Cancer monthly horoscope

22 June - 22 July



Lucky Days: 5, 6, 15, 16, 24

Yucky Days: 2, 3, 10, 11, 30

Colour: Pearl

Celebrity Icon: Selma Blair

You're a summer babe and your season is nearly here, Cancer – not to mention your birthday. Before you get close to that pivotal moment, there's much to celebrate. Mars, the planet of passion and drive, moves into your sign on the 4th, awakening your desire to live life to its absolute fullest – as fast as possible. With Venus in your social zone from the 6th, you won't want for company, either. The Full Moon is big, bold and beauti-ful on the 9th, and it's likely to make you ridiculously productive. Just make sure you don't put your work above everything else in your life – and consider taking some time off over the weekend. With Jupiter going direct in your home zone at the same time, something that's been on hold on the domestic front can finally move forward, with ma-jor positive juju. The Sun moves into your own sign at the Summer Solstice on the 21st, officially starting your birthday phase, which lasts for four delicious weeks. Even better, the New Moon comes to your sign a few days later, on the 23rd. This is your moment, Cancer – and your own personal lucky star upon which to wish. Make your list and feel free to include copious details about all you want to bring into your life between now and the end of the year.


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Lucky Days: 8, 9, 19, 20, 27

Yucky Days: 6, 7, 14, 15, 21

Colour: Crystal

Celebrity Icon: Liv Tyler

is the month you've been waiting for, Cancer! After the last few months
of retrograde madness, you're so beyond ready for a break, and the
second full month of spring will definitely deliver. Mercury goes direct
on the 3rd, freeing you up to jump on any professional pursuits that
you've been forced to pause. Wade in somewhat slowly at first rather
than diving in headfirst – you need to keep your wits about you while
facts come to light. By the 10th, an outrageously romantic Full Moon
takes your breath away – don't plan to get much done during the days
before and after this lunation, other than obsessing about love and
lust. Pleasure is the cure for all that ails you – and your creative
prowess is turned to its highest volume. The Sun moves into the quietest
part of your horoscope on the 20th, initiating a month of introspection
and heightened intuition. The New Moon arrives on the 25th, amplifying
this meditative theme. This is your moment to retreat into your own
psyche and think about self-care. It's truly essential during the last
few days of May, when Mars and Saturn could bring a bit of intense
stress. Bonus: your birthday month is coming soon, and a coterie of
planets are coming to your corner of the cosmos to deliver some
delightful gifts.

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