars is lighting up your money zone all month long, boosting your cash flow and moneymaking potential all around. This influence can drive you to spend it as fast as you make it, so take note. Luckily you're the master at regenerating and replenishing your supply. On the 15th, the New Moon/Solar Eclipse speeds up changes around home and family over the next six months. You have sensed some major transformations on the horizon with your current living situation, but all could unfold more quickly than you planned, so be open and ready for whatever comes. Your romantic world sweetens up considerably when Venus moves into your love and pleasure zone until 6 March. Solo Scorps, work those dating apps during the second half of the month while the love potential is strong. Last but not least, the First Quarter Moon supports changes around your thinking and communication patterns on the 23rd.

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