Leo monthly horoscope

23 July - 23 August



Lucky Days: 4 5, 14, 15, 24

Yucky Days: 2, 3, 10, 11, 29

Colour: Gold

Celebrity Icon: Jennifer Lopez

You really don't like waiting in the wings, Leo, but for the first three weeks of July this is exactly what's advised. Think of it like a long rehearsal for your cosmic debut – which will be bigger, bolder and more beautiful than any previous birthday month in years. The first weekend of the month is intense as can be thanks to a clash between Mars and Pluto. Don't get in anyone's way and try not to let anyone get in yours. The Full Moon arrives early on the morning of the 9th, promising an unrivaled moment of productivity. This lunation lights up your work zone so it may have you attending to an important deadline in the days before – hopefully you'll have hit and hit it well by the weekend. If not, make sure to reduce stress by tapping into multiple wellness rituals – your mind-body connection is strong now, so yoga really is medicine. The real fun begins on the 20th, when Mars, the planet of action and passion, moves into your sign for the first time in two years. Ready to get your fire on, Leo? You best be ready, because the Sun moves into your sign on the 22nd, and the New Moon lands there the very next day. In other words, it's all about your Highness Lioness for the remainder of July and well through August. Here's what's ridiculously spectacular about the remainder of your summer: you're not just getting one New Moon in your sign – you're getting TWO, and the one coming in August is a Solar Eclipse. Drumroll, indeed….  


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Lucky Days: 7, 8, 9, 25, 26

Yucky Days: 5, 6, 13, 14, 19

Colour: Crimson

Celebrity Icon: Madonna

June is here and it couldn't have come soon enough, Leo. Yes, the spring has been rid-den with challenges so far, but thankfully the final three weeks of the season should flip the script considerably. With Mars and Venus changing signs in the first week of the month, the former into your dream zone and the latter into your house of career, you're balancing slightly different drives. On one hand you're craving some solo time to be cre-ative and indulge your daydreams, while on the other, you're fully focused on the glam-orous bit of your professional life. By the time the Full Moon is on the visible horizon as you approach 9 June, you'll begin to notice a clear uptick in your taste for adventure and pleasure. That's because this lunation takes place in your house of love, romance and bliss – it could not be any better. But wait for it: it DOES get better. That's because Jupi-ter, the planet of luck, goes direct on the same day as the Full Moon. This is amazing for all forms of communication – if anything has been blocked it should move forward now – with gusto. Summer officially arrives on the 21st, with the sweet and balmy Solstice. This marks the movement of the Sun into your house of dreams and retreat, so you might consider a spa or yoga workshop – as preparation for your birthday, which is now just one month away. A few days after the Solstice, you get a second bonus in the form of a New Moon in the same house of your horoscope. This is ideal for recalibrating, focus-ing on work/life balance, and generally fine-tuning your mind-body connection.

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