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22 June - 22 July



Lucky Days: 1, 9, 10, 19, 20

Yucky Days: 7, 8, 15, 21, 22

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It's 2018 and January is all yours, Cancer. With a Full Moon/Supermoon in your very own sign on the first day of both the month and the year, the message is clear: it's time to make your mark. If pent-up emotions from the last few weeks of 2017 are still locked inside of you, this powerful lunation in your stars asks you to let it all out on New Year's Day. Whether you cry with friends over a boozy brunch or loll about in bed all day, make time for self-care before you rev up for the rest of the month. Partnership is your major focus for the first two weeks of January – culminating on the 16th when the New Moon lands in your relationship zone. This is your moment to set the agenda for your one-to-one alliances for the next six months. Both personal and professional relationships fall under the umbrella of this lunation, so set intentions for all manner of partnerships now. This moment is particularly powerful for single Cancers, as you can manifest your perfect lover/best friend now. Write it down in detail to really show the stars what you want. Part of what makes this month so magical is that it comes with a rare third lunation, and not just a mere Full Moon. There's a radically powerful Supermoon/Lunar Eclipse on the 31st, one that can help you to achieve your financial dreams. This astro-event harkens back to the Solar Eclipse that took place last August. What came into your life then, and how can you tap into it right now, Cancer?


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will be more than just a month to remember, Cancer - it may be one that
brings back beloved memories of your past. There's nothing you adore
more, and that's why you're the only sign that can tolerate Mercury
Retrograde. That fated phase returns early on the 3rd, and because it
will move through your work zone this month, you may experience a kind
of enforced slowdown at the office – just in time for the holidays. Be
on top of your deadlines and pay close attention to small details so
nothing gets away from you. The Full Moon lands in your dream zone later
in the day, so expect many reveries, daydreams, and fantasies of the
way it used to be. It can be sweet and healing to sift through this
material. The New Moon lands in your house of scheduling and daily
activities on the 18th: it's the perfect moment to work on an early
version of your New Year's resolutions. Think ahead into the first six
months of 2018 – that's when you can make your mark on the job. Because
hardworking Saturn has spent 2.5 years of your life in this part of your
chart and is now moving on, you've learned fundamental lessons about
what you want to do with your every day: now you can put that knowledge
to good use. Christmas is all about your relationships - it feels both
serious and cozy, a combination that you fancy. New Year's Eve launches
you into 2018 on the heels of a dream: expect a festive atmosphere with a
distinctly ethereal outline.

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