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22 June - 22 July



Lucky Days: 7, 8, 16, 17, 26

Yucky Days: 1, 2, 14, 15, 22

Colour: Midnight

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November is one of those deeply meaningful months, Cancer – it's definitely not about playing superficial games. At the same time, it IS about finding pleasure, romance and creativity wherever you go. With the Sun and several other planets in your house of bliss, this month is as lovely as it is profound. The Full Moon (exact on the early morning on the 4th) is perfect for defying your homebody tendencies. This is a weekend for socializing like it's your job – professional leads can lead to romantic connections and vice versa. You need to be out and about to tap in, however – connecting online won't be enough. (But you should do a bit of that too.) When the New Moon arrives on the 18th, it's time to focus on goals for your love life – and your creative dreams. Think six months into the future or anywhere along that track, and set intentions to bring loads of romance into your life, whether you're currently single or in a relationship. If you've wanted to launch something inspiring (and something that inspires you) this is the perfect moment to frame those goals, too. The stars support your biggest, most beautiful visions right now.


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Lucky Days: 2, 3, 20, 21, 30

Yucky Days: 17, 18, 24, 25, 31

Colour: Houndstooth

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October begins on a fierce note as the Full Moon lands in your career zone on the 5th, blasting open the doors of opportunity and ambition. Something that you actively pursued or just thought about pursuing during the last six months can come to fruition now. If a past professional track seems less appealing now, don't fret – it's only so that you can connect with your true mission on this earth – it's all about finding out exactly how your name should be displayed in lights. What do you want to be known for? That's the question to ask your self now. Jupiter moves into your house of love, creativity and pleasure on the 10th – for the first time in twelve years. Yes, darling – this is as good as it sounds. This is the planet of expansion and luck, and it will spend the next year of your life helping you to pursue pleasure – what could be better? When the New Moon arrives on the 19th, you're thinking about home, family and connecting to your roots. This lunation is perfect for setting intentions for the next six months, especially in this arena of your life. Nest like it's your job. The Sun moves into your love zone on the 22nd, joining with Jupiter and making the last week of October deliciously decadent. 

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