Libra monthly horoscope

24 September - 23 October



Lucky Days: 4, 5, 13, 14, 23

Yucky Days: 6 7, 20, 21, 28

Colour: Teal

Celebrity Icon: Gwyneth Paltrow

February pulls out all of the romantic stops, Libra! The stars have candy hearts with your name written all over them. In other words, Valentine's Day will not disappoint. This could easily be the most fabulous month of 2017. The key is to play social butterfly on the daily. Embrace the awesomeness that is your love life with both arms: it's that good. Relationships are on fire thanks to the double power of both Mars and Venus doing your romantic bidding all February long. There is no playing wallflower this month. There's a Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse revving up your social world and long-term goals from the 10th on. You can trace this back to projects you started with friends or collaborations last August; it's all reaching a fever pitch now. Better to mix and mingle before the 18th, because a new cycle of work could take you back into hiding during the last few days of the month. Deadlines rule your world in late February, making it hard to focus on anything else. Of course, you prefer the social, always, but alas, the work won't wait. February's finale is noteworthy too. The New Moon/Solar Eclipse activates a new cycle of health, wellness and ideal daily rituals on the 26th. If you're not jazzed about your daily sched-ule, it's time to switch it up.


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Lucky Days: 1, 8, 9, 17, 18

Yucky Days: 4, 5, 10, 11, 25

Colour: Chalk

Celebrity Icon: Gwen Stefani

Welcome to 2017, Libra! The awesome fringe benefits of lucky Jupiter in your stars keep on keeping on for another eight months, so there is much to celebrate. That said, the reclusive, homebody side of you is kicking in for the month, so be sure to get plenty of downtime. No need to jump on the resolutions immediately. You're craving quality time in your own sanctuary with good movies, glamour and extra beauty rest until the latter part of January. The best news of the month is that Mercury Retrograde is officially over on the 8th (in your domestic zone). It will take a few weeks for life, communication (especially with family) and scheduling to get back on track due to the residual shadow period. The Full Moon (on the 12th) illuminates your career zone and your professional status. It's nice to have your star on the rise so early in the year, isn't it? The New Moon (on the 27th) is optimal for focusing on love and creativity for the next six months. The stars are totally supporting each and every romantic request now, darling. Relationships take center stage as the month closes – and that's your comfort zone.

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