Virgo monthly horoscope

24 August - 23 September

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Lucky Days: 1, 10, 11, 18, 28

Yucky Days: 7, 8, 14, 20, 21

Fashion Icon: Beyonce

Colour: Peach

It's Virgo season, birthday baby! And what a season it is this year – beginning with a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your very own sign on the 1st. In other words, this month will waste no time getting down to the business of transforming your life. Depending on how long you've been on this planet we call Earth, this eclipse speaks to your personal evolution, specifically in the years 1997, 2006/2007 – up to six months ago. These are the touchstone events that have brought you to the present moment – one of important changes that you must steer. Note that because your ruler Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd, it may be challenging to immediately implement anything, so try to be patient and privately focus on your goals. There's some truly wonderful news in the meantime – lucky Jupiter moves into your financial zone on the 9th, where he'll expand your moneymaking opportunities for the next twelve months. Near the 16th, things get deeply emotional, especially where partnership is concerned. This is because of a powerful Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in your relationship zone, following up the eclipse from last March. You're much surer of what you want now – and what you truly deserve. This amazingly busy month ends with yet another New Moon on the 30th – in your money zone. Use the positive juju from Jupiter to next level your financial prowess.

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Lucky Days: 4, 5, 13, 14, 31

Yucky Days: 11, 12, 18, 19, 25

Fashion Icon: Cameron Diaz

Colour: Purple Iris

You might feel like going incognito in August, at least for the first three weeks of the month. (After that your birthday month begins and it's no-holds-barred.) A soothing, heart-opening New Moon lands in your house of dreams on the 2nd. This is one of those moments when a deep inner focus is called for – look within for answers instead of relying on external sources of wisdom. You know, deep in your subconscious mind, exactly what you need to do – so tap into your intuition and use it for all its worth. On the same day Mars moves back into Sagittarius for the first time since last May. This returns the planet of passion and action to your home zone – helping you to resolve a family issue that first came up late last winter or early in the spring. If you had to pause talks or brush something under the rug, you're about to see a fiery reappearance of those issues. The good news is that it's all quite ripe to be resolved, so you can move on. On the 18th the Full Moon (also a partial Lunar Eclipse) brings a work issue to a close, perhaps something that first came up six months ago. If you had a problem with a colleague or haven't had enough projects on your plate, the barriers to your productivity are about to be removed – for good. On the 22nd the Sun moves into your own sign, setting you up for four weeks of raucous celebration. With Venus shifting into your money zone on the 29th, you'll be able to afford a gorgeous, glamorous birthday ensemble. Go forth and party, Virgo.

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